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英语课件:冀教版八上 Lesson 38 Dear Diary

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Lesson 38
Dear Diary

Lead in
Think about the question:
1. Do you have an ambition? What is it? 2. What do you think Wang Mei will be in the future?

Let’s learn the new words:
lock n. 锁 v. 锁上 nobody but improve pron. 没有人

prep. 除??之外 v. 提高



Listen carefully and answer these questions 1. What did Wang Mei’s mother give her today? A new diary. diary — diaries

2. Why is the diary special?

Because it has a lock.
3. What does Wang Mei open the lock with? A little key. key —keys

4. Who can open the diary?
Only Wang Mei.

Read the text and answer the questions:
1. What did Wang Mei’s mother give her? Her mother gave her a new diary.

2. Why is it special?
Because it has a lock. Nobody can open the diary but

Wang Mei.
3. What did Ms. Liu tell them to do?

Ms. Liu told them to write about their futures.

4. Why did Li Ming tell Wang Mei that she could be a doctor? Because Wang Mei is good at helping people. 5. What will Wang Mei do to be a doctor? To be a doctor, she will need to learn a lot and work hard

to improve.

Language Points:
1. I open the lock with a little key.


the key _____ the question to

the key _____ the door to but

2. Nobody can open the book but me. 介词(prep.),常用在否定词 no, none, nothing, nobody等之后 “除……以外” I have no friends but her.除她以外,我没有任何朋友。

3. Ms. Liu told us to write about our futures.

tell sb. (not) to do sth. 告诉某人(不要)做某事
tell sb. about sth. 告诉某人某事

Don’t tell her about my diary.不要告诉她我的日记的事。
Mother told me to go home on time.妈妈让我准时回家。 Our teacher often tells us not to play in the river. 老师告诉我们不要在河里玩。

4. She asked us about our ambitions. ask sb. (not)to do sth. 要求某人(不)去做某事 Why didn’t you ask him to go with you? 你为什么不让他跟你一起去? ask sb. about sth. 询问某人某事 Let’s ask him about his studies. 让我们问问他学习的情况。

5. Li Ming says I’m good at helping people. He says He told me I think I hope

that (宾语从句)

that 引导的宾语从句,that 无实际意义只起引导作用,

1. 他说他喜欢英语。 He says he likes English. 2. 他告诉我他的理想是当一名律师。 He told me that his ambition was to be a lawyer.

3. 我认为明天是雨天。
I think that it will rain tomorrow . 4. 我希望你的答案是对的。 I hope your answer is right.

6.Nobody can open my diary but me. but 在这儿是介词,常用在否定词none, nothing, nobody

I have no friends but her. 除她以外我没有任何朋友。(我只有她一个朋友) He eats nothing but hamburgers. 除汉堡外他什么都不吃。(他只吃汉堡) No one but I saw the teacher. 除了我没人看见老师。(只有我看见老师


7. To be a doctor ,I will need to learn a lot in school. to be a doctor 是不定式短语,在句中作目的状语。 To catch the early bus, we must get up early. 为了赶上早班车,我们必须早起. To learn English well ,he has bought many English books. 为了学好英语,他买了很多英语书.

8. I will work hard to improve.
work hard at sth.在某方面努力 I work hard at math.我在数学方面很努力。 work hard to do sth.努力做某事 I will work hard to improve my English. 我将努力提高我的英语。

Let’s do it!
Write a letter to your parents. Tell them about your ambition and tell them how you will reach your goal. You may use these expressions: be a teacher My ambition is to ____________________. I hope to ___________________________. be a good teacher work hard to reach my goal I want to ___________________________.



1. She wants to learn nothing _____ English. A. with B. but C. about D. in

2. She often asks us ______ our ambitions. A. to B. for C. about D. in

3. To be a doctor, I will need to learn ______ in school.
A. a lot of B. a lot C. many D. lots of

4. English is the key _______ the door _______ the world. A. for; to B. to; to C. to; for D. for; for

5. – It will be fine tomorrow. -- ______. A. Thank you B. That’s all right

C. I hope so

D. I know that

用所给单词的适当形式填空 to open 1. I use a little key ________(open) my diary. keys 2. Please pass me the _________(key) to the locks.

to improve 3. She worked hard____________ (improve) her English.
4. Our teacher told us _________(write) about our future. to write

work 5. Our teacher makes us _______(work) hard every day.

Write a letter to your parents . Tell them your ambition and tell them how you will reach your goal. You may use

these expressions:
My ambition is to … ;I hope to… ;I want to… So I…

I am a slow walker, but I never walk backwards. 我走得很慢,但是我从来不会后退。

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