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七年级英语上册2模块My family 练习

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My family 练习

1,我的家庭_____________________ 2,多大的家庭_________________________ 3,在左边 _____________________ 4,在右边_____________________ 5,一个紧挨着他的女人__________________6,一名宾馆经理_____________________ 7,在相同的医院_____________________ 8,在——前面_____________________ 9,与———不同_____________________ 10,例如_____________________

11,来自不同的国家_____________________ 12,公共汽车站_____________________ 13,一些女医生_____________________ 14,十二个孩子_____________________ 15,一名公交车司机_____________________ 16,一名办公室秘书_____________________ 17,一名农场工人_____________________ 18,说英语_____________________ 19,在黑板上写_____________________ 20,用汉语_____________________

1. 谢谢你的来信。 _______ you _______ your letter.

2. 我家有四口人。 _______ _______ four people in my family.

3. 汤姆没有一匹白色的马。 Tom _______ _______ a white horse.

4. 小力和他父母现在正在南京。Xiaoli is _______ Nanjing _______ his parents.

5. 你妈妈有妹妹吗? _______ your mother _______ any sisters?

Tony has a big f_____. There are five p_____ in his family. They are his g__________. They are his p_____ and he. His grandfather is a d_____. He works in a hospital. His grandmother is a n_____. But they are in d________ hospitals. Tony’s father is a p_____. He works in a police station. His mother is a m_____ of a theatre. Tony is a student in No.2 Middle School. H e often goes to school by bus. He loves his family very much. He has a h_____ family.


1, ______ an English teacher now.

2.They _______ glad to see each other .

3.Helen and Nancy ________ good friends.

4.The little dog _____ two years old this year.

5.Look, there ________ lots of grapes here.

6.There ________ a sign on the chair on Monday.

7.The sky______blue.

8. I________ a boy.

9. There ________(be) some water in the bottle.

10 I______ a boy. ______ you a boy? No, I _____ not.

11. The girl______ Jack's sister.

12. The dog _______ tall and fat.

13. The man with big eyes _______ a teacher.

14. ______ your brother in the classroom?

15. Where _____ your mother? She ______ at home.

16. How _______ your father?

17. Mike and Liu Tao ______ at school.

18. Whose dress ______ this?

19. Whose socks ______ they?

20. -- What ______these in English? -- They _____ apples.


1. This is a book. (改为复数形式)

_______ _______ books.

2. Those are teachers. (改为单数形式)

______ is ______ teacher.

3. My father is an officer worker. (对画线部分提问)

______ your father’s job?

4.I’m American. (对画线部分提问)

_____ are you _____?

5. This is my father and this is my mother. (改为同义句)

______ are my ______.

6.Shenzhen is a big city of China.(改为一般疑问) 。(划线部分提问)

is the capital of England?

8.Lingling’s English name is Lucy.( 变为否定句)。

9.It’s a small city。(改为复数句)

10.Is Zhang Peng from England?(做否定回答)

11.She is Linda。(同义句) is Linda.

12.Tom is ten years old。Mary is ten years old too。(合为一句话) Tom and Mary ten years old。

13.How old are you?(用she 来提问)

14.I’m a teacher at a school.(改为否定句)

15.He is a good student in our class。(改为疑问句)

16.Jim is an English boy。(改为否定句)

17Lily and Lucy are our friends。(改为否定句)

18.This is a photo of my dog.(改为复数句 of my dog.

19.Is this your family?(做肯定回答)

20.He is Tony’s grandparent.(改为复数句)

21.Are these your cousins?(做否定回答) (划线部分提问)

23.Is this your son?(改为复数句)

24.Are those girls students?(做否定回答)

25.This nurse’s job is hard.(改复数


1. my name is tony smith and i speak english


2. i am betty rixon an my father is american


3. this is my father an he’s a manager


4. these are daming’s parents


5. my mother is an english teacher in beijing



1. These are my_______. (parent)

2. They are ______ ______(factory worker).

3. She ______(be)at the library.

4. Lily ________(不会)speak Chinese.

5. They are_______ ________( man teacher)

6.What’s (you) name?

(I) name is Linda.

8.He is my friend. Tom.

(she)name is Lin Ping.

10.It’s a cat. Mimi.

11.These are Mr Smith and Mrs Smith. (they) daughter is my classmate.

13.That’s (she)teacher.

(she) is.

15.Are (you) from America? No,I’m not.

16.I am an _________ , I’m from ________( England).

17. Daming and Lingling _______(be not) good friends.

18.You are twelve _______(year) old.

19.Wang Hui is in _______(class) One with Daming and Lingling.

20. The girl is from_______ and she is __________( China).


( )1. I have got a dog, _______ name is Zippy.

A. it B. their C. its

( )2. _________ you make cakes?

A. Are B. Do C. Have

( )3. ________ she got any dictionaries?

A. Does B. Has C. Have

( )4. There ______ some milk in the bottle?

A. are B. is C. aren’t

( )5. ________ there ant pens in the case?

A. Is B. Are C. Have

( )6. Your parents’ parents are your ________.

A. parents B. uncles C. grandparents

( )7. Have you got ______ or small eyes?

A. large B. small C. /

( )8. He can’t get into the room, he _____ a key.

A. hasn’t got B. doesn’t C. isn’t

( )9. ---_______? ------She’s my mother.

A. How is this B. Who’s this C. Where’s this

( )10. I have two pictures, one is big, ______ is small.

A. other B. the other C. others

( )11. Where are the trees? They are ______ the house.

A. in front of B. on C. under

( )12. Have you got _______ sisters?

A. some B. any C. a

( )13. Thank you ______ your email.

A. to B. at C. for

( )14. How are ______ parents/

A. you B. your C. we

( )15. ---___________ are the baby pants ________?

A. What, / B. Why, for C. What, for


1.Diana's ________ (parent)are in Beijing now.

2.Ann is my English friend, and she ________ (have)got a big family.

3.Please look after ________ (she).

4.They are ________ (they)parents.

5.There are three people in ________ (Tony)family.

6.________ (he)mum is a doctor.

7.________ (there be)some sheep on the hill(小山).


Mona Black is a good girl. Black is her family name and Mona is her given name. She is a student.

(A) 她十二岁了。She is in No. 3 Middle School (中学) now. (B) She is in Class One, Grade Seven. Her telephone number is 7850747. Bob is her brother. He is nine years old. They are my good friends.

1. 回答问题:

What is Mona’s brother’s given name and family name?


2. 将(A)处汉语句子翻译成英语:


3. 将(B)处画线句子翻译成汉语:


4. 回答问题:

Is Mona’s telephone number 7580747?


5. 选择正确答案:Mona is Bob’s _____.

A. brother B. friend C. sister D. classmate


1.My father’s mother is my g__________.

2. Tony has got m__________ good friends.

3. Mary’s u__________ is a teacher in Beijing.

4. Li Ming is my friend and I want to play games with h__________.

5. Lily’s mother’s sister is her a__________.

情景交际. 根据首字母提示,用正确的单词补全对话。

Polly: Hello, Holly. How old are you?

Holly: I’m (1) e_____. What about you?

Polly: I’m eleven, too. (2) W_____ class are you in?

Holly: I’m in Class One. (3) A_____ you in Class Two?

Polly: (4) N_____. I’m in Class Three.

Holly: Is your telephone number 4568238?

Polly: Yes, it is.

Holly: OK, I’ll call you. (5) B_____.

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