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实验中学 2011年春季期中考测试(初一年) 国光初级中学 英 语 试 题

第一部分 听力考查(30分)

第一节 听句子:根据你所听到的句子,选择恰当的答语。(句子读两遍)

1. A. He is singing. B. She is dancing. C. She often goes swimming.

2. A. It’s very nice. B. It’s on the left. C.I come from China.

3. A. He doesn’t like it. B. Because it’s boring. C. Because it’s interesting.

4. A. It’s quiet here. B. Yes, thanks. C. Yes, it’s beautiful.

5. A. You can’t miss it. B. Sorry, I’m new here. C. It’s not far from here.

班级________ 号数_______ 姓名____________ 成绩___________ 密 封 线 第二节:(25分) (A) 听对话:从A. B. C三幅图画中选出符合对话内容的图画。(对话读两遍) (6分)

初一年期中考英语试题 第1 页 (共 10页)

(B)根据你所听到的对话,选择正确的答案。 (对话读两遍) (14分) 听第一段对话,回答第12、13小题:

12. The boy is looking for his______. A. shirt B. shoes 13. They are______. A. under the bed B. under the desk 听第二段对话,回答第14、15小题: 14. Michael gets up at______. A. 6:00 B. 6:10 15. Maria goes to school______. A. by bike B. on foot 听第三段对话,回答第16、17小题: 16. Helen’s bag is______. A. red B. black 17. The bag is Kate’s because her ______ is on it. A. pen B. name 听第四段对话,回答第18、19小题:

18. Dihao building is about ______ kilometres from here. A. 4 B. 5 19. Bus No.______ can take the man there. A. 45 B. 54 听第五段对话,回答第20、21小题:

20. Linda lives in Apartment______, Building______ B. A. 408 B. 508 21. There is something wrong with Linda’s______. A. computer B. telephone 听第六段对话,回答第22、23小题: 22. Sam wants to buy a ______. A. cake B. bag 23. The woman wants to buy some______ for supper. A. apples B. fish

C. pants C. in the garden

C. 6:30 C. by bus

C. white C. book

C. 14 C. 64

C. 608 C. kitchen fan

C. cup C. vegetables


24. Michael is in ______. A. the kitchen B. his study C. the living room 25. Michael’s mother is______. A. cooking B. watching TV C. reading a book (C)听短文:根据你所听到的短文,选择正确的答案(短文读三遍) (5分) 26. John lives in ______ now. A. Beijing B. Shanghai C. Taiwan

初一年期中考英语试题 第2 页 (共 10页)

27. There are many ______ near John’s house.

A. parks B. banks

28. John and Jack both like Chinese ______.

A. food B. stamps

29. They are now on the way to the ______.

A. Taiwan Street B. City Restaurant

30. They should turn left at the ______ crossing.

A. first B. second

C. buildings C. streets C. History Museum C. third

第二部分 选择填空(35分)


31. —Excuse me, _____ is it from here to Zhongshan Park?

—It’s about seven kilometres.

A. how long B. how often C. how far

32. The sign means “ _____.”

A. No parking B. No U-turn C. No left turn

33.—I’m afraid your radio is _____ .

—Oh, I’m really sorry about that.

A. very loudly B. too quiet C. too loud

34. —Lily, here are your pens. Please _____ .

—OK, Mom.

A. put away it B. put them away C. put away them

35.—Excuse me, may I speak to Linda?

— _____

A. Sorry, I don’t know you. B. Who are you? C. This is Linda speaking.

36.—_____ milk is there in the bottle?


A. How many B. How C. How much

37.—Hi, Jane. What time do you get up on weekdays?

—I usually get up _____ about six o’clock.

A. at B. on C. in

38.— _____ do you _____ the book?

—It’s very interesting.

A. What; like B. What; think of C. How; think

39.— _____ is in your handbag, Madam?

—There is some money and an ID card.

A. Where B. What C. Which

40.— Excuse me, how can I _______ the street?

初一年期中考英语试题 第3 页 (共 10页)

—Go straight and turn left at the first crossing. A. get to B. come to C. get 41. — _______?

—I can’t find my bag. There is a lot of money in it. A. What are you doing? B. What is the matter? C. Can you help me? 42. I like playing______ basketball and she likes playing ______ piano.

A. the; / B. the; the C./;the

43. —Your new skirt looks very nice!


