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姓名 _____________


1. He agrees(同意)with the principles(原则) of the c________ committee.

2. I’d like to do something s________ for you on your birthday.

3. In my spare time, I like to keep _________(日记) .

4. I am b_______ with the book.

5. I had an e________ weekend.

6. Finally, the naughty boy _______( 决定) to study hard from today on.

7. The d__________ between the two pictures are obvious (明显的)。

8. Yesterday, it snowed ________ (大量地) and soon it was white everywhere.

9. This little girl goes to school in e________.

10. He ______ (call) me just now. But I ________ ( be not) at home.

11. Is there a________ new in today’s newspaper?

12. I ________ (feel ) like I was in a dream..

13. The teacher ______ (似乎,好像)quite happy after getting the students’ news.

14. Tom usually helps his mon to do h________, such as cleaning the room and washing clothes.

15. M_______ he comes from the USA , because she speaks American English.

16. Eating too much j_____ food is bad for your h______.Because it is u_______.

17. Nothing is impossible if you put your m______ and soul into it.

18. Jane thinks the best way to relax is to read m______. Her favorite is Duzhe.

19. Our school p______ to the east, so we can see the sun shine in the morning.

20. ________ (虽然) I like chocolate, I don’t eat it every day.

21. Her _______ (die) shocked us a lot.

22. She always stays up late at night, so she h_______ ever gets up early.

23. We should eat ________ (little) junk food than vegetables.

24. Tom is ___________ (外向) than Tim.

25. The weather in South China is d_________ from that in North China.

26. Do you think it’s n_________ for me to take an umbrella?


( )1. We should wait _______ more minutes. I think Tom will come soon.(中考)

A. few B. a few C. a little D. little

( ) 2. There are _______ people in front of me in the queue. I have to wait for a long time.

A. very little B.only a few C. quite a few D. Quite a little

( ) 3. The workers in the Huashan Mountains have to pick up rubbish to _______ the mountains ______. (中考)

A. Keeps, clean B.keep, clean C. Keep, cleaning D. Keeping, clean

( ) 4. The food here smells good, but what does it _____ like?

A. taste B. touch C. seem D. feel

( ) 5. We will have fun _______ the Great Wall next Sunday.

A. visit B. to visit C. visiting D. Visited

( ) 6. ——The sweater is very nice. I’ll take it. ——But you’d better ______ first. I think it is a little large for you.

A. pay for it B. put it on C. put it off D. try it on

( ) 7. ——I _____ if he will come to our school this weekend.

—— If he comes ,we will be very ________.

A. Wonder, excited B. wander, exciting C. Wonder, exciting D. wander, excited

( ) 8. Can you tell me the ______ among the four words?

A. different B. a difference C. differences D. Differently

( ) 9. We don’t have _____ to buy this sweater, though the sweater is ______.

A. Enough money, good enough B. enough, money, enough good

C. Money enough, well enough D. enough money, well enough

( ) 10. Please keep quiet, _______ ! I have _______ to tell you.

A. everyone, anything important B. anybody,something important

C. everyone, important everything D. everyone, something important

( ) 11. ——_______he ______ at this school last term? ——Yes, I think so.

A. Does; study B. Was; study C. Did; study D. Did; study

( ) 12. ——Can a plane fly _____ the Atlantic Ocean?

—— Yes, but it needs to go _______ the clouds for hours.

A. across; through B. Through; across C. across; across D. Through; through

( ) 13. My parents often ask me _______ too much time _______ computer games.

A. not to spend; playing B.not to spend; to play C.to not spend; play

( ) 14. _______ he study very hard every day ,_______ he didn’t pass the exam.

A. Although, but B. Because, so C.Although, \ D. \ , so

( ) 15. —— Do you like the life in the country?

——Yes. In the country there are _______ cars, and there is ______ population(污染)。

A. more; fewer B. more ; more C. fewer; less

( ) 16.—— ______ do you exercise every week? —— About three times, I think.

A. How many times B. How many C. How often D. How much


1. How do you like the food there ? ( 同义句)

2. Be sure to feed the dog on the fresh bones. (同义句)

Be sure to _______ the fresh bones ________ the dog.

3. He didn’t go to school because he was ill.(同义句)

He didn’t go to school ________ ________ his illness.

4. 划线部分提问)


5. 划线部分提问)

_________ ________ Jim _______ to the museum?

6. 划线提问)

________ ________ _______ do you eat chocolate?

7. Mom is watching TV now. ( 用 sometimes 改写) Mom ________ _________ _________ .

8. Drinking milk every day is good for your health. (同义句)

It’s good for your health _______ _______ _________ every day.

9. Tom is shorter than his cousin.(同义句)

Tom is ________ ________ ________ _______ his cousin.

10. She sings more clearly than Tara. (改为一般疑问句)

________ she _______ _______ ________ than Tara?

11. 好久不见。 ______________________________________________

12. 昨天每个人都在这儿。 _________________________________________

13. 你们什么时候在哪见的面? ___________________________________________________

14. 他周末几乎从不逛街。 ______________________________________________________

15. 我们每天至少刷两次牙。 ____________________________________________________

16. 通过锻炼去放松有益于身心健康。 _______________________________________________

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