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新八年上Unit6Section B1选择

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( )1She ________when she was five years old.

A. learn to play the pianoB.learned to play

pinao C.learned playing piano D.learned

to play the piano

( )2.—What is your New Year’s________?

--I’m going to study harder.

A.job B.subject C.resolution D.exercise

( )3.—Which hobby do you think ________the least time?

--Collecting stamps.

A.takes up B.tidies up C.gives up D. makes up

( )4.Let me_________your phone number and I’ll call you when I’m free.

A. cut down B.turn down C.look

downD.write down

( )5.How are you going to make your resolutions________?

A. works B.work C.working D.to work

( )6.—Is Mr Black living here now?

---No.He moved ________last week.

A.to anywhere else B.somewhere else

C.to else somewhere D.else somewhere

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