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2012 年初中一年级英语下期第二次定时作(Unit1----Unit7) Name: No: Score:


第一部分 听力(30分)

第一节(本节5个小题,每小题1.5分, 共7.5分)


1. A. America B. Australia C. France

2. A. behind B. in front of C. across from

3. A. lion B. tiger C. cat

4. A. teacher B. doctor C. policeman

5. A. window B. guitar C. music

第二节(本节5个小题,每小题1.5分, 共7.5分)


6. A. English B. Japanese C. French

7. A. To a library B. To a police station C. To a hospital

8. A. In the zoo B. In the garden C. At school

9. A. Writing a letter B. Cleaning her room C. Reading English

10. A. Rainy B. Cloudy C. Windy

第三节(本节5个小题,每小题1.5分, 共7.5分)


11. Who are talking on the phone?

A. Tom and Jack

B. Jack and Mrs Brown

C. Tom and Mrs Brown

12. What will Tom do this Sunday morning?

A. Plant trees B. Have a party C. See a film

13. What’s the weather like today?

A. Hot B. Cool C. Sunny

14. What is Rita doing ?

A. Reading a book B. Watching TV C. Taking a walk

15. When are they meeting?

A. At nine o’clock B. At ten o’clock C. At eleven o’clock

第四节(本节5个小题,每小题1.5分, 共7.5分)


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16. How old is Jim? A. 11 B. 12 C. 13

17. What’s Jim’s father doing?

A. Reading newspapers B. Watching TV C. Listening to music

18. What’s Jim’s mother doing?

A. Sleeping in her room B. Cleaning the house C. Talking on phone

19. What’s Jim doing?

A. Playing computer games B. Watching TV

C. Doing his homework

20. How many people are there in Jim’s family?

A. Six B. Five C. Four

第二部分 基础知识运用(30分)

第一节 单项选择(本节20个小题,每小题1分,共20分)

从各题所给的A、B、 C、D中选出可以填入相应空白处的最佳选项。

21. John is having ____dinner with his family.

A. Some B. a C. an D. /

22. ---where does your pen pal_______?

---He′s from Great Britain.

A. come from B. from C. come D. be from

23. We can see the library between the post office ___ the bank.

A. but B. with C. or D. and

24. –What does your classmate look like?

-She _____a medium build and her hair_____ long.

A. has; has B. is ; is C. has ;is D. is; has

25. The Greens enjoy____ at East Shopping Mall.

A. himself B. herself C. yourselves D. themselves

26. His aunt is only eighteen years old. She is very____.

A. young B. old C. new D. busy

27.He never stops ________.

A. talk B. to talk C. talking D. to talking

28.--____ are you doing, Mary?

-- I’m reading a magazine.

A. Where B. when C. what D. who

29. There are two ____ in this hospital.

A. woman doctor B. women doctor

C. women doctors D. woman doctors

30. Can you tell me what everyone ____ doing?

A. are B. is C. am D. be

31. Ben ____ his homework at school.

A. Don’t do B. doesn’t do C. doesn’t D. don’t

32. _____ there any children in the garden?

A. Is B. Does C. Are D. Do

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33.—Do you like singing ____ dancing?

--I like singing.

A. but B. and C. with D. or

34. Alan doesn’t ____ see lions.

A. wants B. want to C. wants to D. want

35. Sally likes white. So she often ____ white sports shoes.

A. puts on B. in C. dresses D. wears

36. Karen likes to ____ stories.

A. see B. talk C. look at D. write

37. How many hours does your aunt ___ every day?

A. relax B. relaxing C. is relaxing D. relaxes

38. –What does your uncle do? --_______.

A. He is fine B. He likes to play volleyball

C. He’s a reporter D. He’s from Japan

39. We have four ___ jobs for you. They are ____ exciting.

A. kinds of; kinds of B. kinds of; kind of

C. kind of; kind of D. kind of; kinds of

40.---Let’s go to the library after class. ---_______.

A. Yes, I’d love to B.I don’t know

C. That’s a good idea D. Thank you

第二节 完形填空 (共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分)

Hey! I’m Tony. Mike is brother. He is a reporter. He his job. He thinks it’s very boring. He wants to be successful action movie.

