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人教版九年级英语复习Unit 1 How do you study for a test?

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Unit 1 How do you study for a test?


第一节 根据所听到的内容,选择相应的图画。

( )


( )2.


( )



( )



( )



第二节 对话理解

( ) 6. How does the boy usually study for a test? A. By asking the teacher for help.

B. By listening to tapes. C. By working with his friends.

( ) 7. What is the boy’s suggestion ?

A. To join an English club. B To join a math club. C. To keep a notebook.

( ) 8. How does the boy improve his spoken English? A. By talking with his foreign friends.

B. By reading English books. C. By listening to English stories.

( ) 9. What is the most difficult for the boy to learn English?

A. Listening B. Speaking C. Writing


( ) 10. What does the girl think of grammar? A. Difficult. B. Boring C. Interesting.

( ) 11. When will there be a Chinese test?

A. Next Tuesday. B. Next Wednesday. C. Next Thursday.

( ) 12. What does the girl like reading? A. Newspaper. B. Storybooks. C. Magazines.

( ) 13. Where is the boy’s pen pal from? A. Australia. B. Canada. C. Italy.

( ) 14. How long has the boy’s pen pal been learning Chinese?

A. For about 3 weeks. B. For about 3 months. C. For about 3 years.

( ) 15. What’s the girl’s advice on learning Chinese? A. .Reading Chinese books.

B. Speaking to Chinese friends. C. Taking notes in class


一. 英汉互译

1. it doesn’t matter ( ) 2. can’t get the pronunciation right ( )

3. by asking the teacher for help ( ) 4. by making vocabulary lists ( )

5. 犯错 ( ) 6. 随后 ( )

7. 查阅( ) 8. 编造( )

9. 害怕做某事( ) 10. 做某事的最好方法( )

11.备考( )(名词) 12. 记笔记( )

二. 单项选择

( )1. This book is a bit difficult. ____ read something easier?.

A. Why not to B. Why don’t C. Why not

( )2. – What about ____ tapes? - Oh, yes. It improves my ____ skills.

A. listening, spoke B. listening, speaking C. to listen, speak

( )3. - ____ you ever studied ____ a group? - Yes, I have.

A. Have, with B. Did, with C. Did, for

( )4. Let’s talk about your homework. Why do you always make so many mistakes ____ ?

A. in spell B. in spelling C. to spell

( )5. You should get ____.

A. many writing practice B. much write practice C. much writing practice

( )6. It’s important ____ the piano well. A. of him to play B. for him to play C. for him playing ( )7. I don’t have a partner ____ English ____.

A. practice, with B. to practice, with C. practice, /

( )8. Don’t ____ students who fail in an exam. We should help them.

A. laugh at B. talk to C. look at


( )9. I’m having trouble ____ complete conversations.

A. to make up B. to makeing up C. making up

( )10. Sam couldn’t spell the word. I couldn’t, ____. A. too B. either C. also ( )11. If you don’t know how to read new words, ____ the dictionary.

A. look up them in B. look them for from C. look them up in

( )12. You can’t learn English well ____ you try your best. A. if B. unless C. so ( )13. We did the work badly, so our teacher got angry ____ us. A. to B. in C. with ( )14. The dress ____ soft. A. feel B. feels C. is feeling

( )15. The math problem is so hard. I really don’t know ____.

A. how to do it B. how to do C. what do

( )16. It was too late. There was no bus, so he decided ____ home.

A. of walking B. walk C. to walk

( )17. Last Thursday when I got to the station, I ____ I had left my ticket at home.

A. understood B. realized C. believed

( )18. It’s ____. He works little but gets much money. A. unfair B. easy C. unimportant ( )19. My teacher doesn’t know ____ the bad boy.

A. what to deal B. how to deal with C. how to do with

( )20. ____ grammar is a best way ____ English.

A. Study, to learn B. Studying, to learn C. Study, learning

( )21. We have decided to try ____ best ____ money for the poor child.

