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新版七年级下册 Module 1-3 短语汇集

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welcome to first of all lost and found boxlook at be careful with from now on here is/are…in a hurry

leave sth at +地点 on trainon bus in taxi in cartwo thousand hundreds oflook for at the moment

Module 2

join+团队、组织等 what / how about that’s allI would like to worry about

get on well with sb. work / study harddo well in = be good atbe ready for promise to do sth just like fly a kite

Module 3

go over at the weekend

on Saturday morning

check emails

see a movie

have a picnic

stay at homeat one o’clock

make friends with sb.

enjoy oneself = have a good time on the afternoon of 1st May

take a walk = go for a walk collect litter

sb. spend 时间 (in)doing sth. 金钱 on sth. win + 项目/ 比赛

be late for

the first / second

go on a summer camp

go sightseeing

go shopping

go boating

on the beach

It’It’s time to do sth.

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