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分。 C F C. I have a cold. C. I don’t like it. C. For a week. C. Swimming.

三. 听对话和问题,选择最佳答案。听两遍(10分)

( )11: How often does the woman go shopping ?

A. Every day B. Twice a week. C. once a week D.Never

( )12: How many hours does Jim sleep every night ?

A.Seven . B. Ten. C. Eight. D.Nine

( )13: Who is more hard-working at school ?

A. The man B. The woman . C. The woman’s friend D.Cindy

( )14: How many students in the class exercise on weekends ?

A.. About 25 B.About 15 C.About 20 D. About 10

( )15:What do Tim and Mike usually do on weekends?.

A.Go swimming. B.Go shopping. C.Watch TV. D.Go to the museum

四、听短文,根据你所听到的短文,填写所缺单词。短文听三遍。( 10分) outgoing than me. She likes going to the concert, and I like watching TV at home. I

16. _________ 17. _______ 18. _________ 19. ________ 20. __________

笔 试 部 分( 120分 )

一、选择填空 ( 15分)

( ) 21.-I can’t find my CDs. -________you put them in that bag.

A. Must B. May be C. Maybe D. May

( ) 22.-What about_______ a rest? –OK! Let’s go for a walk.

A. to have B. had C. have D. having

( ) 23.--Sally, how often do you use the Internet ? -_________.

A. Twice a week B. Three hours C. Two years ago D. This afternoon

( ) 24.--_________do you visit your grand- parents? --Once a month.

A.How soon B. How long C. How much D. How often

( ) 25一What do you think of the 3D film Titanic last night?

一 It was ____. I enjoyed it a lot.

A. boring B. wonderful C. strange D. terrible

( ) 26 . We shouldn’t eat _____ junk food.

A. too many B. too much C. many too D. much too

( ) 27 . Betty didn’t ome to school yesterday ______ she was ill.

A. Because B. Though C. When D. As

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( )28. 一 _____________was their vacation? 一 It _____________great

A. What; was B. How; was C. How; is D. What; is

( ) 29.-Is that girl Amy?

一No,that’s Wendy. Amy is ___________ than Wendy.

A. thin B. thinner C. thinnest D. the thinnest

( ) 30 Be quiet! I have ____ to tell you.

A.important anything B.anything important

C.important something D.something important.

( ) 31. You are a very beautiful girl.” “________”

A. No, I’m not. B. Sorry, I don’t. C. Thank you. D. Yes, I do.

( ) 32. _____ Sam is from Canada ,_____he can speak Chinese very well.

A. Although, but B. Although, / C. Although, so D. /, so

( ) 33.Alen is good at ______. She will be in the long jump and the high jump.

A. jump B. jumps C. to jump D.jumping

( ) 34 What did you do Friday?

A. at B. on C. in D. to

( )35.---“There isn't ____ water here. Could you get ____ for me?”

----“All ringht.”

A.some; some B.any; any C.some; any D.any; some

二 . 用所给单词的适当形式填空(5分)

36. Mary does some _______(shop) on Sundays.

37. (little) 8 hours a night.

38. He________(go) fishing yesterday.

39. Who is the ___________ (health) one in your family ?

40 . These _____________(diary) are Lei feng’s

三 .根据汉语意思提示完成单词。 (5分)

41.To keep healthy,I decide to _______ (锻炼) half an hour every day.

42. We do lots of outdoor___________ (活动)when spring comes.

(两次)a year.

44.Who’s ________ (高的),Lucy or Lily?

45. I like talking with others. My mother says I’ (外向的)


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﹙ ﹚46. What time did Tom get to school? A. Yes, they did.

﹙ ﹚47. Did your parents go to the movies yesterday? B. At about six o’clock ﹙ ﹚48. Are the children playing soccer or basketball? C. I like Chinese ﹙ ﹚49. Do you like English or Chinese? D. Yes, there is.

﹙ ﹚50. Is there a post office near here? E. They are playing soccer.

五、完形填空 ( 10分)

Mike is my friend. He the day with morning exercises. After morning

exercises, he English at home. It’s time to breakfast. His habits are good. He eats a lot of vegetables. He ever eats junk food. He says it is bad for to eat junk food too much. In the afternoon, he plays football with his classmates. Because he doesn’t like to go to the movies, he often TV at home. Sometimes he on the Internet and talks with me the Internet.

