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人教版九年级英语复习Unit 2 I used to be afraid of the dark

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Unit 2 I used to be afraid of the dark.


第一节 根据所听到的内容,选择相应的图画。

( )1.


( )2.


( )



( )4.


( )5.


第二节 对话理解

( )6. What does the boy look like now?

A. He has long hair. B. He is tall. C. He is short.

( )7. What is the girl’s dream?

A. To be a musician. B. To be a teacher. C. To be an artist.

( )8. What is the girl’s favorite class? A. Music. B. P.E. C. English.

( )9. How does the boy go to school? A. By bus. B. By bike. C. On foot.

( )10. What did the girl use to play? A. The piano. B. The violin. C. The guitar. ( )11. What did the girl’s brother use to look like?

A. He used to wear glasses. B. He used to be very short. C. He used to have long hair. ( )12. What does the boy want to be in the future?


A. A policeman. B. A soldier. C. A scientist.

( )13. What is the girl good at? A. Biology. B. English. C. Chinese.

( ) 14. Which subject did the boy use to like best? A. English B. Biology. C. Math. ( )15. When can the girl go to the boy’s house to learn English?

A. On Fridays. B. On Saturdays. C. On Sundays.

第三节 笔录要点



( ) 1. Sally used to be ____, but now she enjoys meeting and talking to new friends.

A. active B. shy C. outgoing

( ) 2. Mike is good at tennis. He is ____ the city basketball tennis. A. on B. in C. for

( ) 3. My father be used to ____ at weekends, but he A. fish B. fishing C. fishes

( ) 4. Many girls are afraid of ____ alone at night. A. walk B. walking C. walked

( ) 5. Mary used to be terrified ____ snakes. A. with B. at C. of

( ) 6. – What’s your new house like, Bill? - Oh, it’s a very nice one ____ a swimming pool.

A. of B. with C. to

( ) 7. They lived in a small village ____. A. all the time B. all this time C. at the same time

( ) 8. Jack used to play ping-pong, ____? A. don’t he B. didn’t he C. wasn’t he

( ) 9. She liked chatting ____ her grandma when she was a child. A. to B. about C. with

( ) 10. She used to go shopping on weekends, but she does ____ have the time ____.

A. no, longer B. no, more C. not, anymore

( ) 11. His parents were worried that he ____ too much time chatting online.

A. spent B. cost B. paid

( ) 12. He has failed several times, but he won’t ____. A. go on B. get up C. give up

( ) 13. Look! That’s our new school building. There ____ old houses.

A. is going to be B. used to have C. used to be

( ) 14. I’m terrified ____ the dark. I go to sleep ____ my bedroom light ____.

A. of, with, on B. of, on, on C. with, with, on

( ) 15. Little Kate went to school ____ it rained heavily yesterday. A. even though B. if C.but

( ) 16. All of our Chinese take ____ the Great Wall. A. proud of B. pride in C. pride of

( ) 17. Mary is ____ girl. She lives with her grandmother.

A. a 8-years-old B. an 8-year-old C. an 8-years-old

( ) 18. I ____ in this small mountain village when I was a child.

A. use to live B. used to live C. used to living

( ) 19. When I entered the room, ____ my surprise, all the students stood up quickly. 2

A. for B. to C. in

( )20. The man tried several times to start the car, and he succeed ____.

A. in the past B. at first C. in the end

( ) 21. My mother looks after me as ____ as she can. She is very busy. A. well B. good C. nice

( ) 22. My aunt loves kids, and she is very ____ with young children.

A. patient B. angry C. afraid

( ) 23. I want to know more ____ about how to use this word. So I have to look it up in the

dictionary. A. hardly B. nearly C. exactly

( ) 24. It’s necessary for our government ____ more attention to controlling food safety now, or

our health ____ in danger. A. to pay, is B. doesn’t pay, is C. to pay, will be

( ) 25. – Dear, you need to ____ by next week to go to university or go abroad. You’re going to

be eighteen. – OK, Mom. I am considering it.

