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时限:120分钟 满分:120分


__一、听力测试 (共25分)

__A.情景反应 根据你所听到的句子, 选择最恰当的答语,每个句子读两遍。(5分) ___( )1. A. You’re welcome. B. All right. C. Never mind. _号( )2. A. I’m hungry. B. It’s beautiful. C. Don’t go there. 考( )3. A. Yes, I did. B. Yes, I am. C. Yes, I have. _( ’s OK. B. Oh, she is poor. C. I am sorry to hear that. __( )5. A. Last year. B. Since last year. C. For last year. ___B.对话理解

__第一节:听5段小对话及问题,选择正确的答语,每段对话和问题读两遍。(5分) _( )6. A. Dirty and narrow. B. Clean and wide. C. Dirty and wide. 姓名( )7. A. For about 3 years. B. 3 years ago. C. For 4 years. __( )8. A. At home. B. In Japan. C. In Beijing. __( )9. A. India. B. Australia. C. China.

__( )10. A. October 30th ,1989. B. October 13th ,1989. C. October 30th ,1889.

级第二节:听2段长对话或独白,选择最佳选项 ,每段对话或独白读两遍。(7.5分) 班听第11段材料,回答第11至12小题。 ___( )11. What are they talking about? __ A. The traffic problem.

__B. The environment problem. __C. The population problem.

校学( )12. What problems will it cause according to the article? A. More crowded than before.

B. Be short of energy and water.

C. No enough food to eat or enough houses to live in.


( )13. Did Wang Junfeng have a good summer holiday?

A. Yes, he did. B. No, he didn’t. C. Yes, he was. ( )14. Where’s Lin Tao?

A. He has gone to Enshi. B. He has been to Enshi. C. He went to Enshi.

( )15. How soon will he be back?

A. Tomorrow. B. In a week. C. In a month.

C.短文理解 听短文,根据短文内容,选择最佳答案,短文读两遍。(7.5分) ( )16. What do Americans learn when they are children? A. To save time. B. To waste time. C. To make friends. ( )17. What do they realize when they’re having a good time ? A. Time is slow. B. Time flies. C. Time is enough. ( )18. What do Americans think of time? A. Time is everything. B. Time is something. C. Time is money. ( )19. How many hours does a working American work in a week? A. Twenty. B. Forty. C. Sixty. ( )20. How does an American walk? A. Slowly. B. Fast. C. Not very fast.



( )21. My hometown has become ________ these years. A. beautiful and beautiful B. more beautiful and more beautiful

C. most and most beautiful D. more and more beautiful

( )22. ________your help, we finished the task in time. A. Thanks to B. Thanks for C. Thanks D. Thanks of

( )23. ________ the development of the society, parents can ________ an education for their children. A. With, afford B. With, buy C. Under, afford D. Under, get ( )24. She has never done housework, ________ ? A. has she B. hasn’t she C. does she D. doesn’t she ( )25. ________ is the population of China? A. Which B. How many C. What D. How much ( )26. ----Have you heard from your friend ________ ? ----Yes, I have. I’ve _________ heard from him. A. yet, yet B. already, already C. yet, already D. already, yet ( )27. ----David has made great progress recently. ----________ ,and ________________. A. So he has; so you have B. So he has; so have you

C. So has he; so have you D. So has he; so you have ( )28. In our class,__________ of the students ___________ girls. A. third fifths, is B. third fifth, are

C. three fifth, is D. three fifths, are

( )29. His grandfather _________ for over two years. A. has dead B. has been dead C. has died D. died ( )30. There are _________people in the supermarket. It’s very crowded. A. hundreds B. hundred C. hundreds of D. hundreds off ( )31. I _________ 30 yuan ________ this computer. A. cost, for B. paid, for C. spent, in D. took, to ( )32. Mr. Wang wants to ________ his daughter ________ the best education. A. give, with B. send, to C. provide, with D. provide, for ( )33. Li Guang’s English ________a lot since he ________ to New York two years ago. A. improved, came B. has improved, has come

C. improved, has come D. has improved, came ( )34. I think it is a beautiful place ____ . A. live B. to living C. to live D. to live in ( )35. Jim ____ up late, but now he ____ up early. A. use to get, gets used to get B. used to get, used to getting C. used to get, gets used to get D. used to get, gets used to getting 三、完形填空 (15分)

in front of his house. He said,“be ”

“Thank you, but we do not go into a house together.” They answered. “”One of them explained ,“us do you want in your home?”

