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M11 Unit 1 学案

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Module 11 Body Language

Unit 1 They touch noses!

一.听Activity 2录音,完成选择题

1. Maybe ________ people are kissing.

A. German B. British C. French

2. Russian people are ___________.

A. smiling B. shaking hands C. bowing

3. What are Japanese people doing?

A. They are smiling.

B. They are smiling at each other and bowing.

C. They are shaking hands.

二. 听录音,根据对话内容判断对错

1. Russian usually kiss the visitors three times, right, left, right.()

2. Chinese often shake hands and smile when they meet visitors.()

3. Chinese never kiss.()

4. Americans shake hands, and some kiss or hug each other.()

5. People put their hands together and nod their heads in Germany.()

6. Maori people touch faces when they meet.()


例句: -------What do people do in China when they meet visitors? -------They shake hands and smile.

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