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Unit 8 Is there a post office near here

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Unit 8 Is there a post office near here?(B)


1. Walk along this street, and then t________ right at the second crossing.

2. It’s sunny today. Let’s go out and e________ the sunshine.

3. Mom, I need some m________ to buy an English dictionary.

4. Mr. Green is really busy. He doesn’t have time to s________ with his family.

5. She likes living in the countryside (乡下)because the a________ there is so clean.

6. Is there a garden in your n_________?

7. We often get money from the b______.

8. The hospital is b______ our school and the bookshop.


1. I can swim___________(cross) the river.

2. My father enjoys ________(read) newspapers in the morning.

3. ________(get) there, you have to take the bus.

4. The hotel is not far from here. You can find it ________(easy).

5. Look! The cat is ________(climb) the tree.


1. road/ street/ way

1) There are many shops in the _____. 2)I ask the old man the ______ to the station.

3) The car is running along the ______.

2. say/ tell/ speak

1) I can _____ it in English. 2) _____ him to give me some chalk.

3) Don’t _____ in class. 4) He’s________ on the phone.

5) Please _______ us a story 6) That young child can’t _______ now.


( ) 1. The green shirt _____ the left looks very nice. A. to B. on C. in D. at

( ) 2. The school is ______ the post office. A. with B. next C. next to D. next at

( ) 3. I want to live _____ the neighborhood of Beijing. A. in B. of C. near D. on

( ) 4. Go ______ the street and then turn right ______ Bridge Street.

A. along; on B. on; at C. straight; on 

( ) 5. Can you draw a map ___Michael’s neighborhood in the box? A. from B. of C. at D. on

( ) 6. -What time do you arrive ___Shanghai? -At ten o’clock. A. at B. in C. from D. to

( ) 7. The girl next ______ Nancy is talking to her in English. A. at B. in C. to

( ) 8. I have a house ___________a small beautiful garden. A. on B. to C. with

( ) 9. ---Where is the supermarket? --- ______. A. Turn left and go along Center Street.

B. It’s on Center Street. C. It’s between the video arcade and the library. D. A、B and C.

( ) 10..They enjoy _____ in the city. A. live B. to live C . living D. lives


1. 为了到那儿,我在大桥街向右拐。________________________________________

2. 他经常坐公共汽车去上学。_____________________________________

3. 附近有超市吗?____________________________________________

4. 他们拥有一座带花园的大房子。They have ____________________________.

5. 图书馆离这儿不远,我可以陪你走过去__________________________________________.



8.沿着这条街走,然后向右拐。Go ___________ this street, then___________ .


10.你学校后面有条河吗? _______________________________________?



13.这条繁忙的街道上有很多商店。____________________________________________. 14.杰克长得像他爸爸。________________________________________________ 15.周末我喜欢和家人共度时光。___________________________________________- 16.蒂娜走在我的右边。_________________________________________


1. Look! The hotel is _____________ the bank.

2. There is a pay phone ________________ the school.

3. The ________________ is between the super-market and the hotel.

4. Walk along School Street, and you can find the hospital ________________.

5. There is a supermarket in front of the ________________.

1. A big supermarket is on the street. _______ ________ a big supermarket on the street.

2. The hotel is behind the park. The park is _____ ______ _______ the hotel.

3. Nancy is on the right of Paul. Paul’s left is Julie. Paul is _________ Nancy ______ Julie.


1. The supermarket is on the ______ of the street. (right)

2. They are doing their homework in the ________classroom. (noisy)

3. Next to the hotel is a ______ house with an interesting garden. (big)

4. Go _____ this street and you can find the shop. ( up)

5. My English book is very ______. (old)

6.Look at your hands! They aren’t_______. They’re very dirty(dirty).


to through beginning from is left with to enjoy

Welcome_____ the Garden District. Turn _______ on Fist Avenue and ______ the city’s quiet streets and small parks. Take a walk________ the park on Center Avenue. Across______ the park______ an old hotel. Next _________ the hotel is a small house _________ an interesting garden. This is the__________ of the garden tour.

1. 你不可以在这儿左拐。

You can’t ________ ________ here.

2. 我爷爷擅长下中国象棋。

My grandfather is _______ _______ _______ Chinese chess.

3. 杰克长得像他爸爸。

Jack ________ ________ his father.

4. 周末我喜欢和家人共度时光。

I like to ________ ________ with my family on weekends.

5. 蒂娜走在我的右边。

Tina walks ________ ________ ________.

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