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Section B 3a-Self Check

Retell the passage. Kate (tidy) Things books and tapes keys clock Where in the bookcase in my schoolbag on the desk

Gina (not tidy) Things books model plane Where on her bed; on the sofa

on the desk; under the

under the desk

I’m Kate, and my sister is Gina.

I’m tidy, but Gina is not. In our room,
my books and tapes are in the bookcase.

My keys are in my
schoolbag. I have a

clock. It’s on the desk.

Gina’s books are everywhere – on her

bed, on the sofa and under the chair.
The white model plane is hers. It’s

under the desk.
―Where are my keys? Where’s my

ruler? Where’s my schoolbag?‖ Gina
always asks.

Do you have these things?
Where are they?

a dictionary a schoolbag a radio books pens tapes CDs

yes yes yes/ no yes yes/no yes/no yes

on my desk on the sofa in my schoolbag on my bed in the bookcase in my pencil box under my tape player under the English books

a pencil box yes

Write about where the things are in your room. Use the word and if you can.

1. My dictionary and my radio are on the desk. _________________________________________ 2. My pencil box is in my schoolbag and my _________________________________________ _________________________________________ schoolbag is under the desk. _________________________________________ ____________________________________ _________________________________________ ______________________________________ ________________________________________

写作指导:1. 表达物体的位置的句子结构 为:“事物 + is / are + 介词短语”; 2. 如果两个事物都在同一个地方,可以用 and将这两个事物连在一起来表达,be动 词用are。 3. 也可以用and将两个“事物 + is/are + 介 词短语”的句子相连。

My tape recorder and tapes are in the ______________________________________ bookcase. ______________________________________ My clock is on the desk and my model ______________________________________ plane is on the table. ______________________________________ ______________________________________ My pens and erasers are in the schoolbag. ______________________________________ My keys are on the sofa and my baseball is _____________ under the sofa.

Self Check 1
Write the things in your room.

Furniture 家俱

desk, __________________________________ table chair sofa bed bookcase

Write the things in your room.

Stationery 文具
pen ruler eraser pencil box pencil, __________________________________ dictionary books schoolbag English book ________________________________________ ______________________ Chinese book notebook

Write the things in your room.

Other 其他
watch, ______________________________ keys cup hat computer
baseball computer game TV clock radio ______________________________________

______________________________________ tape tape recorder model plane orange

Self Check 2
Write the things in your classroom with

in, on and under.
The t

ape player is on the teacher’s desk. The tapes are in the bookcase. ____________________________________ The clock is on the wall. ____________________________________ The basketball is under the teacher’s desk. ____________________________________ ____________________________________ The books are on the students’ desk. The schoolbags are in the students’ desk. ____________________________________


The tape player is on the teacher’s desk. ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________

1. 看右图,用介词in, on, under写几句话描 述一下图画里的事物 的位置。 2. Review Section B.

一、写出下列词组。 in his schoolbag 1. 在他的书包里 _____________ under the desk 2. 在课桌下 ____________ on the chair 3. 在椅子上 __________ under the model plane 4. 在模型飞机下面 __________________ on the girls’ head 5. 在女孩子们的头上 _______________ in the teacher’s desk 6. 在老师的讲桌里 _________________ 7. 在我爷爷奶奶的房间里 in my grandparents’ room ______________________

二、给对话选择恰当的图片。 1. — Is the baseball under the chair?
D — Yes, it is.

2. — Where are the pencils?
C — They are in the pencil case.

3. — Where is the telephone?
A — It is on the table.

4. — Are the keys in your schoolbag?
B — I don’t know.

三、选择填空。 1. — Is your photo in the drawer? — _____. A. Yes, I am B. No, I’m not C. No, it isn’t.

2. — ___ are your cousins?

— ___ are on the sofa.
A. Where; He

B. Where; They
C. How; She

3. — ____ under the tree? — No, they aren’t. A. Where are B. Is it C. Are they

4. — _____ is the baseball? — ____ under the bed. A. Where; It’s B. How; It’s C. What; They’re

5. My quilt is ____ the bed and my shoes (鞋子) are ______ the bed. A. in, on B. on, under C. under, in


1. -- Where _____ the cats? are -- They are ___ ___ ____. in the box 2. -- Where _____ the computer? is -- It’s ___ _____ _____. on the desk 3. -- Where is the family photo? It’s on -- ___ ___ wall. 4. -- Where are the students? They’re in -- _______ ___ the classroom. 5. -- Where are the books? -- They are _____ ___ _____. under the chair

五、读对话,填上正确的单词。 A: Where ___ my English book? is B: I _____ know. Is it ___ your schoolbag? don’t in A: No, it _____. isn’t B: Is it ___ your desk? on A: ____, it isn’t. No B: Is ___ on the teacher’s desk? it A: No, it _____. isn’t B: Oh, look! It’s ____ the teacher’s chair. ___ on A: I see it, too. Thanks.

六、选择正确选项补全对话。 A. Are they under your book?

B. They are on the sofa.
C. where are my keys?

D. Thanks.
E. Sorry, I don’t know.

A: Mum, ______ (1) C
E B: Your keys? _______ (2) Are they in

your pencil-box?


: No, they aren’t.
A B: ________ (3)

A: No. I can’t see them there.
B: Look! ________ (4) B
D A: Oh, yes, so they are here. _______ (5)

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

.( )1. _________ your hat? A. Where B. Where're C. Where's D. Where are ( ) 2. Is his pencil box ____________ the desk? A. in B. at C. of D. to ( ) 3. —________under the desk? -No, they aren’t. A. Where are B. What’s C. Are those rulers D. Is that rule ( ) 4. The CDs ____________ in the bookcase. A. am B. is C. are D. be ( ) 5. —Are the shoes under your bed? —____________. A. Yes, it is B. Yes, they are C. No, it isn't D. Yes, they’re ( )6.________ under the tree? No,they aren’t. A.Where are B.What is C.Are they D.Is it ( ) 7.-Where is your father? -__________. A. They are in the bedroom B. It is in the bedroom C. I don’t know ( ) 8. Is your photo in the drawer? ________. A.Yes, I am B.No,it is C.Yes,it is D.No,I’m not ( ) 9. Look. This is ________ clock. It’s _______ alarm clock. A. a; an B. an; an C. an; a D. a; a ( )10. __________ my hats. They are new. A. Here are B. Here is C. This is D. That

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