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Section B 3a-4

Step1 Warming up
A: what rules do you have at school? B:We are not allowed to....... We have to.......

fight run in the hallways be late for class eat in class

listen to music in the class

sleep in class

wear uniforms

Step2 while task
Task1 fast reading (read silently and quickly)

They talked about rules in school. Three. The uniform, the study and the vacation.

3. What do the students in this article
think about the school uniforms?

The students think the uniforms are ugly.
4. What kind of clothes do they want to wear? They would like to wear their own clothes. 5. How do they like to study?

They like to study in groups during the evening.

6. What are their ideas about vacations?
They think that vacations should be

7. Why is it good to volunteer? Because volunteering is a good experience for future jobs.

Task2 careful reading (read silently and carefully )
we have to wear uniforms __________ every day.
1. we think they are______. ugly 2. we'd like to wear ________________, because our own clothes we should look smart. 3. we should be allowed to _______________________, and that would be a good way ________________________ design our own uniforms _____________________. wearing our own clothes will to keep both the teachers make us _________________ and students happy ________________________ than our studies. concentrate more on our clothes



students opinions

1. we think it's a good 1. At present, they idea to are too short, they study in groups __________________. should be ________. 2. we can 2. Longer vacation learn a lot from each would give us time to longer __________________ other _________. do things like __________ and it would be a _________________. volunteering get _________ sometimes. noisy good experience

teachers' \ parents' opinions

Task3 Listening
Listen to the tapes and pay attention to the pronounciatons.

Task4 Intensive reading
the other day 1. 几天之前___ ___ ___ several days ago talk about 2. 谈论,讨论_____ ______ 3. 想要做 ______ ___ __ __ sth want to do sth would like to do concentrate on 4. 集中注意力于 _________ ___ keep one's mind on good for 5. 对... 有利 be ____ ___ learn from 6.向....学习 ____ ___ 7. 目前,现在___ ______ at present at this time, now 8. 有机会做...have ____ _______ ___ ___ sth an opportunity to do

Have a test 乘胜追击
1. ____ ________(目前) our vacations At present are too short. 2. Eating lots of vegetables ____ ____ is good your ______ for health. 3. As a teacher, he always concentrates _______ on _____ his teachings. 4. if you ____ ____ _________ _____go have an opportunity to to America, just take it. learn from 5. We should _____ _____ excellent (优 秀的)students.

Task 5 Retelling

talked about The other day, my friends and I ______ _______the rules that we have in school. At our school, we have to wear uniforms ______ _______every day. The problem is that all my ugly cl

assmates think the uniforms are______. We think look smart would so we young people should______ _______ andlike ______ ______to wear our own clothes. Our teachers believe that if we did that, we would________ ______ concentrate more on disagree ____ our clothes than our studies. We_________. We comfortable is good for would feel more__________ and that_____ ____ ____ studying. If we can’t do that, we should be allowed to design ________our own uniforms. That would be a good keep way to ______ both teachers and happy students________.

It’s also probably a good idea for parents to allow study in groups teenagers to____ ____ ____ during the evening. I get we ____ _____sometimes, but we ____ a lot knownoisy learn vacations from At present ____each other. We also think that________ should be longer. _________ they’re too short. Longer volunteering vacations would give us time to do things like____________. Last summer I had an loca opportunity to volunteer at the ______hospital, but I l couldn’t because I had to go back to school. It would experience doctor be a good__________ for me because I want to be a __________when I’m older.

填空(改为被动语态) 1. They often clean their classroom after school. Their classroom __ often ______ by is cleaned them after school. 2. Li Lei gave Tom a new pen last week A new pen was given__ Tom last week. ___ ____ by

3. A lot of people in China can speak E nglish now . English ____________ by a lot of can be spoken people in China now. 4. I have learned English for about two years. English has been learned for about t ______ ______ _ wo years.

5. They will publish these story-books next month. will be published These - storybooks ___ __ _________ next month.

改错 1. I think teenagers should allow to go out with their friends. be allowed 2. He doesn’t seem have many friends. to have 3. He should stop wear that silly earring. wearing 4. Jack have to clean up his room every morning. has

5. Parents allow teenagers to study on groups during evening. in

Every school has it's school rules. what are your school rules? write an article according to the chart to describe your school rules.

Homework Writting (运用语言)



be allowed to
bring drinks to school bring dictionaries to school play basketball exercise

be not allowed to
bring mobile phones to school run in the hallways come late to school get the ear pierced

参考句型: be allowed to do \ be allowed not to do

My school rules
I love my school because students in my school are very polite. we have many rules at school. students are not allowed_______________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________.

Thanks for listening

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