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( )1. ---I’d like ______ dress. What about ____ blue one?

--- Try it on.

A. a; the B. a; a C. the; the D. the; a

( )2--Would you like some________? ---No, thank you. I’m not hungry at all.

A. tea B. coffee C. water D. bread

( A. it B. that


A. can, see B. can, be seen C. could, be seen D. could, see

( )5. My cousin _________ America .She will come back next month .


( )6. Tom ________ a letter from Terry for a long time.

A. didn’t receive B. hasn’t got

hasn’t heard

( )7. It’s five years _____ our teacher came to Yancheng.

A. since B. when C. although D. if

( )8. At the foot of the hill you could hear nothing but the ________ of the running water.

A. shout B. noise C. voice D. sound

( )9. I can’t send an e-mail, would you please show me ________ it?

A. where to do B. when to do C. what to do D. how to do

( )10. I hope my father____ ask me about my marks.

A. not B. not to C. won’t D. don’t

( )11. I have _______ much work to do _______ I have no time to go out with you.

A. such, that

such, as

( )12. _________ the people lost their lives in the traffic accident.

C. this D. one ( )4. When Liu Qian is performing magic, ________ everything ________ by A. has gone to B. had gone to C. has been to D. has been C. didn’t have D. B. so, that C. so, as D.

A. Three hundred B. Three hundred of

Hundred of

( )13. ---Who is your favourite singer? C. Three hundreds of D.

---Liu Ruoying. Her songs ________ really nice.

A. hear


( )14. Please _____ your coat. It's very cold outside.

A. dress


( )15.--- Is your father a teacher?

---Well, he _______.

A. used to B. was used to C. used to be D.

used to be二、完形填空(共15题,每题1分,计15分)

阅读下面的短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的四个选项中选出一个最佳答案. Monday morning is an important time at our school. All of the students go to the playground.

We listen to music, and we the national flag(国旗) go up.

Usually, one student gives a talk on Monday mornings. One Monday last year, a boy gave the talk. He was and excited ! When I saw him, I wanted to have a try, too.

Can I really do it ?

Last week, our teacher said our class should give the talk. My teacher me, “I know you want to have a try. Next Monday, you can give the talk. Go and write something down. for it, I’m sure you’ll do well.”

“Thank you ,” I answered, It was such a great for me ! When I got home , I was excited. I wrote two pages for the talk. I read them again and again. When I read, I asked my parents Monday morning came. I began to feel . When did I last give a talk to many people? Never! This was my first time. Could I really it ? Maybe I couldn’t finish the talk.

When I got to school, we all went out to playground. I in front of everyone. I opened my mouth, but I couldn’t say anything.

“Take it easy,” I said to . “ Don’t be nervous. You can do it.”

Just then, I looked down at everyone. I saw about 1,000 eyes. They were all looking at me ! I couldn’t stand up.

I looked at their eyes more carefully. Their eyes were saying , “You can do it! Don’t be afraid, just talk !”

B. sound C. listen D. are B. be in C. put on D. is

I a big breath(呼吸). Then I began to talk.It wasn’t hard. It was easy. I don’t know I finished my talk. But I did it. I felt so good that day. I showed myself everyone what I can do. ( ) 16. A. watch

( ) 17. A. surprising

( ) 18. A. told

( ) 19. A. Look out

( ) 20. A. chance

( ) 21. A. to listen to

( ) 22. A. excited

( ) 23. A. after

( ) 24. A. do

( ) 25. A. stand B. stood

( ) 26. A. me

( ) 27. A. be able to

( ) 28. A. took

( ) 29. A. when

( ) 30. A. so


B. see B. proud

C. notice

D. look at D. careful

C. amazed

B. asked for B. Come on

C. said to D. showed D. Get ready

C. Take care

B. news C. time D. message

D. listen D. surprised

D. so

B. to listen

C. listen to C. nervous C. before C. talk

B. happy

B. such B. speak

D. take

C. was standing D. have stood

C. myself

D. my parents D. even

B. my class

B. hardly

C. ever

B. held

C. put

D. left

D. whether

B. how

C. why

B. but C. to D. for

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