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人教版七年级上册unit 1My name's Gina 第三课时 课件

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Unit 1 My name’s Gina
Period Three


--What’s your phone/telephone number? --It’s .... 376845301 --What’s your QQ number?






first name last name first name last name

first name

last name



given name family name given name

family name

Chinese names Chen Long

English names
Harry Potter Marie Curie Michael Jordan

Li Yuchun
Zhao Benshan

His name is Chen Long. Chen is his last name. = family name.(姓氏)
Long is his first name.(名字) Her name is Marie Curie. Curie is her last name. (姓氏)

= family name.
Marie is her first name. (名字)

What’s his name? His name is Jay Chou. His first name is Jay, and his last name is Chou.
Picture 1 Jay Chou

What’s his name? His name is Michael Jordan. His first name is Michael, and his last name is Jordan.
Picture 2 Michael Jordan

What’s his name? His name is Jackie Chan. His first name is Jackie, and his last name is Chan.
Picture 3 Jackie Chan

What’s her name? Her name is Faye Wang. Her first name is Faye, and her last name is Wang.
Picture 4 Faye Wang

What’s your

first name ? last name ? telephone number ? What’s his / her first name ? last name ? telephone number ?

My first name is … last name is … telephone number is … His/Her first name is … last name is … telephone number is …

Ask and answer

Gina Brown

Tony Smith

Hu Xiaoyan

A: What’s his \ her first name? B: His \ Her first name is …… A: What’s his \ her last name ? B: His \ Her last name is ……

Write F for first name and L for last name
Tony 1.Tony 2. Green 3. Miller 4. Mingming 5. Gina F L L L F 6. Jack 7. Smith 8. Brown 9. Zhang 10. Mary F L L F F

Full names: first name +last name
Tony Green, Gina Brown, Zhang Mingming

First names
Alice, Helen, Cindy, Grace Mary, Jenny Girls’ Bob, Dale, Eric, Frank Jim, Alan Boys’

Make a survey
Jack Smith

Last name

First name Last name First name

---What’s your first name\ last name ? --- My first name \ last name is ……

Let’s chant
Mary Brown \ Zhang Mingming

First name, first name , Mary is my first name. Last name, last name, Brown is my last name. Family name, family name, Brown is my family name. Given name, given name, Mary is my given name.

Read the short passage and fill in the form. Hello,this is my friend . Her name is Rita Jones.Her telephone number is one-fivefour,seven—eight—two—zero . This is my friend,too. He isBill.His family name is Gates . His telephone number is five—seven— three,eight—six—nine—one. Name Telephone number

Rita Jones Bill Gates

1547820 5738691

1.Make your ID card
First name________ Last name________ Family name_______ Given name________

2.Composition:My friend and I.

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