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九年级unit3 Reading课件

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Unit 3
Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes.


短语匹配 (Ⅰ) 1. get in the way of 2. be serious about … 3. spend time on 4. achieve one’s dream

5. care about

(Ⅱ) A. 对??认真 B. 成就梦想 C. 关心 D. 在??上花 费时间 E. 妨碍

Could you do what you want at home?

What will happen if you want to make your own decisions?

Should I be allowed to make

my own decisions?

Should I be allowed to make my own decisions?

obey 服从,顺从 in the way 挡道的,妨碍人的

achieve 完成,实现
realistic 现实的,注重实际的

importance 重要,重要性
care 关心,忧虑 succeed point 要点,论点 care about 担心,关心 成功,到达,完成

Read and answer.
1. What does Liu Yu want to be? He wants to be a professional athlete. 2. Is Liu Yu serious about running? Yes, he is. 3. Does Liu Yu believe himself? Yes, he does.

Read the passage and circle T or F.
1. Liu Yu wants to be a writer. 2. Parents worry about his study. 3. Liu Yu loves running so much. 4. Parents think he should spend time on homework. 5. Liu Yu isn’t serious about running.





get in the way 妨碍

If you are not going to help, at least don't get in the way! 如果你不愿帮忙,至少别妨碍人家。
Her social life gets in the way of her study.


care about 担心, 关心

The young people should care about the old.
年轻人应该关心老人。 care about还可意为“在乎, 在意”

They don’t care about the expenses.

succeed v. 成功 If you work hard you will succeed. 如果你努力工作,你就会成功。 Our plan has succeeded. 我们的计划成功了。

succeed 常用于“succeed in sth.”或“succeed in doing sth.”结构中。

He believes he can succeed in the test. 他相信他这次考试会成功。
He succeeded in getting the job. 他成功地得到了那份工作。

success n.

successful adj.
successfully adv.
Failure is the mother of success. 失败是成功之母。 She is a successful businesswoman.

At last he successfully solved the problem.


根据提示完成下面的句子。 1. Every student must _________ (服从) the obey school rules. 2. He came second in the _________ (赛跑). race taught 3. English is ____________ (教) by Miss Li in the school. 4. I’m sure that you will _____________ (成功) succeed in passing the math exam. points 5. There are several ___________(要点) I wish to talk to you about.

根据提示完成下面的句子。 1. 我们说什么他也不在乎。 _____________________ what we may say. He doesn’t care about 2. 他们很有希望赢得这场比赛。 to win They have a good chance ________________ the match. 3. 我希望你能实现你的梦想。 hope you can realize / achieve I ___________________________ your dream.

4. 她经常花费一小时做作业。 spends an hour doing / on She often ________________________ her homework.

3a Put these phrases from the reading into
sentences of your own.
1.get in the way of Playing video games can get in the way of ______________________________________ doing my homework. ______________________________________ 2. (be) serious about I’m serious about getting good results at school. ______________________________________

3. spend time on I spend a lot of time on English. ______________________________________

Scan the reading to find more examples to place under each heading.
Points show Yu’s parents care about him. His parents worry about his success at school. They want him to achieve his dreams. They watch all his races. Points show that Yu is unhappy with his parents. His parents won’t let him practice when he wants. He doesn’t agree with his parents. He wants to be allowed to make decisions. In his opinion, his parents don’t believe in him.

Work in groups.
Parents’ Points
They worry about his success at school . _______ They think he should spend ______ time on study. They think he needs realistic to be ________. They think it is a very difficult dream to achieve . ______

Liu Yu’s Points He wants to be a
professional athlete _________________. He just wants to do what he ______ . enjoys He is serious about running ________. He believes himself. _______

Ⅱ. 单项选择 1. For teenagers, playing computer games too much can get _______ of schoolwork. A. on the way B. in the way C. by the way D. in a way 2. I think parents need _______ realistic to their children’s future. A. to be B. to do C. being D. doing

3. He is serious about _______ soccer because he wants to be a soccer player when he grows up. A. play B. plays C. to play D. playing 4. Students should _______ more time on their homework . A. take B. cost C. pay D. spend 5. I _______ believe you’ll make great progress if you study hard. A. do B. am C. did D. done

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