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If I had a million dollars

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Wow! It's amazing ! What if I had a million dollars? I would buy two nice houses.The one for my parents,the other one for myeself .I also would buy a car ,a big TV and a computer for my family. I would buy lots of books I like.But I think the first thing I would do is to give some to the poor children in the poor areas. I hope they can go to school ,sit in bright classrooms,read the books they like and live a happy life. The second thing I would is to chang my hometown and make it more and more beautiful.And the rest of money I would let my family members travel to Beijing.

If I have more money ,I would do more things for people If I had a million dollars,I would do a lot of important things.Firstly I would help the children who can't go to school because of poorness to return to their school againI think it's the most impportant things.Secondly I would help to build several best schools for the children in my hometown. Thirdly I would buy my parents a most beautiful apartment and let them live a comfortable life.Fourthly I would buy a large beautiful apartment with a modern kitchen for my family.I enjoy cooking in the kitchen.I think it's very pleasant to cook in the

kitchen .If I had enough money,I would buy a set of healthy beautiful cookers so that I would be happy when I were in the kitchen. Now I can imagine how happy I were then

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