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新外研版八年级上册M4U2What is the best way to travel阅读训练案

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潍坊实验中学初二英语阅读训练学案 编制:郭晓丽 杜晓燕 审核:伊淑美 审批: 时间:2013.10.8

M4U2 what is the best way to travel. Reading practice

Task I. Read quickly and get the main idea.

This passage is mainly about ______.

A. The four ways to travel from London to Amsterdam.

B. Travel from London to Amsterdam.

Task II. Read the passage and number the ways of traveling from the most expensive to the least expensive. 课本P28 Activity2

a b c d 的正确排序是

Task III. Complete the passage with the correct form of the words in the box.

Choice cost fast however journey outside

There are four ways to travel from London to Amsterdam. The first (1) is it’s quite expensive. Going by coach does not (4) ______ as much as going by train. When you go by car and by ship, remember that parking in Amsterdam is not cheap, so it is best to stay (5)

Task IV.Read again carefully and complete the table.

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