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I’m going to be a basketball player
Section B (1a---2c)

What does he do ?

What are they?

What are you going to be when you grow up?
I’m going to be a/an… How are you going to do that ?

I’m going to …
Where are you going to work? I’m going to work in…/ I’m not sure yet. Maybe….

A good plan is the start to success.

1a New Year’s resolutions

1. Learn to play an instrument 2. get a part-time job 3. make the soccer team 4. get good grades 5. eat healthier food 6. get lots of exercise

⑤ ①


A: What are you going to do next year? B: I am going to take guitar lessons. A: Sounds interesting. I am going to learn a foreign language.

They are talking about their resolutions.


Listen and circle the resolutions that you hear

learn to play an instrument make the soccer team get lots of exercise

eat healthier food

get good grades

2b Listen again and fill in the blanks
name Kim How are they going to do it? going to practice really hard going to go to summer camp going to play soccer every day going to take piano lessons going to study hard and do his homework every day


Important phrases
1.新年决心 New Year’s resolution 2.组建足球队 make the soccer team 3.下决心 make a resolution 4.演奏乐器 play an instrument 5.上吉他课 take guitar lessons 6.得到好成绩 get good grades 7.努力学习 study (really) hard 8.做我的作业 do my homework

Fill in the blanks.
1. My grandfather r___ many years ago.Now he etired stays at home doing nothing. 2. Jim likes planes very much and he hopes to be a ilot p__ in the future. 3. It’s well-known that Yao Ming is a p______ rofessional basketball player. 4. John is learning computer science and hopes to rogrammer be a computer p______. 5. Rose works full-time as a teacher.And writing is her p_____ job. art-time

根据对话情景写出单词,词首字母已给出。 Lucy: Did you m ake a New Year’s resolution this year, Kim? Kim: Yes, Lucy, I did. Lucy: W hat are you going to do? Kim: Well, I’m going to make the soccer team. Manuel: H ow are going to do that? Kim: I’m going to practice really h ard , and I’m going to go to a summer camp. I’m going to play soccer every day there. Manuel: How a bout you, Lucy? Did you make a resolution? Lucy: Oh, sure. I’m going to learn to play an instrument. Kim: Cool. How are you going to do that? Lucy: I’m going to take piano 1 essons . Kim: How about you, Manuel? Manuel: My New Year’s resolution is to get good g rades . Kim: How are you going to do that? Manuel: I’m going to study hard and do my homework every day. Lucy: That s ounds good!

Jack Jim

What are they going How are they going to to do? do it ?
get good grades
... ... ... ...

do homework carefully
... ... ... ...

In our group, Jack wants to get good grades,and he is going to do his homework carefully. Jim wants to …

Write an article about your next

birthday’s resolutions.

On my next birthday, I’m going to ... first. Then ... Next...

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