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学题 答 得 不

名内姓 线 封 级密班 校密



( 分数:100分 时间:120分钟 )

第一部分 英语知识运用(共三节,满分35分)

第一节 词语释义(共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分)

( )1.—where do you often exercise? -- I often exercise in the park. It’s

A.far away from B.near C.behind D.in front of ( )2. —How about your English speech contest yesterday?

— A.I felt very happy B. I felt very nervous C. I felt very easy D. I felt very cold

( ’t eat too much rich food for dinner.

A.give B.keep C.make D.feel ( )4.—You haven’t played tennis for days,have you ? — these days.

A.am sick B.am busy C.am unhappy D.am nervous. ( A.help me B.give me some money C.go with me D.look after me

( )6.Susan didn’ A.making her parents disappointed B.letting her parents happy C.letting her parents excited D.make her parents nervous ( )7.—The car is wonderful, do you like it ?

and I haven’t enough money with

me .

A.it’s too expensive B.it’s very cheap C.it doesn’t fit me. D.it’s too big for me ( A.have B.hold C.make D.do

( 一、at once B.at last C.at first D.by the end ( A.some times B.sometimes C.sometime D.some time 第二节 单项填空 (共25小题,每小题1分,满分25分) ( honest boy.he never tell lies. A.a B.an C.the D./

( )12.They aren’t serious enough their study.

A. in B. about C. with D.at

( ----Twice a week.

A.How soon B.How long C.How far D.How often

( )14.—I will have an English test tomorrow. (1) Good luck B. congratulations

C.Have a g ood time D.It’s up to you

( soldiers went to Sichuan to help the people there.

A.thousands of B. thousand of C. two thousands D. thousands ( )16.—How nice your schoolbag is. ---- 第一节 Thank you very much B. I don’t think so C.No,it isn’t beautiful D. please don’t say so. ( )17. –’s newspaper? A.something new B.new something C. new anything D.anything new

( swim every day is enough to keep you healthy and slim.

A .30-minutes B. 30 minute C. 30 minutes D. 30-minute

( )19.—It’s secret between us .don’t tell anybody.


A.I do B. I don’t C.I will D. I won’t

( )20. –What about _____hiking this afternoon? --Great.I’you.

A. to go,going B. going,going C. to go,to go D. going ,to go ( )21—Mary could swim when she was six years old.. A. .So could I B.So did I C. So I could D So was I

( )22. ----who’s the little baby in the photo,susan? ---It’s me ,this photo ten years ago. A. was taken B.is taken C.took D. takes

( is talking to your teacher? - --She is my new classmate Sarah.

A.who B. whom C.which D.whose

( his surprise,she finished the work by herself. A.At B.To C.In D.On

( A. so B.because C.because of D.or ( A.was,would B.was,could C. were,would D. were,could ( )27. The old man has no children. He is _______, so he feels ______.

A. alone, alone. B. lonely, lonely C. alone, lonely D. lonely, alone ( )28 ---What a nice MP4! ---Of course. I ______ 300 yuan on it. A. paid B. cost C. spent D. took

( )29. Don’t worry. Our teacher will come to show us ______the computer. A. how can we use B. what to use C. how to use D. what can we use ( )30.---_____day it is!

---Let’s go out and enjoy the sunshine.

A. What a rainy B.How windy C. What a lovely D.How wet

( )31. -- ______ does your sister study for the English exam? --By asking her teacher for help.

A. What B. Where C. How D. Why

( late. A. getting up ,getting up B.getting up ,get up C.get up ,get up D. get up ,getting up

( )33—What about playing football this afternoon,Sam?

football.It’s too hot outside. A.stay;playing B.to stay;to play C.to stay;playing D.stay;play

( A.get B.to get C.got D.getting

( A.for,to understand B.of,to understand C.for,understanding D.of,understanding

第三节 完形填空 (共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分)

In China, more and more middle school students are

sleeping time than before .Most students sleep less than 8 hours every night they have too much homework to do. some homework is given by their teachers. And some by their .also , some students don’t know how to save time, they are not while they do their homework., so they make many mistakes, and it takes them a lot of time. some much time watching TV programs or playing computer games. late. some students have to get up early every morning on weekdays to get to school on time bus or bike. It can be a time from home to school.

