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姓名 班级 一、单项选择题(15分)

A. a, an B. an, a C. an, an D. a, a

( )2. He goes to school by bus, but he walks _________ after school. A. to home B. home C. his home D. the home ( )3. The man ________ blue trousers ________.

A. with;is from America B. in; is American

C. with; is America D. in; is from American ( )4. Do you have_________ every day?

A. lots of homeworks to do B. lot of homework doing C. much homework to do D. many homework doing ( ) 5. His little brother is _______ .

A. five years old B. five-years-old C. five-year-old D. five-year old

( ) 6. The Japanese football player plays ______ the English Team _____ the World Cup.

A. for; for B. in; in C. in; for D. for; in ( ) 7. .I often talk ______ my classmates ______ lunchtime .

A. to, in B. to, on C. with , on D. to , at ( ) 8. Daniel is a very __________ football player and he plays very _____. A. good ,good B. well, good C. good ,well D. well, well ( ) 9.Every morning his mother at six .

A.wakes him up B.wakes he up C.wakes up he D.wakes up him

( )10.TV or films on weekdays. A.too much, too much B.too many, too many

C.too much, too many D.too many, too much

( ) 11.Does your teacher often practice volleyball with you?

A.to play B.to playing C.plays D.playing

( ) 12.He is a top student; he spends two hours his homework.

A.does B.do C.to do D.do ing

( ) 13.Andy is looking forward a member of the club.

A.to be B.be C.to being D.being

( ) 14. Oh, that _______________.

A. sounds good B. sound well C. sounds well D. sound great ( ) 15. It’s a fine day for _______. A. to walk B. walk C. walks D. walking



1. Jack is a very 聪明的) boy.

2. Now you can get some 信息) from the Internet.

3. Thank you for (组织) the class trip.

4. The price of the magazine is (贵).

5. Are you good at 跳舞)?

6. Can I sit between you and __________. (她)

7. Daniel, 8. This is one of the __________ watches. (run)/(swim)

9. Does he have any time (chat) with me?

10. He (want) to ask some questions about how (learn) Math well.

11. It’s time for Sandy ______________ (tell) us a story.

12. What about ______________ (meet) my old friends? They are really great.


1. The boy does his homework every day. (否定句)

The boy ________ _______ his homework every day.

2. David is in the Reading Club. (同义句改写)

David is ______ ______ ________ the Reading Club.

3. Sandy usually goes to school on foot every day.( 同义句改写)

Sandy usually ______ ______ _______every day.

4. He’s in the Huanghe Football Team.(同义句改写)

He ______ ______ the Huanghe Football Team.

5. There’ (同义句改写)

________ on the table?

6. This is my friend. (同义句改写)

This is a friend _______ ________.

7. These workers come from Beijing .(改为一般疑问句)

these workers ______ _______Beijing? (对划线部分提问)

_____ _______ Simon _______ football. (对划线部分提问)

_______ _______ cats like ________? (对划线提问)

______ _______ your friends?


Jim Green is a student in No.5 Middle school. He does a part-time (业余的) because he needs some from Monday to Friday and all on Saturday. He helps people look after their kids and he works with kids. He thinks it is great a bus to the supermarket. He there at about 4:30. He works 4:30 to 8:30. He home at 9:00. Jim likes his job very much. ( )1.A.work ( )2.A.money (


B. job B. help B. call B. date

C. assistant C. thanks C. school C. time C. dangerous C. smart C. gives C. gets C. to

D.I D. take D. hospital D. when D. boring D. funny D. have D. with D. with D. comes to

( )4. A. day

( )5. A. difficult B. different ( )6. A. fun ( )7. A. takes

B. boring B. gets

( )8. A. arrives in B. from ( )9. A. for ( )10. A. come

B. from B. gets

C. arrives at



Here are two pictures. A man and a boy are in one picture . Who are they?

Let me tell you .The man is Mr White , and the boy is Daniel .He’s the man’s son. Now they are in the boy’s bedroom. We can see some Chinese books in the desk. And on the bed is a shirt. It’s Daniel’s .His trousers are on the bed, under his shirt, too.


Now let’s look at the other picture .You can see a woman and a girl in it. The woman is Daniel’s mother and the girl is her daughter, Ann . In Ann’s room ,you can see a photo of the Whites on the white wall .Between the windows is a desk. A clock is on the desk .It is eleven .What’s that on the floor? Oh, it’s Ann’s hat. It is fun to look at these pictures.

( ) 1.In the two pictures we can see__________.

A. two people B. three people C. four people D. five people

( ) 2. Mr White is ________.

A. Ann’s brother B. Ann’s father C. Daniel’s friend D. Daniel’s teacher

( ) 3.Daniel’s trousers are ________.

A. on the bed B. in the desk C. on the floor D. under the desk

( ) 4.What colour is the hat?

A. White B. Red C. Black D . Sorry, I don’t know.

( ) 5.In Ann’s bedroom we can see a_______.

A. cat B .ball C .shirt D. clock


One morning the students of Class Three, Grade One are having an English lesson. Mr. Zhang finds Li Lei doesn’t listen to him. He goes to Li Lei and has a look. Oh, Li Lei is drawing a boy. The teacher asks Li Lei to stand up. “Do you like drawing?” “Yes, Mr. Zhang,” answers Li Lei.“And I draw very well.”

“You can draw after class, I think,”says the are wrong ,Mr. Zhang. I can draw when I have an art class and I like it very much.”says Li Lei with a smile.“You are right,”says the teacher.“And you must draw one hundred boys before the class is over,”says the teacher angrily. After five minutes, Li Lei finishes drawing and puts up his hand.

The teacher looks at the picture and asks.“I ask you to draw one hundred boys. But you draw only two boys. One is standing at the door and the other one is standing in front of the 4

window. Where are the others?”

( A. a Chinese, lessons B. a math, drawing

C. an art, N football D. an English, drawing

( )7.The underlined sentence“You can’t draw anything in class.”in A. the boy can draw nothing B. the boy can’t draw in art class

C. the boy can’t draw in English class D. the boy likes drawing after class

( A. on the paper B. on his desk

C. on the blackboard D. on the wall

( )9.What do you think the teacher will do after class?

A. He will let the boy go home. B. He will ask the boy to his office.

C. He will praise(表扬)Li Lei. D. He will ask Li Lei to dinner.

( )10.From this story we know that Li Lei is a boy.

A. good B. clever C. bad D. short


an hour Simon isn’t . He n hard.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

7. 8. 9. 10. 11.



1. 我每天带我的狗去散步。

2. 他们是舞蹈俱乐部的成员。


4. Simon知道第二题的答案吗?

5. 我们经常在派对上玩得很开心。

6. 你需要多加练习讲这个英语故事。

7.Jim 是一个12岁的男孩。











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