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外研版 英语 七下 M11教案

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课题:Module 11 Body Language

Unit 1 They touch noses!




2. 找出俄罗斯、中国、美国、印度及毛利人的见面礼仪,并能够相互讲述出来。

3. 学会使用句式如:

That’s because…

People do different things in different countries.

We never kiss.




Lead in:

What greetings (问候方式) can you think of when you meet people? Shake hands, bow, smile, salute, nod, etc


1. Is there any other way of greetings (其他问候方式) around the world? What is it?

2. What ways of greetings do people in Russia, China, the US, India and Maori have?

Keep the two questions in mind. I’d like you to answer them later. Pre-listening:

Activity 2


Step one: get to read the conversation fluently (流利地).

1. Give the students 2 minutes to read the conversation by themselves. Find out the words or phrases you can not read and mark them.

2. Listen to the tape once and solve your problems

3. Read again and still find out the expressions that you do not know how to read and keep them in mind.

4. Read after the tape. Try to memorize the pronunciation of the whole conversation.

5. Read together.

Step two: get familiar with the conv. as possible as you can.

1. Complete the table

2. answer the first question: Is there any other way of greetings (其他问候方式) around the world? What is it?

3. Answer the second question based on a table

A speaking contest based on the table

(问)----- What do people in Russia do when they meet visitors? (答)----- They usually kiss three times, left, right, left.


In this unit, we learnt what people in Russia, China, India, the US do when they meet visitors. They have different greetings. Why ? Please find one sentence from the text to answer it.

“That’s because people do different things in different countries.”


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