A. our, to raise B. my, to raising C. our, raise

( )22. I’ll always regard him ____ my friend, because he once helped a lot when I was ____

trouble. A. as, in B. to, in C. as, to

( )23. The coffee is ____ hot ____ drink. A. enough, to B. too, not to C. too, to

三. 完形填空.

How do I study English?

English is my favorite subject, and I am the best English student in my class. Do you want to know __1__ to study English ?

First, in my free time, I often read stories and jokes in English magazines and newspapers. It __2__ me to improve my writing and reading abilities.

Second, I __3__ a dairy in English. I just write __4__ what I do, what I see and what I think __5__every day. I try my best to express __6__ in simple words. This helps me to improve my writing ability a lot and form the habit of __7__ in English.

Finally, I enjoy listening to English songs. It helps me get relax and __8__ great. At the same time, it helps me __9__ my listening ability.

I’m sure you also have some __10__ ways to study English, right? Can you tell me?

( )1. A. how B. why C. when ( )6. A. us B. me C. myself

( )2. A. hopes B. helps C. makes ( )7. A. listening B. writing C. thinking ( )3. A. write B. keep C. memorize ( )8. A. fell B. find C. become ( )4. A. down B. out C. for ( )9. A. to B. with C. out

( )5. A. over B. up C. / ( )10. A. better B. best C. good


Everyone dreams of being a top students, but achieving(实现)this dream is not easy. Here are some tips that can help you become a great student.


First, you should realize the importance of study. Only when you completely understand how useful it is, will you be more interested in studying, and will you develop better study habits.

Almost every top student has good study habits. Before class they will look through the text for important or difficult points. They will take notes of anything they don’t understand. During class they what the teacher is saying to get a good understanding of the lesson. They not only listen carefully but also take lots of in class. Taking detailed notes in class is very important. Besides, being active in class is another key to getting the most out of each lesson. After class, they go over the language points and do exercises to review.

Also, top students have lots of different interests. Besides the subjects that they study at school, they read many other books.

Finally, top students seem to study all the time. Study plans are also very important, so they always carefully make a study plan and follow it.

With planning, hard work and dedication(奉献), you can make your dreams come true. ( )1. The first paragraph tells us being a top student is ____.

A. easy B. difficult C. important

( )2. The underlined phrase “concentrate on” means “____”. A. 专心于 B. 怀疑 C. 走神 ( )3. The main idea of the third paragraph it that almost every top student ____. A. has good

study habits B. takes lots of notes in class. C. goes over the language points after class ( )4. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. If you realize the importance of study, you will study better.

B. Top students hardly show interest in other books.

C. Top students study as they have planned.

( )5. The best title of the passage is “____”.

A. How to make plans for study B. What to do in class C. How to be a top student

五. 用所给词的适当形式填空

1. I study by _________ (read) the textbook.

2. My friend is good at English. Her _________ (pronounce) is great.

3. Don’t run so _________ (slow), or you will fall behind.

4. She is afraid _________ (speak) in front of the whole class.

5. Jason thinks _________ (do) much reading practice is necessary.

6. They ended up _________ (play) games. 7. I don’t know where _________ (go).

六. 翻译

1. 时间流逝, 友谊长存。 Time ____ ____ and ____ may be kept.

2. 你怎样备考历史的? How do you ____ ____ ____ ____ ____?

3. 他们为取得好成绩感到兴奋。 They get ____ ____ ____ good grades.

4.昨晚孩子们对电视剧《喜羊羊和灰太狼》印象深刻。 Children ____ ____ ____the TV play Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf last night.

5.我们没地方住。 We have no room ____ ____ ____ .

6. Mike通常在语法方面犯错误。 Mike usually ____ ____ ____ ____.

7. Tom尽他最大努力赶公共汽车,但他没赶上。

Tom ____ ____ ____ ____ catch the bus, but he still missed it.

8. 我们能把水变成冰。 We can ____ water ____ ice.

六. 写作 How to learn English well.


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