. His wife said ,“Let’s invite Wealth. Then we’ll have a lot of ” The man disagreed, “No, why don’?” But their little son said ,“It is better to invite Love. Our home will be full love !” “Let’s advice,” said the father.

So the man invited Love to come in. When Love started walking towards the house, the other two stood up and followed him. Surprised, the man said to them, “But I don’t invite you two.” The two old men replied, “is also wealth and success.”

( )36. A. sitting B. to sit C. sits D. sit ( )37. A. ought B. can C. need D. must ( )38. A. something B. some C. anything D. any ( )39. A. What B. Why C. Where D. How ( )40. A. surprise B. joy C. trouble D. need ( )41. A. Our B. Her C. His D. My ( )42. A. from B. in C. of D. for ( )43. A. spoke B. talked C. told D. said

( )44. A. money B. water C. rice D. time ( )45. A. Success B. Love C. Wealth D. Joy ( )46. A. of B. with C. off D. without ( )47. A. son’s B. children’s C. daughter’s D. sons’ ( )48. A. too B. also C. either D. as well ( )49. A. because B. so C. why D. however ( )50. A. there B. it C. this D. that


第一节: 读A、B两篇材料,根据材料内容,选择最佳选项。


A very important world problem is the growing of population 6 500 000 000. That is a great number and we know it quite well.

The important thing is not how large the population of the world is now, but is the rate (率) of the growth. It is about 1.63 percent every year after the number of dead people has been taken away.

To give you some ideas of the birth rate, look at the second hand or you watch.. Every second(秒), four babies are born in the world. Another baby! Another baby! Another baby! You can not speak quickly enough to keep up with the birth. The population is growing faster and faster. So it goes on , hour after hour. In one day, people have to find food for over 350 000 mouths more.

This great growing of population will make a big problem by the year 2012---there will be as many as 7 000 000 000 people on the earth! So this is one of the biggest problems that you are going to see in your life. ( ) 51. From the passage, we know there are about________ new babies to be born in a minute. A. 180 B. 240 C. 600 D. 2400

( ) 52. By the year 2012, there may be more than________ people on the earth. A. seven thousand. B. seven hundred C. seven million D. seven billion

( )53. The rate of the growing of population every year is about ________ percent. A. 1.63 B. 3.63 C. 2.63 D. 6.63

( ) 54. One of the important world problems today is ________ according to the passage. A. the

number of dead people

B. the growing of population C. be short of food D. the heavy traffic

( ) 55. This passage may be a\an ___________ .

A. advertisement B. novel C. book

D. news report


In China, many people are leaving the countryside to find jobs in the cities, because the countryside is much poorer than the city, and often there isn’t much work there. Services such as hospital and transport(交通) are usually much better in the city than in the countryside. They hope that their lives will improve when they move to the city.

But in the big cities of Europe like London or Paris, people are moving out of the city. These rich

_families want to live a quieter life. They are tired of the noise and the dirt(尘土)of the city, and they are __tired of the crowded streets , crowded trains and buses. They don’t want to live in the cities any more. ___They want a house with a garden in the countryside, and breathe the fresh air there.

__So they move out of the cities. Some don’t go very far, just a little way out of the city, to the towns 号near the cities, other people move to the real countryside with sheep, cows and green fields. There, they 考start new lives and try to make new friends.