A. make an appointment B. make a decision C. make a suggestion

( ) 26. The clean water is used ____. A. to drink B. drinking C. drink

( ) 27. He is a problem boy. He often gets into trouble ____ his teacher. A. at B. in C. with

( ) 28. The dog ____ several days ago. I felt very sorry for it’s ____.

A. died, death B. died, died C. death, death


Early in the morning, at noon, or in the evening, in big cities and in the countryside, all across the United States, you can see Americans ____. Men and women, ____ people and old people are running. People run ____ - along the beaches of California, ____ Central Park in New York, down quiet streets in small towns or at the gym.

Running didn’t use to be so popular. In the 1960s, runners were ____ athletes and healthy strange people. In those days, when people saw a runner, they ____ ask, “Hey, what’s the hurry for?” Or they might say to themselves. “ Is he crazy?” Women almost never ran. But today all this has ____. Men and women of all ____ enjoy running.

Doctors say many of the health problems in the United States come from these bad ____: eating too much, smoking cigarettes, and not exercising. Doctors tell us, “Eat less, don’t smoke, and exercise more.” Running is good exercise because it helps ____ strong hearts and lungs. It also helps most people lose weight.

( )1. A. dancing B. running C. singing

( )2. A. young B. small C. rich

( )3. A. nowhere B. somewhere C. everywhere

( )4. A. by B. through C. with

( )5. A. mostly B. hardly C. nearly

( )6. A. need to B. had to C. used to

( )7. A. changed B. stopped C. worked

( )8. A. cities B. ages C. countries

( )9. A. ways B. rules C. habits

( )10.A. make B. cause C. build

三. 阅读理解 判断正(T)误(F)。

Tommy is seventeen. His parents like him very much and hope he can become a famous man. So they often tell him to study hard and they do all for him. After breakfast his father takes him to school in a car and in the afternoon, when he comes back, the supper is ready. Of course, he never 3

washes his clothes or goes shopping.

Last year his father went to London on business. To look after Tommy, his mother had to do all that her husband used to do. Soon she was so tired that she fell ill. Tommy got into trouble.

His mother found his shoes were old and told him to buy a new pair himself. But he didn’t know how to choose. She gave him a shoe pattern(式样). With a policeman’s help, he found a shop. The shop assistant brought a lot of shoes. When he was trying on a pair. Suddenly he remembered something and took them off. The shop assistant was surprised, “ What’s the matter, young man?”

“I’m sorry. I’ve left the shoe pattern at home!”

( )1. Tommy’s parents hope he spends all time on studies.

( )2. Tommy usually has lunch at home on school days.

( )3. Tommy’s mother was ill because Tommy caused her much trouble.

( )4. Tommy found the shoe shop by himself.

( )5. In the end, Tommy wanted to go home for the shoe pattern.


1. Are you interested in __________ (play) basketball?

2. The girl was afraid of __________(sing) in front of a group.

3. My brother used __________ (sleep) late when he was young.

4. His family was too poor to afford __________ (buy) him books.

5. He make a __________ (decide) to go to Canada.

6. I used to __________ (get) up at six every day now.

五. 句型转换。

1. I used to have long hair. (改为一般疑问句并回答)

2. Ann used to be really quiet. (变为否定句)

3. Jack used to like chicken, __________?(反意疑问句)

4. Rose used to be afraid of the dark. (同义句)

5. Jim doesn’t play tennis any more.(同义句)


1. 他过去害怕在会议上发言。

He used to __________ __________ of __________ at the meeting.

2. 我们都为他的成功而自豪。

All of us __________ __________ __________his success.

3. 他应该专心学习, 而不要如此关注电脑游戏。

He should concentrate on his studies instead of __________so much __________ __________computer games.

4. 使我惊奇的是,他的英语考试没及格。

__________ __________ __________, he failed his English exam.

5. 我以前常常坐公交上学,但现在我习惯于骑自行车上学。

I __________ __________ __________ a bus to school, but now I’m __________ __________ __________my __________to school.


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