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新目标 九年级 Unit 4

Unit 4 What would you do? Section B Period 2

3a What are you like if you answer c for most questions?
c. I’d say yes.

c. I would start borrowing his clothes without permission. c. I’d ask if my friends could be in the movie too.
c. I’d invite him/her to have dinner at my house.

What are you like if you answer a for most questions?

a. I’d say that another student could do it better. a. I’d tell him to ask my permission before he borrows something next time. a. I’d say yes.
a. I’d introduce myself.

What are you like if you answer c for most questions?

b. I’d say I had a cold.
b. I wouldn’t say anything. b. I’d say no.

b. I’d wait for him/her to introduce himself/ herself to me.

Reading (3a: P30)
Explanation 1. Social situations don’t bother you in the slightest. bother=trouble 打扰 e.g. Don’t bother him, he’s pretty tired.

2. Not in the slightest =not at all 意思是“根本不,一点也不,微不足 道的”,相当于not…. at all eg. He didn’t embarrass me in the slightest.

3. plenty of, a lot of, lots of 既可修饰可 数名词, 又可修饰不可数名词 There are plenty of birds in the forest. a number of, many只修饰可数名词 There are many people in the shop.

4. company ① 陪伴 (不可数n.) ② 公司 (可数n.) I’m glad of your company. 有你的陪伴我很高兴。

in the company of ….在…谁的陪同下 eg. we visited the factory in the company of the managers.

5. Your friends would probably say that you are easy to get along with. get along with=get on with与…相处 eg. My classmates are easy to get on/along with. 6. You would also rather stay at home and read a good book than go to a party. 你也宁愿呆在家里读一本好书,而不愿 去参加聚会。

1) would rather也可以用had rather 来代 替,意为“宁愿”,后接动词原形, 表示 优先选择的一种方式,其否定形式是 would rather not do sth.。例如: He’d rather work in the countryside. 他宁愿到农村去工作。 Mr Li would rather not listen to rock music. 李先生不愿意听摇滚音乐。

2) 如果在两者中进行取舍,表示“宁 愿……而不愿……,与其……不如……”的 意思时,则可用would rather ... than ... 或 would ... rather than ...。例如: I would rather watch TV at home than go to the cinema. 我宁愿在家看电视而不愿去看电影。 The children would walk there rather than take a bus. 孩子们宁愿步行去那里而不愿 乘公共汽车。

3) 使用would rather ... than ... 句型时 要注意“平行结构”,即在than 的前 后要用两个结构相同的词或词组。 I would rather have the red one than the green one. 我宁愿要那个红的而不要那个绿的。 He would rather listen to others than talk himself. 他宁愿听别人讲而不愿自己说。

汉译英: 他们宁愿买一辆新车,也不愿去修理 它。 prefer to They _____ ___buy a

new one _____ _____ rather than repair it.

Look at 2a and write your own personality survey. Example: If a friend said something
bad about you, would you…

a. talk to the friend right away?
b. say nothing?

c. think about what he or she said?

Write your own personality survey. Sample survey question 1: What would you do if someone often said something bad about you? a. have a good word with him / her. b. seldom feel blue and make him / her understand you better. c. often feel blue and decide not to say anything with him / her anymore.

Sample survey question 2: What would you do if you were arguing with others of a party? a. accept people as they are. b. make people feel at ease.

c. cut others to pieces.

Form groups of four or five students. Ask students in your group the questions from your survey. Discuss the results.

A: How many people would talk to the friend right away? B: Three. And two people would say nothing.

Ⅰ. 从方框中选出适当的短语填空(注意某 些短语的形式变化)。 plenty of, get along with, right away, give a speech, what if

get along with 1. How do you _____________ your neighbors? 2. The plane leaves at 12:00. Let's start ___________ . right away gave a speech 3. Mr Brown ____________ on English to us yesterday afternoon.

plenty of, get along with, right away, give a speech, what if

4. _______ you don't get there on time? What if plenty of 5. There is still _________ food in the icebox.

Ⅱ. 根据上句完成下句,使两句意思相 同或相近,每空一词(含缩写)。 1. You can't leave here without permission. If you _____________________ to leave aren’t / weren’t allowed here, you can't. 2. Excuse me. Could I borrow your dictionary, please? lend your Excuse me. Could you_________ dictionary to ____________me, please?

3. That's a problem. We couldn't do anything about it. That's a problem. We could___________ do nothing about it. 4. He is energetic, and he almost never feels tired. hardly ever He is energetic, and he ___________ feels tired. 5. I don't like classical music at all. I don't like classical music_____________. in the slightest

Design a table and then ask three students their questions and record them in the table.
Name Bob If I … had a million dollar I would… assessment travel all … over the world

Thank you for listening!

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