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Unit 3 Teenagers should be allowed to

choose their own clothes
Self check

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根据中文意思完成句子。 1. I _____ _____ ___________ to talk have/had no opportunity with her. 我没机会和她谈话。 2. Everybody has strong points. We should _____ from each other. learn ____ 每个人都有优点,我们应该互相学习。
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3. I can’t help you ___ _____ . --I’m at present
too busy. 我现在不能帮你--我太忙了。 4. When the comedy actors came out , the audience ____ ___. got noisy 当喜剧演员出场时,观众变得嘈杂起 来。
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5. He decided to concentrate on English, _____ _______ because he just failed the exam. 他决定专攻英语, 因为他刚考试不及 格。 6. He _____ ____ doing the homework af got/gets to ter supper. 晚饭之后他开始做作业。 7. Fruits and vegetables _____ _____ are good for you. 水果和蔬菜对你有益。
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8. His parents ____ ____with him. are strict ___ 他的父母对他要求非常严格。 9. ___ ___ him two hours to do the It took home work . 他花了两个小时做作业。 10. John has a lot of family rules. ___does Peter. So ___ 约翰家有许多家规,彼得家也是这样。
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finish allow choose need clean up 1. You have to be 18 is a real mess. you eg. 1)My hair years old before 2)The kids made to mess in car. bathroom. are ________ a drive a the allowed
2. What time do you _____ basketball finish n,混乱,脏乱;不 practice today?

3)You are a mess.

3. Please ________the classroom. It is a clean up real mess. 真是乱遭了
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4. I can’t ________which pair of jeans choose to buy. They both look good on me. (这两条裤子) 穿在我身上好看 至少

8小时的睡眠 needs 5. Everyone ______ to have at least eight hours’ sleep a night.
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Useful expressions 1.老年之家 2. 更经常 3.小学 4.帮助教育

5.对于某人来说是一次很好的经历 6. 为一家报纸写作 7. 一周一次 8.在周五下午 9.昏昏欲睡 10. 在星期五下午休息,放假
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Helping and learning
At our school, we sometimes have a special day to help others. Last year we went to an old people’s home and sang 老年之家 songs and performed a play for them. The old people were very happy. We

should be allowed to take time to do
things like that more often. For example, 更经常
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we should visit primary schools and help teach 小学 帮助教育 young students. I

want to be a teacher when
对于某人来说 I’m older so it would be a great experience for


me. Other students would like to do other jobs. For example, my friend Tian Ge wants to write for a newspaper. She should be allowed 为一家报社写作 to volunteer at the newspaper
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office once a week. On Friday afternoons, 在星期五下午 一周一次 many students are sleepy after a long week 昏昏欲睡 of classes. Some students should be allowed to have Friday afternoons off to volunteer 星期五下午休息,放假 and help others.

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Possible letter
Dear Editor: I would like to reply to the article “helping and learning” in your last newsletter. I agree with some ideas and disagree with others. The article said that students should be allowed to take time to help others, I think it is a good
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idea, because that can make us learn to care about others. But I don’t think students should be allowed to help teach young students, because they are not old enough. I disagree that students should be allowed to join more volunteering work, because they have to pay more attention to their homework and schoolwork. Yours, Mary
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英英释义(连线) 1. teenagers a. fix one’s attention on something b. for only a part of the working day or week c. kids aged from 13 to 19 d. begin to e. at this time, now

2. part-time 3. concentrate 4. at present 5. get to

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