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The Christmas Tree Under the Porch

As Christmas 1944 neared, word came that Marie DeSantis' brother was MIA in Germany. Her mother decided not to put up a tree. But a Christmas Eve letter changed the family's plans once again.


Now that DVD we discussed about the filmmaker with his father involves the same technique that we will hear in the next part of the program, we have been listening to story core at across the country loved ones talk each other. Sometimes people tell the most important stories to the ones who know them best.

Marie DeSantis recently talked with her grandson about Christmas in 1944, it was during World War 2. DeSantis was 18 living with her family in Staten Island New York, and she will call how their holiday changed with news from the war in Europe.

My brother Joe was in the service, of course ,he was fighting in Germany. A tele group came saying that he was missing in action, and so I was afraid to tell my parents and I ran to get my thrill assit at church, and I said you have to come home, mom and pop need you. We were so upset, my sister sitting again in the car, she ride home, ride all the way home along side the car. It was the worst news you could get, it was getting close the Christmas and my mom says that we won't be able to have a Christams tree this year because Joe is not here, we don't know if *,we don't know anything, so we are not going to have a Christmas tree, and then Christams eve at very came from Joey: I'm in the hospital, I'm alright, I wll come home

soon, and by now you must be putting up the Christmas tree and my mother says h, it could happen, he's telling us to decorate the tree, and my brother John, he says: mom, guess what?Last night when I came home from work, I got a Christmas tree and I put it under the porch because I thought maybe you would change your mind that we can have the Christmas tree, so we put it up and we decorated this one for you, Joey, and it turned out nice.

That's from Marie DeSantis in New York City, and we can tell you that Joey VD eventually come home.

Story core interviews are archives of the American folk life sent to the library of Congress, and you can listen to more of them at npr.org.

Major funding for story core comes from the Corporation for public broadcasting.

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