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Unit 6 Do you like bananas

Aims and Language points:
? 1.Learn these words and be able to say, read and write these words:
? birthday, dinner, week, think about, food, sure, How about, burger, right, then, rice, so

? 2.Be able to talk about what to eat for a meal by using
? ? ? ? John’s birthday dinner is next week. Let’s talk about the food. How/What about …? You’re right.

? 3. Consolidate the pronunciation and spelling.

Fruit apples tomatoes bananas oranges chicken salad ice cream The others hamburgers


strawberries carrots

eggs milk rice


Number these sentences [1 - 4] to make a conversation.

Make your own conversations in pairs.
so: 英语口语中常用的语气词,相当于汉 语中的“于是,那么,这样一来”,其承 上启下的作用。


Read the conversation and circle the food in it.


Answer the questions below and then role-play the conversation.

1.When(什么时候) is John’s birthday dinner? It’s next week. 2. What food does John like? Hamburgers, salad, strawberries and apples. 3. What food doesn’t he like? We don’t know. 4. Does Jack like salad? No, he doesn’t. 5. What food will(将) they have on John’s birthday? Hamburgers, vegetable salad and some fruit.

Notes on the text: 1. hamburger and salad (Read Ss’ Book P61.) 2. -Let’s think about the food. -Sure. -让我们想想(吃什么)食物吧。 -当然。/没问题 think about “对…有(某种观点); 回想起;考虑” Sure. Eg. You can think about it. =Yes. 你可以把这事考虑一下。 What do you think about him? = All right. 你觉得他这人怎么样? Let me think about his words. 让我想想他的话。 He often thinks about his mother. 他经常想起他的母亲。

Notes on the text: 3. How about burgers, vegetable salad, and some fruit? (吃)汉堡,蔬菜沙拉和一些水果如何? What about the fruit? 水果怎么样? What/How about : 怎么样,以为如何(提出建议 或用以引出话题) 4. Yes, you are right. 是的,你是对的。(表赞同和肯定) 5. Let's have strawberries and apples then. 那么,我们就吃草莓和苹果吧。 then: [常用于句首或句尾] 那么


Underline the correct words in the brackets.

思考并讨论: 1. 什么时候需要用 likes 或者doesn’t?什么时候用like或者don’t? 2. like 后面的名词为什么有时词尾要加-s/-es, 有的时候为什么不加-s/-es ?

小结:主语不是三人称单数时,谓语动词用动词原形(like), 疑问句和否定句中 用助动词do。主语是三人称单数时,谓语动词词尾加-s/-es (likes), 疑问句和否
定句中用助动词does。 疑问句和否定句中用到does后,谓语动词用原形(like).

Let’s chant
Join us, join us. Let’s have a party. Do you like salad ? Yes, I do. Do you like bread ? No, I don’t. Does he like apples ? Yes, he does. Does she like pears? No, she doesn’t. Do t

hey like hamburgers? Yes, they do. I see. I see. Let’s have a party.

小结:名词分为可数名词和不可数名词。可数名词有单数和复数之分,而不可数 名词没有复数形式。有的名词因为有不同含义,所以有时是可数名词,有时 是不可数名词。 此外,我们谈论喜欢“某物”时,意思是“某类事物”,这时可数名词要用复

1.Listen and read. (P74) a same tape fat apple last class ai mail rain ay day May al call ball aw draw law -s/-es maps cups girls photos classes watches -ts/-tes hats parents -ds/-des beds cards

radio salad grass paint play small strawberry desks families oranges students friends


Ask your classmates about the food in the chart. Find out what they like and don’t like.

Write a report of your survey. Eg. Liu li likes icecream. But Zhao Jun doesn’t like it …

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