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人教版七年级下册unit5 topic1 sectionA

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Unit 5 Topic 1 How do you usually come to school? Section A
福建泉州永春美岭中学 张文钬

How do you usually Good morning, Li Lei! Nice to see you again! Happy New Year! come to school?

IGood morning,to usually come Happy New Year! school Miss... by bus. Nice to see you, too! _____________________


by bike by bus by car



by subway ________________


on foot

by plane _____________

Work alone
A. by subway B. by bike C. by plane D. on foot E. by car F. by train G. by ship H. by bus I. by boat



A: How do you usually come to school? by subway by train car B: I usually come to school___________.

I go to school by bike.

What about you?

How do you go to school?

I go to school on foot.

How does Lucy go to school?

She goes to school by bus.

Read and choose the right picture.





Fill in the blanks according to 1b
on foot A. Michael comes to school________.

B. Jane goes to school_______. by bus
by bike C. Kangkang comes to school_________.

D. Helen goes to school___________. by subway

Listen and match Mr. Zhang _______ C Kangkang ______ B Ms. Black ________ F Jane’s father_______ E Miss Gao ______ G Ellen _______ H Zhao Lin _________ D Mr. Lee__________ I Wu Hui’s grandmother_______ A

Talk about the means of transportation of each person using the information in 2b. Example: A: Mr. Zhang often goes to Shanghai by plane. B: Kangkang usually goes to school by bike. C: …

Listen to the tape and answer the questions:
(1)Where do Kangkang, Jane and Helen meet? They meet at the school gate. (2)How does Helen usually come to school? Helen usually comes to school by subway. (3)How does Jane always come to school? Jane always comes to school by bus.

Look, listen and say
Kangkang, Jane and Helen meet at the school gate.

The language points in 1a
1.—Happy New Year! —The same to you. 2.—Do you often come to school by bike? —Yes, I do.

3.—How do you usually come to school? —I usually come to school by subway. 4.—It’s time for class.

Please recite 1a, using the key words
Key words: Kangkang, see, Helen, Happy New Year! The same to you! bike, often, school, by bike, yes, how, by subway, you(Jane), by bus, it’s time for class.

Practice 1a in groups and make similar conversations using the following sentences.

Nice to see you! Happy New Year! How do you usually come to school? …

Make a survey of your group, asking them how they come to school. Then make a report to your class. Example:
A: How do you usually come to school?

B: I usually come to school by bike.
C: I usually come to school on foot. …

You may report like this:
In our group, three of us come to school by bike…

一、用所给的词的适当形式填空。 do go 1. How ____ you usually ____ to school. (go) 2. His new bike _______ very nice. (look) looks 3. It’s time _______ supper. (have) to have foot 4. We usually go to school on ____

. (foot) comes 5. Jane often _______ to school by subway. (come) 6. He ____ to get up early in the morning. (have) has

1. Talk about means of transportation. 2. Learn adverbs of frequency. 3. Learn the simple present tense. 4. Talk about how to go to school.


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