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班级 姓名 分数



1. A. bicycle B. bus C. cat

2. A .Hen B .hens C. pigs

3. A .Go shopping B .go swimming C. go camping

4. A. I bought nothing for my father. B .My father bought nothing for me.

C. My father bought something for me.

5. A .We rode a bike to school. B .We went to school on foot yesterday.

C. They drove cars to school yesterday.


三.听对话,从题中所给的A,B,C三个选项中选出正确的答案。(10分) 11 .Where did the man go on vacation?

A .The New York City. B. Malaysia. C. Beijing.

12 . How did the man feel about his trip?

A .Exciting. B. Really bad. C. Wonderful.

13 .What did the woman buy for her father?

A .A hat. B. A watch. C. A hat and a watch.

14. How is the food in Sichuan?

A .Salty. B .Sweet. C . spicy.

15. Where did the woman go on vacation?

A .Beijing. B . Nanjing. C. Tianjin.

16. How often does Mary play sports?

A. Every day. B. Never. C. Four times a day.


17. What happened to the boy?

A. He is not happy. B. He is not in good health. C. He isn’t free.

18. What advice did the doctor give him?

A. Don’t drink coffee. B. Exercise more. C. Do some housework. 听下面一段对话,回答第19—20小题。

19. When are they going?

A. This Saturday. B. Next Saturday. C. This Sunday.

20. How’s the weather in the mountains?

A. Warm. B. Cold. C. Cool.


21. A. Liu Ying. B. Li Mei. C. Lily.

22. Lily likes .

A. Chinese people only. B. Chinese people and Chinese food. C. Chinese food only.

23. Lily thinks A. Chinese people. B. Chinese students. C. American people.

24. A. Chinese students. B. Li Mei. C. Liu Ying.

25. Lily knows a lot about A. American B. middle school C. China.


一、 选择填空(每题1分,共15分)

( ) 1._______ do you go shopping? —Once a week.

A. How long B. How many C. How often D. How soon

( ) 2.________did you go on vacation?

A. Where B. What C. Who

( ) 3. That book is not so ______ as this one.

A. interesting B. more interesting

C. most interesting D. the most interesting

( ) 4. Is her lifestyle the same_________ yours?

A. for B. as C. to D. from

( ) 5. Do you want ________the music club?

A. join B. joining C. to join

( ) 6. I found a little cat ________with a ball in the garden.

A. plays B. played C. playing

( ) 7. What did they decide ________then?

A. do B. to do C. doing

( ) 8. We had great fun ________in the water.

A. play B. played C. playing

( ) 9. My teacher made me ________at school because I didn’t finish my homework yesterday.

A. stay B. staying C. to stay D. stayed

( )10. I didn’t have ________money for a taxi, ________I have to walk home.

A. many, because B. any, so C. some, so

( ) 11. You look very tired. ______ you should have a good rest.

A. Maybe B. May C. May be D. Might

( )12. She was half an hour later for class this morning, because there was _______ with her bike.

A. something wrong B. wrong something

C. anything wrong D. wrong anything

( ) 13. —Do you often exercise, Jack?

—No , don’t like sports at all.

A. often B. usually C. never D. always

( ) 14. _______ he is ill, _______ he goes to school.

A. Although, but B. /, / C. /, although D. Although, /

( ) 15. Jim’s bag is _________ than Kate’s.

A. bigger B. big C. biggest D.the bigger

二、 完形填空(共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分)

Henry is very fat .He can’t ,every morning. the afternoon. Now he is thinner than before. Henry’s cousin, Susan, , a lot of exercise every week, .

( ) 16. A .thin B .to thin C .to be thin D .to be fat

( ) 17. A .many B .much C .few D .little

( ) 18. A .water B .fruit C .sugar D .vegetables

( ) 19. A .be B .make C .give D .bring

( ) 20. A. an exercise B. exercises C. some exercise D. some exercises

( ) 21. A. swims B. swim C. swimming D. to swim

( ) 22. A .as B. of C .to D. than

( ) 23. A .himself B .herself C. self D. themselves

( ) 24 .A .do B. did C. doing D. does

( ) 25. A. healthier B. health C. healthy D healthiest



The earth moves round the sun, and the moon moves round the earth. When our part of the earth turns to the moon, it is night.

The sun is much bigger than the moon. But sometimes the moon looks bigger than the sun, because it’s much nearer to the earth.

The sun is very bright. It gives a very strong light. The moon looks quite bright, too. But it doesn’t give any light at all.

The moon looks much bigger and brighter than the stars. But actually the stars are much bigger and brighter than the moon. They look smaller than the moon because they’re much farther away from us.

( ) 26. ____moves round ________.

A. The earth; the moon B. The moon; the earth

C. The moon; the stars D. The sun; the earth

( ) 27. Sometimes the moon looks bigger than the sun, because_________.

A. it is much bigger than the sun

B. it comes out only at night

C. it is much nearer to the earth than the sun

D. it doesn’t give a strong light

( ) 28. The sun_______________.

A. is very bright, and it gives a very strong light

B. isn’t bright, but it gives a very strong light

C. is very big, but it doesn’t give any light at all

D. is very round, but it can’t move round

( ) 29. The stars______________.

A. look much bigger than the moon

B. look much bigger than the sun

C. are a lot brighter than the moon, but they are not bigger than the moon

D. are much farther away from us than the moon.

( ) 30. Why does the moon look quite bright ?

A. It has a very strong light

B. It isn’t bright, but it gives a very strong light

C. It is very big,

D. It get the light from the sun


Peter’s uncle lives in the country. He is a man full of humor (幽默). One day, Peter went to see his uncle. His uncle drove his car to the station to meet him. On their way home, they saw

many people. His uncle waved (挥手) to every body. Peter was surprised) and said,“Uncle,you wave to everybody. Do you know all of them?”

