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weekend homework 2 for Grade 9

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第二周双休作业 (9.14—9.15)

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你多久去看一次英语电影? How often do you go to (watch/see) an English movie/film? 对我来说在长江里游泳真是太难了。 It’s really hard/difficult for me to swim in the Changjiang River?/Swimming in the Yangtze River is really hard/difficult for me . 他年纪太小了不能照顾自己。(2个句子) He is too young to look after /care for/take care of himself./He isn’t old enough to___./He is so young that he can’t ___/He is such a young kid that he can’t ___

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我没有和我一起逛街的朋友。 I have no friend(s) to hang out with. I don’t have a friend /friends to hang out with. 你多久以后出教室?我们一起去购物,好吗? How soon will you go/get out of the classroom? Let’s go shopping ,shall we ?
在我的好朋友的帮助下,在半小时内我就做完了这些 题目。 With the help of my good friend(s),I finished working out the problems in /within half an hour.(前后句可交换)


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你学习英语多久了?自2008年以来就一直在学 习英语。 How long have you been studying/learning English? I have been learning/studying English since 2008. 我能帮你做些什么吗?(3个句子) Can/May I Help you ?/What can I do for you ?/Is there anything I can do for you ?

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当我们听见那个令人兴奋的消息时,都感到 非常兴奋。 When we heard (about) the exciting news,we all felt /got very excited. 她考试没有及格因为出了很多的错误。 He didn’t pass the exam/test because he made a lot of/lots of mistakes./because of a lot of /lots of mistakes( he made) . He failed (in) the exam because he made a lot of/lots of mistakes.


要是我们不处理好这些问题,在学习上就 不会成功。 If we don’t do /deal with the problems,/Unless we do /deal with the problems,we can’t succeed /be successful in learning .

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

除非明天天晴,我们的运动会将推迟开。 Unless it is fine/sunny tomorrow,our sports meet(ing) will be put off/later. If it is not fine/sunny tomorrow, our sports meet(ing) will be put off/later.(主从句可换) 我们去打篮球吧,不去散步了。 Let’s go to/and play basketball instead of walking/taking a walk/having a walk. 我会通过把困难当作挑战来面对生活。 I will face the life by regarding the problems as challenges.

? 你知道怎样对付这些难题吗? ? Do you know how you deal with the problems ? /Do you know how to deal with the problems? ? Do you know what you do with the problems ? /Do you know what to do with the problems ?

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