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结构式:a.肯定句:主语+ am / is / are + 动词的过去分词 +(by+人

代宾格 )+ 其他

eg .English is studied (by us ) every day. b.否定句::主语+ am / is / are + not + 动词的过去分词

+(by+人代宾格 )+ 其他

eg. English is not studied (by us ) every day.

c.疑问句:Is English not studied (by us ) every day.?

d.特殊疑问句:What/Where/When+ am / is / are +主语+动词

的过去分词+ 其他?


1. He cleans the room every Sunday.

2. Farmers grow rice in the south .

3. People in England speak English

4. We play football on the playground every afternoon.

5. Do you often watch TV at home in the evening ?

6. She doesn’t finish her homework

7. They don’t read that book.

8. Where do they watch basketball match every week?

9. What does Tom study?

10. When do you listen to music?

二. 把被动语态变成主动语态。

1. keys are used for locking .(we)

2. Football is played .(the students)

3. Desks are made of wood .(workers)

4. Chinese isn’t had in the classroom.(the teacher)

5. Is this book read every day?

6. Where are bikes made (they)?

7. What is done ?(Lucy)

8. Are the pens made in the factory?(you )

9. English isn’t spoken by people in China.

10. We are given some money (they).

8. When did they read this book?



a.肯定句:主语+ was /were+ 动词的过去分词 +(by+人代宾格 )+


eg .English was studied (by us ) every day.

b.否定句:主语+ was /were+ not + 动词的过去分词 +(by+人代宾格 )+ 其他

eg. English was not studied (by us ) every day. c.疑问句:Was English not studied (by us ) every day.?

d.特殊疑问句:What/Where/When+was /were +主语+动词的过去分

词+ 其他?

一. 把主动语态变成被动语态

1. We built this library last year.

2. I watched TV yesterday evning.

3. He passed me a book .

4. She heard me sing in the next room .

5. They didn’t finish his homework yesterday

6. Did you play football on the playground yesterday?

7. Where did you fly a kite ?

9. What did you use it for ?

10. He asked me not to go there.

二. 被动语态变成主动语态。

1.The baby was looked after by his mother .

2.Was he given any bananas?( I )

3.Where were these bikes made by workers ?

4.Basketball wasn’t played on the playground .( the students )

5.Iwas heard to sing in the next room .(Tom)

6.That tall building was built three years ago.(workers)

7.Were your homework finished yesterday ?

8.Planes weren’t made in the factory.(加主语)

9.When were those machines produced?(we)

10.The teachers weren’t listened to by the students .

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