School and parents should cut down some of the so that the

children can enjoy more than 8 hours of sleep every night for their health. As we all know ,children are our country’s for.

( ) 36. A.longer B. shorter C. few D. much ( ) 37. A. because B. but C. so D. after ( ) 38. A. friends B. schools C. brothers D. parents

( ) 39. A. interested B. careful C. happy D. knowledgeable ( ) 40. A. spend B.pay C. take D. cost ( ) 41. A. stay up B. give up C. turn up D. put up ( ) 42. A. on B. in C. by D. for ( ) 43. A. long B. short C. difficult D. happy ( ) 44. A. housework B. homework C. teamwork D. class ( ) 45. A.problem B. difficulty C. interest D. future 第三部分 阅读理解 (共15小题,每小题2分,满分25分)


If you are like me, your parents may also make you take part in after-class activities. And you always listen to them. But we are older now. We should start to do what we like. My parents used to make me go to activities like basketball, swimming, choir (唱诗班), Chinese and violin lessons. But I



学题 答 得 不

名内姓 线 封 级密班 校密

didn’t like some of these things.

This year, I stopped going to some activities. I stopped playing basketball and swimming because I don’t like them anymore. I stopped going to Chinese lessons. I can learn Chinese at home. I only take part in school band, after-school Spanish and violin lessons. My mother says I don’t do enough sports. ―I walk home 2 miles (3.2km) every day. It’s a sport.‖ I tell her. Walking is a sport. Don’t you think so?

根据短文内容,判断句子的正(T)误(F)。(共5小题,每小题1分, 满分5分)

( )46. The writer used to take part in many after-class activities. ( )57. He liked all of the activities.

( )48. This year, he stopped playing football.

( )49. This year, he still takes part in Chinese lessons. ( )50. Every day he walks back home.


Happiness is for everyone. You don’t need to worry about people who have beautiful houses with large gardens and swimming pools or those who have nice cars and a lot of money and so on. Why? Because those who have big houses may often feel lonely and those who have cars may want to walk on the country roads in their free time.

In fact, happiness is always around you if you put your heart into it. When you are in trouble at school, your friends will help you; when you are studying hard at your lessons, your parents are always taking good care of you; when you get success, your friends will say congratulations to you; when you do something wrong, people around you will help you to correct it. All your happiness is always around you.

Happiness is not the same as money. It is a feeling of your heart. When you are poor, you can also say you are very happy, because you have something else that can’t be bought with money. When you meet with difficulties, you can say loudly you are very happy, because you have more chances to challenge yourself. So you should not always say you are poor and you have bad luck. As the saying goes, life is like a revolving(旋转的) door. When it closes, it also opens. If you take every chance you get, you can be a happy and lucky person.

根据短文内容,选择最佳答案。(共5小题,每小题2分,满分10分) ( )51. Happiness is for ____________.

(1) those who have large and beautiful houses

(2) B. those who have cars

C. those who have a lot of money D. all people

( )52. When you do something wrong, _________.

A. people around you will help you to correct(改正)it B. you will have no chance to challenge yourself C. your classmates will laugh at you D. you will be happy

( )53. Which is TRUE according to the passage?

A. When you get success, your friends will say congratulations to you. B. You can’t get help from others when you make mistakes. C. You can’t be a happy person if you have little money. D. Happiness is not a feeling from your heart.

( )54. Why do we say ―Happiness is not the same as money‖?

A. Because money always brings happiness.

B. Because money doesn’t always bring people happiness. C. Because everything can be bought with money. D. Because only rich people have happiness.

( )55. What is the best title for the passage?

