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1) 陈述部分I am时,疑问部分要用 aren't I.

I'm as tall as your sister,aren't I? (我和你姐姐一样高,对吗?)

2) 陈述部分用 no, nothing, nobody, never, few, little, seldom, hardly等否定含义的词时,疑问部分用肯定含义。如: The old man made no answer, did he?

Jim is never late for school, is he?

3) 陈述部分有情态动词 ,疑问部分常用don't +主语(didn't +主语)。

We have to get there at eight tomorrow, don't we?

used to,疑问部分用didn't +主语或 usedn't +主语。

He used to take pictures there, didn't he? / usedn't he?

had better(最好) + v. 疑问句部分用hadn't you?

You'd better read it by yourself, hadn't you?

4) 陈述部分有would rather(宁可、宁愿) +v.,疑问部分多用 wouldn't +主语。 He would rather read it ten times than recite it, wouldn't he?

5 陈述部分有You'd like to +v. 疑问部分用wouldn't +主语。

You'd like to go with me, wouldn't you?

6) 陈述部分主语是指示代词或不定代词everything, that, nothing, this, 疑问部分主语用it。

Everything is ready, isn't it?

陈述部分主语是不定代词everybody, anyone, somebody, nobody, no one等,疑问部分常用复数they,有时也用单数he.

Everyone knows the answer, don't they? (doesn’t he?)

Nobody knows about it, do they? (does he?)

7) think引导的宾语从句:


I don't think he is bright, is he?

We believe she can do it better, can't she?

B. 如果主语不是第一人称则疑问部分与主句相对应构成反意疑问句

He thought they were wrong, didn't he? (不能说weren't they?)

8) 省去主语的祈使句的反意疑问句,疑问部分用will you。


Don't do that again, will you?

Go with me, will you / won't you?

而Let us 开头的祈使句,后用will you(或won't you)?

Let's go and listen to the music, shall we(或用shan't we)?

Let us wait for you in the reading-room, will you (或won't you)?

9) 陈述部分是"there be"结构的,疑问部分用there。

There is something wrong with your watch, isn't there?

There will not be any trouble, will there?

10) 否定前缀不能视为否定词,其反意疑问句仍用否定形式。

It is impossible, isn't it? He is not unkind to his classmates, is he?


1. Few people would agree with this, ______?

A. did they B. would they C. didn’t they D. wouldn’t they

2. Nobody need be afraid of catching the disease, ______?

A. do they B. need they C. don’t they D. needn’t they

3. The police must have known all about this, ______?

A. must it B. must they C. have they D. has it

4. I think it’s high time that she made up her mind, ______?

A. don’t I B. isn’t it C. didn’t she D. hasn’t it

5. If you want help, let me know, ______?

A. can I B. do you C. will I D. will you

6. It’s cheap. I don’t suppose he cares, ______?

A. is it B. do I C. does he D. does it

7. “He’s selfish. I don’t like him, ____?” “No, I don’t at all.” 2

A. do I B. do you C. don’t I D. does she

8. “I think the teacher is wrong, _____?” “No, I don’t think so.”

A. don’t you B. don’t I C. doesn’t he D. doesn’t she

9. I dare not go out after dark. Let us go together, ______?

A. will you B. shall we C. can you D. can we

10. There are times when such things are necessary, ______?

A. are there B. aren’t there C. are they D. aren’t they ( )11.He hardly hurt himself in the accident___________?

A. doesn’t he B. didn’t he C. did he D. does he

( )12. Let’s search the Internet for some information about famous people,______?

A. will you B. won’t you C. shall we

( )13.Eric’s never seen a three-D movie at the cinema,_______?

A.hasn’t he B.has he C.isn’t he D.is he ( )14.---He didn’t go to the lecture this morning, did he? ----______. Though he was not feeling very well.

A. No, he didn’t. B. Yes, he did. C. No, he did. D. Yes, he didn’t.

( )15.—He’s already back to Australia, _________? — _________. He is on a visit to Shanghai.

A. isn’t he; No B. hasn’t he; Yes C. isn’t he; Yes D. hasn’t he; No

( )16.—She doesn’t like geography, does she? — ___________ .

A. Yes, she does B. Yes, she doesn’t C. No, she does

( )17. He’s flown to Hainan for a holiday, _______ he?

A. isn’t B. hasn’t C. wasn’t

( )18. ---- Let’s go skating,_______? ---- OK. Let’s go.

A. do you B. don’t you C. will you D. shall we

( )19. ---There is little milk in the milk bag, ________ there? ---OK. I’ll

get you a new bag. A. is B. isn’t C. aren’t D. are

( )20. Bob, you watched the fashion show last night, ________?


A. weren’t you B. didn’t you C. haven’t you D. won’t you

( )21. ---Are you going to the picnic with us tonight? ---Yes. ---You won’t be late, ________?

( )22. There is no important information in the newspaper, _______?

A. isn’t there B. is it C. is there

( )23. There are two libraries in this city, _______?

A. aren’t there B. aren’t they C. are two

( )24. Mom, my grandfather goes for a walk after supper every day, _______?

A. does he B. is he C. doesn’t he D. isn’t he

( )25. Liu Qian has made “magic” a hot word, _______ he?

A. doesn’t B. didn’t C. hasn’t D. isn’t

( )26.---You aren’t a professional athlete, are you? ---______. I am just a football fan.

A. Yes, I am B. No, I’m not C. Of course D. Sometimes

( )27. ---Millions of people know about Susan Boyle now, _______? ----_______, she becomes well-known because of her success on Britain’s Got Talent. 4

A. do they; No B. do they; Yes C. don’t they; No D. don’t they; Yes

( )28. He’s fed the dog and the cat, _______?

A. doesn’t he B. isn’t he C. wasn’t he D. hasn’t he

( )29. John, clean your room, _______?

A. will you B. shall we C. don’t you D. doesn’t he

( )30. I don’t think she has gone to Beijing, _______?

A. has she B. hasn’t she C. do I D. don’t I



1—5 BBCBD 6—10 CBABB

课后练习:1C2C3B4B5A6 A 7B8D9A10B。由关键词watched可知是一般过去时,故排除A、

C、D三项,选B。 11B。考查祈使句的反意疑问句。祈使句的反意疑问句后面的简略问句用will/ won’t you,分析比较四个选项可知正确答案为B。12C。考查there be结构的反意疑问句。there be结构的反意疑问句后面的简略问句部分仍然要用there。分析比较三个选项,由关键词no可排除A、B二项,选C。 13A14C15C 16B。考查对反意疑问句的回答。回答反意疑问句时要以事实为依据,不管问题的提法如何。如果事实是肯定的,就要用Yes,事实是否定的,就要用No。由关键信息“I am just a football fan.”可知“我不是专业运动员”,故排除A、C、D三项,选B。17D 18D。题中的He’s是He has的缩写,所以后面的简略问句要用hasn’t he,故正确答案为D。 19A20A


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