“No,Peter,” answered his uncle. “When I wave to someone who knows me, he’ll feel happy. When I wave to someone and he doesn’t know me, he will feel surprised and then he will have something to think about,he will make his road seem shorter. So I can make everybody happy.”

( ) 30. Peter’s uncle lives________.

A. in the city B. at the station C. in a town D. in the country

( ) 31. Peter’s uncle is________.

A. a strange man B. a kind man C. a humor6us (幽默的) man D. a happy man

( ) 32. Peter and his uncle went home________.

A. by car B. on foot C. by hike D. by train

( ) 33. Peter’s uncle ________there.

A. doesn’t know anybody B. knows some of those people

C. knows everybody D. doesn’t know those people

( ) 34. Peter’s uncle wanted to________.

A. make everybody happy B. make everybody unhappy C. make someone happy D. make someone unhappy


Kim went to a beautiful beach on Monday with his friends . It was sunny and hot. So they had great fun playing in the water. In the afternoon, they went shopping. But the shops were crowded, they didn’t really enjoy it.

The next day, it was rainy, so they went to a museum. It was boring. Kim found a small boy crying in the corner. The boy was lost. He helped the boy find his father. Kim was very happy. But he had no money for a taxi. So he had to walked back to the hotel. That made him very tired. On Wednesday, the weather was very cool. So they played tennis. They played all morning. It was really fun.


( ) 11. On Monday, Kim had fun going shopping.

( ) 12. It was very hot on Wednesday.

( ) 13. They went to a museum on Tuesday.

( ) 14. Kim helped a boy find his father and went back to the hotel by taxi.

( ) 15. They played tennis on a cool day.


1. He goes to school by dike every morning. But this morning he ____ (go) by bus.

___(wash) his hands before supper..

3. I often help my mother __________ (make) dinner at home on weekends.

4. Now people have more money, but have ________ (little) time to spend with their families.

5. Here __________ (be) the results of the people’s favorite supermarket in the city.


1. 我们每周锻炼三到四次。

We exercise a week.


We the train.


My friend is me.


There are three hundred students on the playground.


I this morning.


A: Hello, Jenny! __1__

B: Pretty good. A: Where did you go? B: __2__ A: Great! What did you do there? B: __3__ A: Did you go shopping? B: Yes, I did. __4__ A: Were things cheap?

B: No, they were a little bit expensive. But we had fun going shoppig.

A: How about the food?

B: __5.__ I love French food.

1________ 2_________ 3_______ 4_______ 5________


健康的生活习惯对于成长中的我们是非常重要的。你认为健康的生活习惯应该是怎样的呢?请根据下面的提示信息,写一篇题为:“How to keep healthy? ”的短文。

提示信息:1、健康饮食; 2、早睡早起,不熬夜;



_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



1.Tom often goes to school on his father’s bicycle.

2.There are many hens on my uncle’s farm.

3.Did you go camping last weekend?

4.My father didn’t buy anything for me yesterday.

5.My friend and I went to school by bike yesterday.


6.W: what do you usually do on weekends?

M: I usually go to the beach.

Q: what does the man usually do on weekends?

7.W: Do you walk to school?

M: No, I don’t.

W: How do you go to school?

M:I go to school by bike.

Q: How does the man go to school?

8. M: Can you play tennis with me?

W: When?

M: Today.

W: Sorry, I can’t. I have to study for a test today.

Q: What does the man want to do today?

9. M: Where did you go on vacation?

W: I went to the mountains.

Q: Where did the woman go on vacation?

10. M: Did you have a good time in the Great Wall?

W: Yes, it’s really fantastic. Q: Where did the woman go?


11. W: where did you go on vacation?

M: I went to the New York City.

12. W: how was your trip to Hainan?

M: Terrible. It rained everyday.

13. W: I bought a hat for my father for Father’s Day. What about you?

M: I bought a watch for my father.

14. M: How is the food in your hometown?

W: I’m from Sichuan. So the food is very spicy.

15. M: did you have a good time in Beijing?

W: No, I went to Nanjing. And I have a fun time.

16. M: Mary, how do you keep healthy?

W: Well, I play sports every day. It’s good for my health.


W: What happened to you, Tony?

M: I am not in good health.

W: Oh, what did your doctor say?

M: he told me to exercise every week.


W: It’s so hot these days. Let’s go to the mountains.

M: Good idea. I hear it’s very cool in the mountains.

W: Yes. But I have some work to do today.

M: Take it easy. We can go there this Saturday.


Lily is an American girl. She is living in China. Liu Ying and Li Mei are her good friends. Lily is studying in a middle school. She is having fun learning and speaking Chinese. She knows a lot about China. She says that she likes Chinese people and Chinese food. She thinks Chinese people are friendly. Her classmates often help her with her studies. She often tells them the differences between American schools and Chinese schools. She says Chinese students work very hard. She must learn from them.



笔试部分:CAABC CBCAB AACDA CDCBB BDBDB BCADD DCABA FFTFT went to wash (to)make less are three or four times waited for not as outgoing as more than did something special EBCFA


How to keep healthy ?

It’s very important to keep healthy .But how to keep healthy ?

As students ,we must have a healthy eating habit .We should eat more fruit and vegetables .And we shouldn’t eat junk food .Then we need to do more exercise .Exercising is good for our health .If you don’t like sports you can walk for half an hour after meals .At last ,I think going to bed and getting up early are also very important .

In a world ,I think good habits are helpful .

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