A. Happiness is for everyone. B. Lucky life.

C. Do something good to others. D. Life and success.


Everyone needs friends. There is an old saying ―Friends are God's way of taking care of us.‖ But how do you find real friendship and keep it?

The American writer Sally Seamans tells young students some smart ways to find friends. Sally says finding friendship is just like planting a tree. You plant the seed (种子) and take care of it to make it grow.

First, you should choose a friend. What good friends should you make? It’s not because a person has money or good looks. A good friend should be For example, if you have a bad day, a good friend should listen to your complains and do his or her best to help. To make a friend, you can not be too shy. You should make each other happy and share your lives. But things cannot always be happy. Even the best have fights. What should you do when you have a fight with your friend? You have to talk to him or her. When there is no one around, have an honest talk. If he or she doesn't want to talk, you could write a letter.

There are three steps to being friends again:

Tell him or her how you are feeling ; say what your friend has done wrong,


and explain why you did this or that. Remember that friendship is the most important thing in your life. 根据短文内容,选择最佳答案。(共5小题,每小题2分,满分10分) ( )56.The world ―patient‖ in the third paragraph means________. A.友好 B.大方 C.耐心 D.热情 ( )57.Sally wants to tell students the ways to ________.

A. find friends B. plant trees C. get happy D. keep fit 目前;现在),there are lots of activities for students to take part in.

, but we should improve ourselves from mistakes.

(出版;发表) last week. (展览,陈列) in this exhibition. (纸袋)

( )58.What good friends should you make?? A good friend should _____.

A. be lovely and cool B. be kind and patient C. have lots of money D. have good looks

( )59.Accroding to the text, you can ________ your friend after a fight. A. buy a present for B. never say a word to C. have dinner with D. write a letter to ( )60.What is the best title of the text? A. Teenagers and friendship B. The good friends around you

C. The trouble of growing up D. The care and keeping of friends 第四部分 写作 (共三节,满分30分)


满分10分) 61. Children should go to bed before nine every night, or they will be

_________ (sleep) in class.

62.—Is that necessary for everyone own an English dictionary? .(he) (read) aloud can improve our speaking skills . 65.Doing is saying .( good )

66. Some students don’t know the _________ (important) of learning English well.

67.My brother decides (not smoke )in the future. 68.Because he is _____________, no one in our class likes him.(honest) . 69. Most people speaks English as a _________ (two) language. 70. A good _________ (listen) will help you a lot when you study.

第二节 将下列汉语译成英语,注意用适当的形式.(共10小题,每小题10分,满分10分)

76.Sometimes you don’t make any progress(即 使)

(1) Emma often listens to English news to improve her (听


(2) —I am late because ...... --Don’t any excuse again.Come in. (编造)

79.Don’t放弃)!your dream will come true.

(钢琴曲)。 七、书面表达 (满分15分)

请以How to study English well. 为题写一篇80词左右的英语短文

要求:1、语言流畅、书写规范、卷面整洁; 2、内容切题、有条理、层次清楚;




学题 答 得 不

名内姓 线 封 级密班 校密


60 64 69 71.

二、 77. 78. 79.

书面表达 (共10分)




第一节 1—5 B B B B A 6—10 A A A B B

第二节 11—15 B B D A A 16—20 A D D D D

21—25 A A A B C 26—30 C C C C C

31—35 C D D D A

第三节 36—40 B A D BA 41—45 A C A B D

第二部分 阅读理解(前5题,每题1分,后10题,每题2分,共25分)

46—50 T F F F T 51—55 D A A B A

56—60 C A B D D


第一节 和第二节 (每小题1分,共20分)

61.sleepy 62.helpful 63.himself 64.reading 65.better

66. importance 67.not to smoke 68.dishonest 69.second


71. At present / So far 72. make mistakes 73.came out

74. on display/ on show 75.paper bags 76.even though /if

77.listening skills 78.make up 79.give up

80.piano music

第三节 书面表达(略) ( 共10分 )


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