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一、 现在进行时

1、 概念:表示现在正在做某事。

2、 动词的形式:肯定句:be (am, is, are )+动词ing 否定句:be (am, is, are )not+动词ing 一般疑问句:把be词提前 3、 动词原型变ing形式的规律:

1)look! The boys ____________ (ride) bicycles 2) Mary _________ (take) photos of her family now. 3 )It’s 12 o’clock. They ______ (have ) lunch at home.

4) Where’s your sister? She _________ _ (do) her homework. 5) Listen! Who _______ ___ (sing) in the next room? 6)Don’t go out! It ____________ (rain) outside.(外面) 7) They are having a good time.(改为一般疑问句) _______ they ________a good time? 8) We are waiting for the bus.(改为否定句) We ______ _________for the bus.

就画线部分提问) _______ ________they ______________________? 10) It’s half past six now. I ______________ (wash )my face.

11) Mother is _____________ (feed)birds. 12 ) My mother is ________(shop). 三、一般将来时

1、意义:表示打算做某事,计划做某事或有意做某事;表示将要发生某事 2、动词的形式:肯定:be(am, is, are)going to +动词原形

否定:be(am, is, are) not going to +动词原形 或: 肯定:will+动词原形

否定:will not(won’t)+ 动词原形 一般疑问形式:把will be提前 1)He is going to visit his old friends next week.

_______ he _______ _______visit his old friends next week? (改为一般疑问句) 2) We are going to do our homework.(改为否定句)。 We _____- ________ ________do our homework. 3) I’m going to play basketball with some friends.

______ _________ you _______ _______ ________with some friends. 4) Will there be a computer in the future? No, there _____. 5) We’ll send our homework to our teachers by email. (同义句)

6) Will everyone study at home? (否定问答) No , __________- _______________. 7) Everyone is studying at home.(改为一般将来时) Everyone _______ _______at home in the future.

8) Lucy sill write a letter this afternoon.(改为一般疑问句)。 _______ Lucy ______ a letter this afternoon?

画线部分提问) _________ ____________ we meat? 10)They’ll have long holidays and lots of free time (改为否定句) They ________ have long holidays ________ lots of free time.

11) He will be back ________ a few minutes. A with B for C on D in 四、一般过去时

1、动词的形式:规则动词用ed的形式 2、动词变过去式的规律:


5)am, is, are ____________________ can__________________

will______________ go______________

3、否定句动词的形式:1)句中有be,情态动词,will, 在这些词后加not

2)句中是其它动词,如watched等在动词前加didn’t,再把动词变成原形 4、一般疑问句形式:1)句中有be, 情态动词,will的,把这些词提前

2)句中有其它动词如(watched).在句首+did,再把句中动词过去式变成原形。2) Did you watch TV yesterday evening ? 肯定回答) __________________________________________- 3) Li Ping cleaned the classroom after class.(改一般疑问句) _______ Li Ping ______the classroom after class? 4 ) She liked the food in the big bowl.(否定) She _______ ________the food in the big bowl. 5 ) I walked into the school library just now? ______ ______you ______ into just now?

6) I ____ (do) my homework at home yesterday afternoon. 7) How ______(be)Jane yesterday? 8) When _____(be) you born.

9)He did his homework last week. 改否定句 He _____ ______ his homework last night.

10) My father watches TV at seven every day.(用yesterday evening 改写) My father _______TV at seven _______ ________.

11) They _______ (buy) a house here one year ago. 12) I _______ (not read) this book two years ago. 五、一般现在时


2、动词变三单的规律1 )______________________2 ) _______________________

3 ) _______________________

3、动词形式1)肯定:be (am, is, are ) 动词用:原形或三单 2)否定:be (am, is, are )+not don’t

动词用: + 动词原形


1) The wolf comes from Europe. (变一般疑问句) ________ the wolf ________ from Europe? 2) Does the tiger like to swim? (作否定回答)。 No, ________, ____________.

3) My teacher _________ (play) the piano well. 4) Tony _______ (help) sister with Chinese.. 5) I have many books (改否定句)。 I ______ ________ many books.

6) She lives in a small town near New York. (变一般疑问句) _______ she ________ in a small town near New York. 7) Gao’s sister likes playing table tennis. (改否定句) Gao’s sister ______ _______ _______ table tennis. 8) Mike sometimes ________ (go) to the park with his sister. 9) ______ your brother _________(know) Japanese?

10) My father always ________ (come) back from work very late.

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