A. The same to you. B. Thank you. C. That’s OK. 44. Tom is _______ his pen, but he can’t ____it. Let’s help him.

A. find, look for B. looking for, find C. finding, look for 45. There are _____floors in the building. She lives on the _____floor.

A. second; two B. second; second C. two; second B) 完形填空:从A. B.C 三个选项中选出一个能填入空白处的最佳选项。(10分)

Michael is an American boy. He is a friend of . He lives in China his family. He has a small There a desk, two chairs and a bed in it. A basketball is is on the desk. A bag and some books are on it, too. A chair is behind the desk. His shoes are under the bed. Jim a picture and a photo in his room. The picture is on the wall. You can some trees and flowers in the picture. The photo is on the , too. What a nice photo it is! Look! he in his bed. 46. A. me 47. A. with 48. A. bedroom 49. A. is 50. A. on

B. my B. on B. are B. in

C. mine C. from C. bathroom C. has C. behind C. He C. there is C. watch C. bed

B. dining room

51. A. They B. It 52. A. have B. has 53. A. see

B. look

54. A. room B. wall

55. A. sleeps B. is sleeping C. sleep

C) 根据对话的情景,从方框中选择适当的句子填在画线处,使对话完整通顺 (10分)

A: Excuse me,

初一年期中考英语试题 第4 页 (共 10页)

B: Go down this street, turn right and walk on until

you get to the end. It’s between the post

office and the food shop. A: B: It’s about seven kilometres from here. A: Which bus do I need to take?

B: First, you need to take bus No. 651, then you should change to the No. 426 bus at

Yongding Bridge.

A: Thank you very much.

B: You are welcome!

第三部分:阅读理解 (45分)


My name is Zhao Min. I live in Henan. I am now a student of Grade Seven in a middle school in Henan. Susan Green is my pen pal. She is thirteen years old. She is in Grade Seven in a middle school of the USA. My English teacher says we are in the same grade.

In her letter, Susan says she goes to school five days a week. She gets to school at 8:30 in the morning. She doesn’t go home for lunch but has it at school. She gets home at three o’clock in the afternoon. Sometimes she plays games with her friends after school. She often has little homework.


61 .Susan is an American girl of thirteen years old.

62. Susan gets home at four o’clock in the afternoon.

63 .Susan and I are in different grades.

64. Susan doesn’t have lunch at home on weekdays.

65. Susan often does a lot of homework.


Chen Hua is in a new school now. It’s near her home. It’s about 10 minutes on foot. But she has a problem. Classes begin at 7:50 in the morning, and she is often late for school.

“How do you usually come to school?” says his teacher.

“I usually come to school on foot.” Chen Hua answers.

“What time do you usually get up?” says her teacher.

“I usually get up at 6:00.” Chen Hua answers.

“Well, it’s early. And what time do you leave(离开)home?” says her teacher.

“I leave home at 7:40.” Chen Hua answers.

“Why don’t you leave home a little earlier(更早一点)?” says her teacher.

“Sorry, I can’t.” Chen Hua answers.

“Mom is ill. She stays in bed all day. So I must look after her. I must cook breakfast. I must

初一年期中考英语试题 第5 页 (共 10页)

help her have breakfast. At 7:30 I must give her medicine(药) on time. Then I’m often late for school.” Chen Hua says with tears(眼泪) in her eyes.

“Oh, sorry, I see. You’re a good girl!”


66. How does Chen Hua go to her new school?

A. By bus B. By bike C. On foot

67. It takes(花费)to get to school.

A. 10 minutes B. 20 minutes C. 30 minutes

A. 7:30 B.6:30 C.6:00

69.Chen Hua leaves home at .

A. 7:45 B.7:40 C. 7:30

70. Why is Chen Hua late for school?

A. Because she gets up late. B. Because her mother is ill. C. Because she is ill.


to rent a three-bedroom apartment.

A .(010)8838-7166 B.138-7682-5856 C.(010)8433-9211

for $120 per month.

A. Dick B. Harry C. White

at (010)8433-9211.

A. White B. Harry C. Dick

74.If you can’t find your bag, you can _____to get it back in the evening.

A. call (010)8433-9211 B. go to Room 402 C. call Harry

初一年期中考英语试题 第6 页 (共 10页)

75. You want to rent a big apartment for your family for three months. YA. ¥1 950


Because there are so many bikes, cars and buses on the roads all the time, it is very important for riders(骑车人) to remember the traffic rules.

