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Nice to meet you.

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Module1 My classmates Unit1 Nice to meet you.
高里中心学校 刘大伟

Where are you from? I’m from China. I’m Chinese. Where is the Queen from? She's from England. She's English. Where is Michael Jackson from? He's from America. He's American.

Activity1.Listen and check (√)the
number of speakers. a)1 ( ) b)2 ( )

c)3 √ ) (

Activity2.Listen again and check
(√)the words you hear. class √ ) friend √ ) hello √ ) ( ( ( name√ ) teacher ( ) too √ ) ( (

Listen 1.Please clap your hands when you hear Chinese, America, American, England, English. 2.Listen and check (√)the true sentences.

Listen and check (√)the true sentences.

1.Ms Li is from Wuhan.( ) √ 2.Lingling is twelve years old.( thirteen ) 3.Daming is thirteen years old.( twelve) 4.Tony is not in Class 4.( not) 5.Betty is from America.(√ )

1.Listen and read after the tape(Pay attention to intonation and pronunciation). 2.Read aloud by yourselves.


Read and Fill in the blanks
1.Lingling is from________. She's _______years old. Beijing thirteen She's_________. Chinese Beijing 2.Daming is from ________too. He's ______years twelve old.He's_________. Chinese 3.Tony is from ________.He's________. England English 4.Betty is from ________.She's_________. America American 5. Ms Li is from________.She's_______. Wuhan Chinese 6.They are in Class____Grade____. 4 7

Activity4:Work in pairs.Choose the correct answer. 1.----Is Daming from Beijing? ----Yes, he is./No, he isn't. 2.----Is Lingling from Beijing? ----Yes, she is./No, she isn't. 3.----Is Tony from America? ----Yes, he is./No, he isn't. 4.----Is Betty English? ----Yes, she is./No, she isn't. 5.----Are you from China? ----Yes, I am./No, I'm not.

Activity5:Complete the passage with the correct form of the words from the box.
America Chinese England grade student

Betty, Tony, Daming and Lingling are (1)________in Class 4(2)______7. Betty is students Grade from (3)_________and Tony is from(4) America England ________.Daming and Lingling are (5)________. Chinese

Activity7Work in pairs.Ask
and answer.
A:What’s your name? B:My name is …

A:Where are you from? B:I’m from…
A:How old are you? B:I’m…years old.

A:Nice to meet you.

B:Nice to meet you , too.

1.Where is Lingling from? 1.She's from Beijing. 2.How old is Lingling? 2.She's thirteen years old. 3.Where is Daming from? 3.He's from Beijing. 4.He's twelve years old. 4. How old is Daming? 5.He's from England. 5.Where is Tony from? 6.Yes, he is. 6. Is Tony English? 7.She's from America. 7.Where is Betty from? 8.No, she isn't. She's 8.Is Betty English? American. 9.Where are you from? 9.I'm from Weifang.

Free talk

Introduce yourself to your new friends using My name is...I'm...I'm...years old. I'm from...

A:What’s your name? A:Where are you from? A:How old are you? A:Nice to meet you. B:My name is … B:I’m from… B:I’m…years old. B:Nice to meet you , too.


Write a short passage about yourself

using My name is...I'm...I'm...years old. I'm from...

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