( ) 51.A.start B. begin C. starts D. begin with

( ) 52.A.reading B. reads C .watch D. books at

( ) 53.A.take B. have C. like D. we

( ) 54.A.eating B. eats C. eat D. to eat

( ) 55.A.many B. pretty C. much D. too

( ) 56.A.hard B. harder C. hardly D. hearty

( ) 57.A.healthy B. health C. fit D. fitness

( ) 58.A.looks at B. reads C. watches D. sees

( ) 59.A.gets B. got C. getting D. to get

( ) 60.A.in B. on C. at D. with



All over the world, people enjoy sports. Sports are good for people’s health. Many people like to watch others play games. They buy tickets or turn on their TV sets or may be online to watch.

Sports change with the seasons. People play different games in different

seasons. Sometimes they play inside the room. Sometimes they play outside. We can find sports here and there. Some sports are rather interesting and people everywhere like them. Football, for example, is very popular in the world. People from different countries cannot understand each other, but after a game they often become very friendly to each other.

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( ) 61. Sports are good for _______.

A. the players B. people’s health

C. the coaches D. people who like sports

( ) 62. If you like sports, you can _______.

A. buy tickets to watch the games B. watch the games on TV

C. watch the games on the Internet D. A、B and C

( ) 63. People play _______ in different seasons.

A. the same game B. different games

C. any games D. all kinds of games

( ) 64._______ is very popular in the world.

A .Table tennis B. Baseball C. Football D. Skating

( ) 65. From this passage we can see that _______ can become very


A. people from different countries all

B .people from the same country

C. people who do the same sports

D. after a game, people from different countries


Peter’s uncle lives in the country. He is a man full of humor (幽默). One day, Peter went to see his uncle. His uncle drove his car to the station to meet him. On their way home, they saw many people. His uncle waved (挥手) to everybody. Peter was surprised (惊奇) and said,“Uncle,you wave to everybody. Do you know all of them?”

“No,Peter,” answered his uncle. “When I wave to someone who knows me, he’ll feel happy. When I wave to someone and he doesn’t know me, he will feel surprised and then he will have something to think about,he will make his road seem shorter (更短). So I can make everybody happy.”

( ) 66. Peter’s uncle lives ________.

A. in the city B. at the station C. in a town D. in the country

( ) 67. Peter’s uncle is ________.

A. a strange man B. a kind man

C. a humorus man D. a happy man

( ) 68. Peter and his uncle went home________.

A. by car B. on foot C. by hike D. by train

( ) 69. Peter’s uncle ________there.

A. doesn’t know anybody B. knows some of those people

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C. knows everybody D. doesn’t know those people

( ) 70. Peter’s uncle wanted to________.

A. make everybody happy B. make everybody unhappy

C. make someone happy D. make someone unhappy


The Blacks live in a big city, Last summer they went to the countryside for their vacation. They enjoyed it very much, because it was a quiet and clean place.

One day, they went for a walk in the morning and met an old man. The old man lived on the farm and he was in the warm sun in front of his house. Mr. Black asked him, “Do you like living in a quiet place?” The old man said yes. Mr. Black said, “What are the good things about it?” The old man answered, “People here know each other. People often come and see me. And I often go and see them. There are lots of children here.” Mr. Black said, “That sounds interesting. And what are the bad things?” The old man thought for a while and said, “The same things, in fact.”


( ) 71. The Blacks enjoyed their vacation.

( ) 72. They went for a walk with an old man.

( ) 73. The old man feels lonely(孤独的).

( ) 74. Sometimes the old man likes to meet people but sometimes he


( ) 75. The Blacks often meet the old man in the countryside.


76. 对画线部分提问)

________ _______ does she eat junk food?

77. 对画线部分提问)

________ _______ hours do you sleep every day?

78. Anna had lunch at school yesterday.(一般疑问句)

________ Anna _______ lunch at school yesterday

79. Tom has long hair . Sam has longer hair. (合并成一句)

Sam has __________ hair _________ Tom.

80. (对划线提问)

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A: Michael , do you like sports?

B: Of course I do .Sports are good for our health .

A: B: Football .

A: B: ’s your favourite sport?

A: I don’t like sports at all .But I like watching TV.

B: A: I watch TV every day. A: Three hours .

B: Watching TV too much is bad for your eyes .

81.________ 82.________ 83.________ 84.________ 85.________


new do difference small have Anna comes from Russia, She is 17 years old. She’s going to stay with the Black family for a year. Anna comes to England because she wants to study English. She helps Mrs. Black and goes to English class every Wednesday and Friday afternoon.

Anna is now in London. Everything is to her. She finds life is so nice. The shops are in London than those in Moscow. So it’s very difficult to enjoy meals in London. It’s expensive to have a meal in a

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86.________ 87.________ 88.________ 89.________ 90.________

十: 翻译(10分)













Where did you go? How was the weather there? How did you get there?

How was the food there? How was the vacation?


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