Young children can not ride bikes on the streets, because there are so many cars and buses that it is dangerous. A rider should keep one hand on the handlebars(把手) at all times. You should ride on the right of the road. Like a driver of a car or a bus, you must follow all traffic signs. Everybody knows that you must not turn left or go across at a red traffic light. Usually you can turn right, but you shouldn’t ride too fast. If you want to turn or stop, you must give a sign to other riders.


76. It’s.

77. It’s for young children to ride bikes on the streets.

78. You should ride on the of the road.

B. $1 950 C. ¥650


A) 词汇:根据句意及汉语提示完成下列句子。(10分)

81.- Where is your study?

-It’s on the second floor,________ _______ (紧邻) my bedroom.

82. There are many beautiful ________ (花园).

83. Go ______ (穿过) the bridge. It’s about 100 meters along on the right.

84.My teachers are very _______ _______ (对…….. 友好) to me.

85. I often go to school ______ _________ (步行).

86.The _______ (超市) is behind the building.

87. Don’t be _____(迟到) for school.

B) 选词填空:根据句意,选择恰当的词语填入空白处。(5分)

88. — Where do they buy the stamps?

— At the ________(post office/ restaurant).

89. — What is the boy doing?

初一年期中考英语试题 第7 页 (共 10页)

— He is watching the________ (movies/ animals) in the zoo.

90.—How often do you have an art lesson?

—________ (Third/ Twice) a month..

91. - What are the ( children / kid ) doing on the playground?

-They are playing games.

92. -Why do you like the countryside?

-Because it’s ________(noisy/ quiet).

B) 综合填空:选择方框中的单词,并用其恰当形式填空,使句子完整,句意通顺。(5分)

My uncle is a driver. In our city, traffic is very . So he gets a ticket for , and the policeman asks him to the

C)遣词造句:根据图片及英文提示,给每幅图写出一个适当的句子。(10分) 98 99 100

swim; now like; best cats; tree

101. 102.

listen; after school often, park

第五部分:书面表达 (15分)

你的校园生活怎么样?你认为它有趣吗?请你以My School Life为题写一篇短文,谈谈你的课内与课外生活,让我们一起感受一下你的校园生活。不少于80个单词。

初一年期中考英语试题 第8 页 (共 10页)

实验中学 2011年春季期中考测试(初一年) 国光初级中学 英 语 试 题

第一部分 听力考查(30分)

1__________ 6__________ 11__________ 16__________ 21_________ 26___________

2._________ 7___________ 12._________ 17___________22_________ 27___________

3._________ 8___________ 13_________ 18___________23_________ 28___________

班级________ 号数_______ 姓名____________ 成绩___________ 密 4._________ 9____________14._________ 19___________24_________ 29___________ 5._________ 10___________15._________ 20___________25_________ 30___________ 第二部分 选择填空(35分) 31_________ 36_________ 41_________ 46_________ 51________ 56_________ 32.________ 37__________ 42.________ 47_________52________ 57_________ 33.________ 38__________ 43________ 48_________53________ 58_________ 34.________ 39__________44.________ 49_________54________ 59_________ 35.________ 40__________45.________ 50_________55________ 60_________ 第三部分阅读理解(40分) 封 61__________ 66__________ 71__________ 62._________ 67___________ 72._________ 63._________ 68___________ 73_________ 64._________ 69___________74._________ 65._________ 70___________75._________ 任务型阅读:(10分) 76.__________ __________77. _________78._________79.__________ 80__________ 第四部分:语言知识运用(25分) 线 A) 词汇 (10分) 81_________ ._________ 82___________83_________ 84__________ ._________ 85_________ . _________

86._________ 87___________

B) 选词填空:根据句意,选择恰当的词语填入空白处。(5分)

88__________89__________90__________ 91__________92__________

初一年期中考英语试题 第9 页 (共 10页)

C) 综合填空 (5分)

93._________94__________ 95_________96._________ 97___________

D)谴词造句 (10分)






第五部分:书面表达 (15分)

你的校园生活怎么样?你认为它有趣吗?请你以My School Life为题写一篇



提示词:get up; go to school; begin; have lunch; basketball; do my homework

My School Life

















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