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Present Perfect Tense
Designer: Xue Na Chunhua Middle School

Present perfect tense 现在完成时

have/has + 过去分词 表示过去发生的某一动作 对现在造成的影响或产生 的结果.现在完成时这一时 态强调是过去动作与现在 的联系,也就是强调现在的 影响和结果.


I lived there 2 years ago



I have lived here for two years

1.都表示过去发生的事 ? 2.现在完成时强调过去和现在的联系,不能和具 体的时间状语连用; ? 3.一般过去时强调过去发生的事或状态与表示过 去的具体时间连用(last, ago, yesterday, etc. )

eg.1. He had his breakfast at 6:00 He has had his breakfast. 2. When did you come here? I watched the football match on TV at 9:00.

Adverbs of time before, by now (so far), once, twice…, just, recently yet(否/疑), already(肯), ever, never, all one’s life , in /during the past /last 5 years,

? 1.

I have had ________(have) lunch already. arrived ? 2. Has the train_______ (arrive), yet? been to has ? 3.Tome ____ never_______ (be to ) China. has seen ? 4. The twin ______just _____(see) my father. ? 5. The twins saw ____(see) my father just now. ? 6. Many tall buildingshave been built ____________(build) in the past 5 years.

表示过去某个时间开始的动作 ? 用法二: 或存在的状态,一直持续到现 在并可能还将持续下去。动词 使用延续性动词。常与for或 since引导的时间连用
for+段时间 since+点时间 since+句子(过去时) E.g. Kate has lived here for 3 years. Kate has lived here since 3 years ago. Kate has lived here since she came to China.

be dead arrive/come/go to be in die be a keep ? become a borrow ? Leave/ move be away / be out be open ? buy open have ? join be in/a member of be over ? start/begin finish/ end be on ? catch a cold have a cold get up be up ? get to know know get out be out ? close wake up be closed be awake ? go to sleep be asleep/ sleep be interested in ? become interested in

? His

father has died. (for 2 years) His father has been dead for 2 years.

? The

football match has begun.(since9:00a.m) The football match has been on since 9:00 a.m. ? The twins have joined the army. (since they are 18years old) The twins have been soldiers/ been in the army since they are 18years old. ? My teacher has just left Nanjing. (for 3 days) My teacher has been away from Nanjing for 3 days

重点句型: It is/ has been+段时间+since从句 段时间+has passed+ since从句
eg. 他死了两年了: He died two years ago. He has been dead for two years /since two years ago It is/ has been two years since he died. Two years has passed since he died.

? 1.

I borrowed this book a month ago. I have kept the book for a month. /since a month ago. It is/ has b

een a month since I borrowed the book. A month has passed since I borrowed the book.

Have/has gone to have/has been to have/has been in
? have/has

gone to:已经去了或在途中,还没

有返回; ? have/has been to:曾今去过某地,现在已经 回来了,后面可接表示“次数”的状语; ? have/has been in:表示某人“已在某地停留 一段时间,现仍在那里”,其后常带表示 一段时间的状语。

? Tom

在哪儿? 他去书店买书了。 -Where is Tom?

-He has gone to the bookshop to buy some books.
? 我在北京待了5年了。

I have been in Beijing for 5 years. ? Jack 去过上海两次了 Jack has been to Shanghai twice.

1. I have borrowed the book for 3 months. have kept ? 2. My bother has joined the army since he was 18. has been in/ been a member of the army ? 3. Jack and Tom have lived here since 5years. since 5 years ago/ for 5 years ? 4. The film has been on since I have come to the cinema. came

5. When has Mr. Li caught a bad cold? did catch

? 6.

Ten years have passed since they got has married. ? 7. Jim has gone to Beijing for 2 years. has been in
? 8.What

time have the factory opened? did open

? 9.I

have gone to Chunhua Middle School twice been to


am an American boy I came to China two years ago. I have studied _____(study) here for two to play years. My father often takes(take) me_____ (play) football on the playground. Last week I Was taken (take) to the park by him. ___ We saw a lot of monkeys jump(jump) in the tree. I heard a voice from behind When Iwaked (walk ) be along the river. I thought myself. “It must_____ (be) Mr. Brown. Heis taking __(take) photos.” enjoyed (enjoy) that day. We ____ will go (go) We___ back to America next week.

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