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九年级英语unit3 学情调研

班级_________ 姓名______ 等级______

一、 单项选择:(30分)

( ) 1.—Jim enjoys listening to pop music. — .

A. So does Helen. B. Also is Helen

C. Helen likes also D. So Helen does

( ) 2. Our English teacher is very strict ___ us and he is strict ____his teaching.

A. with, at B. with, with C. at, at D. with, in

( ) 3. —What’s the matter?

—They said I should not be allowed _____ here.

A. smoking B. to smoke

C. to smoke D. smoking

( ) 4. He doesn’t do his homework __________, though he has ___________.

A. carefully enough, enough time B. enough carelessly, time enough

C. carelessly enough, enough time D. enough carefully,enough time

( ) 5. The little child was too ____________to hear the end of the long speech.

A. sleepy B. slept C. sleep D. sleeping

( ) 6. Everyone ____________to have at least eight__________sleep at night.

A. needs, hour’s B. need, hours’ C. needed, hour’s D. needs, hours’

( ) 7. We should go to school at 8:00 ______________ school mornings.

A. at B. in C. on D. of

( ) 8. Something is wrong with my PDA.I will get it ___________ .

A. repair B. repairing C. to repair D. repaired

( ) 9. They talk instead of _______ homework.

A. do B. to do C. doing D. does

( ) 10. Jill didn’t finish the homework,_________.

A. either B. too C. also D. neither

( ) 11. You must concentrate more _________ your English.

A. to B. in C. on D. at

( ) 12. That is a good way to keep _________ teachers and students happy.

A. either B. none C. all D. both

( ) 13. Don’t get_________ when you study in groups.

A. noise B. noises C. noisy D. noising

( ) 14. We should learn _________ each other.

A. to B. from C. for D. of

( ) 15. The children often take time to do things like_________.

A. volunteer B. to volunteer C. volunteers D. volunteering


( A )

Hundreds of years ago there lived a king in a small country. He liked swimming. When

summer came, he always went to another palace by a forest with his guards and returned to the capital in autumn.

One afternoon the king went swimming in a river in the forest but he didn’t tell others

about it. He was very happy when he swam in the water. After that he heard a great noise and saw a big bear coming at him. He tried his best to run away. He ran and ran and at last he lost his way. He was hungry and tired when he found an old house. There was an old farmer in it. “It’s your king,” he said to the old man.” I’m hungry now. Bring me something to eat quickly!”

The old man had nothing dear. He only had four eggs. The king ate them and felt better.” How much must I pay you for that?”

“Eighteen pounds.”

“How dear they are! Are eggs rare(稀有的)here?”

“No,” answered the old farmer. “We have only one king in our country!”

( ) 1. _________, he was happy.

A. The river was beautiful B. He was swimming in the water

C. The water was warm D. The king could swim for a long time

( ) 2. When the king saw the bear, he _________.

A. asked the old farmer to help him B. cried for help

C. ran away quickly D. ran outside the forest

( ) 3. At last the king found _________.

A. an old house B. his guards C. his capital D. the bear

( ) 4. The king felt better because _________.

A. he could sleep in the farmer’s house B. the bear couldn’t find him

C. he ate four eggs D. the farmer knew he was a king

( ) 5. Which is the best title of the story?

A. The King and the Old Farmer B. The King in the Forest

C. The King and the Bear D. The Kind hearted King

( B )

An old scientist recently made several tests with different animals to find out which was cleverer than other animals.

In one test the old scientist put a monkey in a room where there were several boxes. Some boxes were inside other boxes. One small box had some food in it. The scientist wanted to watch the monkey and to find out how long it would take the monkey to find the food. The scientist left the room. He waited a few minutes outside the door. Then he got down on his knees (膝盖) and put his eyes to the keyhole. What did he see? To his surprise, he found himself looking into the eye of the monkey. The monkey was on the other side of the door and looked at the scientist through the keyhole.

( ) 6. The scientist did the test to see ____________.

A. if the monkey would steal (偷) the food B. if the monkey would look for the food

C. if the monkey was cleverer than other animals

D. if some boxes were inside other boxes

( ) 7. In one test the scientist put a monkey __________.

A. into a small box B. into several small boxes

C. into a box where there was some food D. in a room

( ) 8. After the scientist left the room, the monkey_________.

A. began to eat food B. began to look for food

C. looked at the scientist through the keyhole D. came into the boxes one after another

( ) 9. The scientist_______________.

A. got down on his knees and waited outside the door

B. got down on his knees and heard with his ears

C. left the room for a long time

D. looked at the monkey through the keyhole with his eyes

( ) 10. To the scientist’s surprise ______________.

A. the monkey got down on its knees B. the monkey came out of the room

C. the monkey looked at the scientist through the window

D. the monkey put its eye to the keyhole


(一)根据所给汉语和首字母,写出正确的英语单词,使其句意完整: (10分)

1. —What’s the result? —My mother will make the ________________(决定).

2. .Don’t get your ears p_______________.

3. Only then will I have a chance to a____________ my dream.

4. I had a chance to volunteer at the local hospital .It would be a good e_________ for me.

5. At last, they s_______________ in finishing that hard work.

6.He wanted to be a doctor,but he became a teacher i___________ at last.

7.I realized the i______________ of learning English.

8. John has got his driver’s l___________. He can drive now.

9.Mr. li t_______ me English last year.

10. On Friday afternoons, many students are s_______ after a long week of classes.



Most parents shout at their children when their son or fails to do his/her homework. But my parents are They often say, “Play more, read more, and watch more.” Sometimes when I am doing my homework at night, my dad will say to me, “Do not do it . Go to play!” Sometimes I am puzzled and now. You can do what you’re in. We think you have the right.” I thank my parents for

In many , parents and children can’t communicate well. Parents usually make their children what they don’t want to do. Things are different me. I have open-minded and humorous parents. My family also has a warm atmosphere(气氛). I like my parents very much, and I think they are very cool.

1.________ 2.________ 3.________ 4.________ 5.________

6.________ 7.________ 8.________ 9.________ 10.________


1. I can’t choose which pair of jeans _________ (buy). They both look good on me.

2. Why do you look __________ (sleep)?

3. Everyone needs to have at least eight __________ (hour) sleep a night.

4.She is old enough____________(choose) her own job.

5. My parents have always taught me the __________ (important) of working hard.

6. Children shouldn’t be allowed ________ loudly in class. (shout).

7. He should stop _________ (wear) that silly sweater.

8. It’s probably a good idea for parents _________ (allow) teenagers to study in groups.

9. Do you think children should ______________ (allow) to play computer games..

10. She is too young _________________(drive ) the car.


A:Excuse me.What are your school____________?

B;Well, we aren’t __________ to go out in class or go home late at night.

A: ______________ you allowed to go to the computer house?

B:No,we aren’t . We aren’t allowed _____play computer games on weekdays,________. It’s bad _____ our study .

B: No. That’s wrong at their ages .They should ______ more time on studies.

A:Yes,I __________ with you .Thank you .

B: You’re ___________.

六、书面表达: (10分)

国有国法,你的家里有什么样的规则,以My Family Rules 为题,向大家介绍一下你的家规。

提示词;be strict with , allowed to , study with friends,watch TV on school nights,go

shopping with friends,be home by 10:00pm,get my ears pierced,play computer games


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