__Not all those who move from the city to the countryside are happy. After two or three years, many ___people who have done this feel that it was a big mistake. They don’t make so much money and there _名isn’t much work to do. People in the countryside are very different and aren’t always very friendly.

姓As a result, quite a lot of people who have moved to the countryside move back to the city. ____( )56. Which is NOT the reason for people moving to the cities in China?

__A. The countryside is much poorer than the city. __B. People in the countryside have nothing to eat.

_C. People in the countryside don’t have much work to do there.

班级D. Services in cities are usually much better than those in the countryside.

__( )57. Why do some rich families in Europe move to the countryside?

__A. Because they will find good jobs.

__B. Because they are tired of living in the city. __C. Because they can make more money there.

校学D. Because they like feeding sheep and cows in the green fields.

( )58. After moving to the countryside, some people in Europe feel unhappy because_____.

A. they can’t make much money.

B. there isn’t much work for them to do in the countryside.

C. some people in the countryside aren’t always very friendly to them D. all of the above

( )59. The underlined sentence in the last paragraph shows_______.

A. they are happy to move back to the city B. they miss their friends in the countryside C. they still want to move to the countryside

D. they are tired of the noise and the crowded streets in the city

( )60. The best title of this passage may be “________”.

A. A happy life B. Living in the city

C. Moving out or moving back D. Living in the countryside

第二节: 阅读C篇材料,按要求完成下列各题。

Hangzhou Bay(海洋) Bridge

The world’s longest trans—oceanic (海湾) bridge was completely finished in Cixi in Zhejiang Province in February, 2008.

Hangzhou Bay Bridge is 36 kilometers long. It cost about RMB 11.8 billion, 35% of which was offered by many personal companies in Ningbo. 59% was coaned(贷款) from different Chinese banks. ①② by 120 kilometers, making it a 179 kilometer journey. So the bridge makes the trip faster and easier. The drive ③________Shanghai ________ Ningbo is ④________ (不到两个小时).

On the other hand, ○5the development is too fast that more and more foreign companies in Shanghai like Zone(经济圈).

61. 将划线部分①处的句子译成汉语。

________________________________________________________________. 62.请猜测②处黑体单词的汉语意思。

__________________________________________________________________________ 63. 选择合适结构填入③处 __________ 。

A. not only, but also B. both, and C. between, and 64. 将④处短语翻译成英语。


65.○5处划线部分有一处错误,应将___________ 改为 _____________。




66. China has already taken many measures ______________ (control) the large population. 67. Kangkang has never been to any __________ (Europe) countries, but Michael has. 68. Edison has more than 1,000 __________ (invent) in his life. 69. I ______________ (not fly) kites in the open air for a long time. 70. Don’t water that tree again, because it is ____________(die).

B、根据下列句子的意思及所给单词的首字母或汉语提示,写出所缺单词,每空限填一词。 71.The large population causes many ______________ (困难) for the whole nation. 72. She is one of _______________________ (优秀的) students in our school. 73. Xiao Ming studies English very hard and has made so much p__________.

74. Now many Chinese students want to go a__________ to learn English. 75. Could you please d____________ the accident in detail ?

(二)补全对话 根据对话内容,在空白处填入一个适当的句子,使对话完整、正确。(每小题2


A: Excuse me, where is Judy? I haven’t seen her for a long time.

B: 76 ___________________________________. She wants to visit the Great Wall. A: Really? 77 _____________________________________? B: She went there last Sunday.

A: 78______________________________________? B: No, she’s never been there before.

A: 79 __________________________________________? Her friends? B: No, she went there with her parents. A: When will she be back?

B: She’ll be back at the end of this month. A: Thank you.

B: 80___________________________________.

