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课题:Unit3 Topic1 SectionC English Around the world

1、Teaching aims and demands 教学目标和要求

(1)Learn some new words and useful expressions

Study、 show、 number、 more and more、 leading position

(2)Learn “Passive voice”(被动语态)

2、Teaching importance 教学重点

(1)Learn “Passive voice”

(2)improve students ability of reading and comprehension

3、Teaching difficulties 教学难点

The use of “Passive voice”

4、Teaching procedures 教学步骤

Step1、greeting (1 minute)

Good morning, everybody! First let me introduce myself to all of you. My name is XueZhihui. You can call me

Tina. I’m so happy to stand here. Today We’ll talk

about an article named “English Around the world”. Now

let’s begin our class. OK? (中文复述一遍)

Step2、Explanation(讲解)(35 minutes)

(1)Write the title on the blackboard “”English Around the

world. Ask one to explain the meaning of the title and then evaluate his or her answer. (2minutes)

(2)Give 5 minutes to students to go through the first two

paragraphs. Write a question on the blackboard “Why is English more and more widely used in the world?(2 minutes)

(3)ask one to answer the question and evaluate the

performance. Explain the importance of grasping general idea in reading an article.(2 minutes)

(4)Ask one of the students to read the first paragraph.

Correct the pronunciation errors. Encourage his or her performance.(2 minutes)

(5)Analyze several points of the first and the second

paragraph. Many interactions are included in the process.(10 minutes)

(6)Ask one to summarize the first and the second paragraph.

Praise the student. Let them to write the answer on the paper. Explain to them “mastering the idea of each paragraph is crucial to understand the whole article”.(2 minutes)

(7)Ask one to read the third paragraph. Correct the

pronunciation errors. Evaluate his or her performance.

(2 minutes)

(8)Analyze several points of the third paragraph.

Communication and interactions are necessary.(10 minutes)

(9) Make a summary of the third paragraph ——Great Britain became a powerful country, so English became an Ineternational languages. At the same time, the internet Has helped English become much more popular.

Step3、Summary( 2 minutes)

(1)New words and useful expressions

(2)Passive voice

Step4、Saying goodbye (2 minutes)

OK. That’s all for today. I hope you can review what

you have learned in today’s class and do some related exercise after class. I also want you to prepare for next two paragraphs. I’ll ask you some questions at the beginning of next class. (中文复述一遍). Is everything clear? OK. The class is over. See you next time!

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