Today is Sunday. Mike doesn’―Jackie Chan, I love you!‖

41. A. his B. my C. her D. your

42. A. likes B. don’t like C. doesn’t like D. like

43. A. doctor B. cook C. nurse D. actor

44. A. thinks B. plays C. talks D. tells

45. A. They’re B. It’s C. He’s D. She’s

46. A. take B. do C. go D. bring

47. A. we B. she C. he D. me

48. A. seeing B. reading C. looking at D. writing

49. A. at B. in C. on D. with

50. A. relaxed B. interesting C. excited D. exciting

第三部分 阅读理解 (共20小题,每小题2分, 满分40分)

阅读下面短文,从每小题所给A. B. C. D四个选项中选出最佳选项


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Kelly is my cousin. She is twelve years old. She lives in a big city. She likes red very much. And she likes shopping. Every Sunday she goes shopping with her mother. Today is March 16th.It’s Sunday. The weather is hot. Kelly and her mother are at Tianyi Shopping Mall. It’s very big and it’s very clean. There are lots of nice clothes in it. And some of the T-shirts are on sale. Kelly sees a white T-shirt. There is a cute dolphin on it. She likes it very much. Wow, it’s twenty dollars. It’s a little expensive(昂贵的). They think it’s pretty good, so they buy it at last.

51. Kelly likes _____.

A. reading B. black C. red D. sleeping

52. Every Sunday Kelly’s mother_______.

A. goes to see Kelly’s grandmother B. goes to the zoo

C. goes to see the doctor D. goes shopping

53. Tianyi Shopping Mall is very______.

A. new and big B. big and clean

C. small and old D. dirty and old

54. Kelly _____that day.

A. buys a red T-shirt B. buys a dolphin

C. buys a white T-shirt D. sees dolphins in the zoo

55. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Kelly lives in a small city B. March 16th is Saturday

C. The blue T-shirt is twenty dollars

D. There are many nice clothes in Tianyi Shopping Mall.


Spring is here again. It’s a fine day today. The sky is blue. Now it’s eight o’clock in the morning. There is a sports meeting in the forest on the hill. Look!

A horse, a dog and a tiger are running, Some little animals are shouting, ―Come on, come on!‖ Over there a bear and two lions are jumping on the grass. Two monkeys are climbing the trees. Six birds are flying around and singing. There are some other animals there, too. Some elephants are standing under a big tree.

A monkey is sitting on an old elephant, and there is a flag(旗) in his hand. A fox, a baby monkey and some small animals are sitting under the tree. They are watching.

56. Today the weather is _____

A. cold B. nice C. bad D. windy

57. _____isn’t running.

A. A cat B. A horse C. A tiger D. A dog

58. There is _____ on an old elephant.

A. a bird B. a monkey C. a baby elephant D. a fox

59. You can see a _____ in the monkey’s hand .

A. bag B. banana C. leaf D. flag

60. Which of the following is TRUE?

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A. It’s winter now. B. Some elephants are under a small tree

C. a baby monkey is watching

D. There is a sports meeting near the forest.


Some children are flying kites near the river. They are very high and Peter can see them in the classroom. After lunch his aunt comes to see his mother and brings a kite to him. It looks like a bird.

He wants to fly it, but his mother doesn’t let him do so. ―It’s time to go to school,‖ says his mother, ―You can play it after dinner.‖ The boy is unhappy. and says goodbye to his aunt and leaves. Now he is in the classroom but he doesn’t listen to Miss Black. She writes something on the blackboard and then turns to the class and finds this.― Name nine things with milk in them, Peter.‖ she says. The boy doesn’t hear her and still sits there. A boy in Row4 taps his back and he understands it. He stands up and Miss Black asks him the question again. He thinks for some time and then says, ―Yes, madam, tea, coffee, cake and ….er….six cows.‖

61. There is _____ near Peter’s school.

A. some water B. a river C. a lake D. a park

62. In the classroom Peter can see______.

A. some children playing in the park

B. his aunt buy a kite for him

C. some students reading beside the lake

D. some children flying kites near the river

63. Peter’s aunt comes to see his mother____.

A. in the morning B. after dinner

C. in the evening D. after lunch

64. Peter’s mother tells him to play the kite______.

A. at breakfast B. quickly C. after dinner D. at school

65. In class Peter only thinks______.

A. his teacher’s words B. what the kite looks like

C. how to fly the kite D. how to answer the teacher’s question


I go to the barber’s shop(理发店) every two weeks. I don’t like very long hair. When I go to the barber, we always talk a lot. He tells me all his news , and I tell him all my things. He meets a lot of interesting people in his shop every day and he likes to talk with most of them. So he always has lots of news for me. Every year the barber goes to France for two weeks for his vacation. And when he comes back to England, he has a lot of interesting and funny news. When he cuts(剪) my hair, he tells me about beautiful old cities and quiet little villages(宁静的小山村) ,strange(奇怪的) food and drinks and many other things in France. I sit there and listen to the old man with open ears.