六、书面表达 。(15分)

同学们,改革开放30年来,你的家乡一定发生了巨大的变化吧,如居住环境得到改善,生活条件提高了,接受教育的机会增多了,获取信息的途径便捷了,两路也开通了等。请你以Great Changes in My Hometown为题,写一篇80词左右的短文。

提示:高速公路 expressway

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________



A.情景反应 根据你所听到的句子, 选择最恰当的答语,每个句子读两遍。

1. Thank you for helping me. 2. What do you think of your hometown. 3. Have you ever been to Japan? 4. My grandpa has been ill since I came here. 5. How long have you been in Wuhan? B.对话理解

第一节:听5段小对话及问题,选择正确的答语,每段对话和问题读两遍。 6. W: The roads in Enshi were dirty and narrow several years ago. M: Yes, I know. But they are clean and wide now. Q: What were roads in Enshi like several years ago? 7. W: Kangkang, how long have you been in this school? M: I came here at the age of twelve. Now I’m fifteen. Can you guess? Q: How long has Kangkang been in this school?

8. W: By the way, where is Rita ? Is she at home? M: Oh, no. She has gone to Japan with her father. Q: Where is Rita now?

9. W: What about the population of India ? M: Its population is just smaller than that of China, and it has the second largest population in the


Q: Which country has the largest population in the world?

10. W: Project Hope is a social service program to help poor students. M: So it is. It started on October 30th ,1989. Q: When did it start?

第二节:听2段长对话或独白,选择最佳选项 ,每段对话或独白读两遍。 听第11段材料,回答第11至12小题。 W: Hi! Mr. Zhang. What are you reading?

M: I am reading an article about the population problem. W: What does it say?

M: It says the large population causes many problems. For example, people will not have enough food to eat or enough houses to live in.

W: That’s too bad. We should take measures to control the population. M: Yes, China has already carried out the one-child policy.


W: Hi, Wang Junfeng. Did you have a good summer holiday? M: Yes, what about you?

W: It’s very exciting. I have been to the Great Wall with my parents. There were so many people that I couldn’t find a proper place to take photos. By the way, Where’s Lin Tao? M: He has gone to Enshi to be a volunteer. W: That’s great! Will he be back tomorrow? M: No, he will be back in seven days. W: Listen! There goes the bell. Let’s go.

C.短文理解 听短文,根据短文内容,选择最佳答案,短文读两遍。

Americans think a lot about time. When they are children, they learn how to save time. As children, they are taught how to be on time to go to school, to do work and to do everything. When they are having a good time, they realize that time flies. Time is money. Time is knowledge. Time is everything in America. A working American has to work hard for 8 hours a day. In his spare time , he also works hard for more money. In the street, you can hardly see a man who walks slowly. They walk very fast. In fact , they are running.



1—5 ABCCB 6—10 AABCA 11—15 CCAAB 16—20 ABABB 21—25 DAAAC 26—30 CBDBC 31—35 BCDCD 36—40 ADABA 41—45 CCDAA 46—50 AABAA 51—55 BDABD 56—60 BBDAC 61. 从上海到宁波,人们通常乘小汽车要花费4个多小时的时间。 62.缩短 63. C

64. less than two hours 65. too改为so

66. to control 67.European 68. inventions 69. haven’t flown 70. dead 71.difficulties 72. the most excellent 73. progress 74. abroad 75. describe 76. She has gone to China\Beijing. 77. When did she go there?

78. Has she ever been there before? 79. Who\whom did she go there with?

80. You’re welcome.\That’s all right.\That’s OK.\Not at all.\It’s a pleasure.. 书面表达(范文略)

Great Changes in My Hometown

Great changes have happened in my hometown since reform and opening—up. More and more roads have appeared, especially expressways and railways. Buildings are becoming taller and brighter. People’s living conditions have improved a lot. And there are more kinds of food and clothes to choose from. People can enjoy more sorts of leisure activities. We can not only study in modern schools but also on the Internet. What’s more, it’s easier and quicker to use telephone or QQ to communicate with others.

Thanks to our government, we can live a happy life. From now on, I will study harder to make my hometown more wonderful and beautiful.

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