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66. How many times does the writer go to the barber’s shop in a month?

A. Two times B. Three times C. Four times D. Six times

67. Does he like long hair?

A. Yes, he does. B. Yes, he doesn’t

C. No, he does. D. No, he doesn’t

68. Who meets a lot of interesting people in his shop every day?

A. The writer B. The barber

C. The writer’s brother D. The barber’s friend

69. Where does the barber go for his vacation?

A. China B. England C. America D. France

70. How long does the barber go for his vacation every day?

A. Two hours B. Three days C. Two weeks D. A month



________ ___________ can Helen speak?

72. There is a small hotel near my uncle’s house.(改为否定句) ________ ________ a small hotel near my uncle’s house.

73. My brother wants to be a reporter.(改为一般疑问句)

________your brother _______ to be a reporter? 74. It’s (对划线部分提问) _______the weather ______ in winter in your country?


_______ ________ you like tigers?

第二节: 任务型阅读(共五个小题,每小题2分,共10分)

My name’s Zhao Wei, I work in a police station. I’m a policeman.

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Many people think the job is exciting, but I think it’s boring. I don’t like it. Do you know what I want to be? I want to be an astronaut(宇航员) , it’s interesting. Yang Li Wei is my favorite astronaut.

I’m Jodie. I work in a bank. I’m a bank clerk. But I don’t like my job. I want to work in a hospital as a doctor. Then I can help lots of patients(病人). I hope I can wear a white uniform one day.


76. Where does Zhao Wei work? ___________________________

77. Does Zhao Wei want to be a bank clerk? ___________________

78. What does Jodie do? __________________________________

79. What does Jodie want to be? _____________________________

80. Does Jodie like a job in a hospital? __________________________


81. Penguins don’t eat ________.

82. The weather here is _________ and cold.

83. The people are really __________at the party.

84. I enjoy ______ to music before going to bed.

85. My mother is very________ .She always helps others.

86. May is the ______month of the year. My birthday is in May.

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87. Mary can’t find______ ID card. She is worried.

88. Emily would like ______ to a movie and see a comedy.

89. They ____have milk ,eggs for breakfast.

90. Of all the subject, I like math________.

第四节 把下列句子译成英语。(共5个小题,每小题2分,共10分)

91.我看见很多孩子在公园里玩。 92.请在图书馆里保持安静。 ___________________________ _______________________

93.向右拐然后沿着银行路直走。 94.我认为大象有点懒。 ___________________________ _______________________




以What do my family look like? 为题简要描述你爸爸,妈妈,你以及其它家庭成员的外貌。不少于60词。


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2012 年初中一年级英语下期第二次定时作(Unit1----Unit7)

答题卷 (请把所有答案写在答题卷上)

第一卷(共3部分 满分100分)

第一部分 听力(共20个小题,每小题1.5分,满分30分)1-5:_________________ 6-10:__________________

11-15:________________ 16-20:_________________

第二部分 基础知识运用(共30个小题,每小题1分,满分30分) 21-25:_________________ 26-30:__________________

31-35:________________ 36-40:_________________

41-45:________________ 46-50:_________________

第三部分 阅读理解 (共20小题,每小题2分, 满分40分)

51-55:_________________ 56-60:__________________

61-65:________________ 66-70:_________________



71._________________ 72._________________

73._________________ 74._________________


第二节: 任务型阅读(共五个小题,每小题2分,共10分)




第 9 页 共 11 页



第三节: 用方框中所给单词的适当的形式填写句子。(共10个小题,


81._________ 82._________83._________84._________ 85._________

86._________ 87._________88._________89._________ 90._________

















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2012 年初中一年级英语下期第二次定时作(Unit1----Unit7)


听力 1-5 CCABC 6-10 BCACA 11-15 CBCBB 16-20 CABCA

21-25DADCD 26-30ACCCB 31-35BCDBD 36-40DACBC 41-45BCDAB 46-50CDABC 51-55CDBCD 56-60BABDC 61-65BDDCC 66-70ADBDC

71.What languages 72.There isn’t 73.Does want

74.What’s like 75. Why do

76. He works in a police station. 77. No, he doesn’t

78.She is a bank clerk 79.She wants to be a doctor

80.Yes, she does.

81. leaves 82. windy 83. relaxed 84.listening 85.friendly 86.fifth

87.her 88.to go 89.usually 90.well

91. I see lots of children playing in the park.

92. Please be quiet in the library.

93.Turn right and go straight along Bank Street.

94. I think elephants are kind of lazy.

95.Tom is waiting for the bus.


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