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江苏省姜堰市蒋垛中学八年级英语上册《8A Unit 3 A day out Period 8》教学案

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《8A Unit 3 A day out Period 8》


Words and expressions: fact; a fun place to visit; the most interesting place in the world; opinion; the music in the song and dane parade.

Sentences: The trip took two hours.

It is 467,000 square metres in area.

Three dimenional objectives:



1. To ensure the difference between a fact and an opinion;

2. To learn how to statement and express the opinions.



用括号内所给中文写出单词的适当形式, 每空一词 1.She is (苗条的)than her daughter.

2.Spain is not a large country. There’re __________ people there than in China.(少)

3.I followed some of his _________(建议) and got good marks in the exams. 4.It is said that a cow has four (胃).

5.Simon fell off the bike yesterday. However he didn’t want to tell anybody. He wanted to keep the secret to _____________(他).

6.He is always very____________(紧张)when talking to his teachers. 7.We ____(邀请) them to our Halloween party yesterday.

8.He cried_________(伤心)because his mother didn’t buy him any gifts.

9.The visitors all found it_________(激动)to travel around in Suzhou.

10.If you want to be much________(健康的), you’d take more exercise and eat less food.


1. Warming-up:

A: Go over something about the basketball match to introduce this period. According to Part A on page 50—51, identify which are facts and which are opinions about the match.


Facts: which team won? What’a the result? etc.

Opinions: strong players; did not do well; played very badly, but did their best.

2. Presentation:

A: Get the students to sum up “what is the fact?” and “what is the opinion?” and I’ll write their terms down on the board.

B: Ask the students to go through the first part on page 50, and tell the differences between a fact and an opinion in their own language—Chinese. Then ask them to find out which expresses ‘facts’ and which expresses ‘opinions’. In the end, I get two students to share the answers before the class:

Facts: a busy street; many animals; took two hours; etc.

Opinions: the best city; a fun place to visit; boring; etc.

3. Practice:

A: Ask the students to read the second part on page 52, and tell which are facts and which are opinions. Then share the answers with the whole class. At the same time, ask them to underline the expressions with facts to deepen influence on the facts. B: Present an article about our own school on the board. Ask the students to statement the facts and opinions. For example, there are many tall trees and flowers in our school. It is beauticful. Our school has many computer rooms and a big library. It is the best school in our city. Scan thepassage and tell which are facts and which are opinions.

C: Games: Group the studenst into four, and choose one student from each group to say something their teachers, family or classmates. The one who can present the most facts or opinions will win.

4: Presentation:

Present the key and useful expressions and sentences in this period on the board (Refer to to ‘Teaching contents’ above), and ask them to learn them by heart.


Class work design:

A: Choose an article for the class and tell which are facts and which opinions. B: Learn the key and useful expressions and sentences from ‘Integrated Skills’ and ‘Study Skills’ by heart. We’ll have a dictation of them next periond. 用所给动词的适当形式填空

连词成句 1. are, redwood, so, it, hug, more, children, take, that, big, than, 20, would, 2

to, one, trees, .

_________________________________________________________________2. would, when, to, be, a, he, social, up, worker, Tom, like, grows, ?


3. agreeing, get, thank, for, monkey, to, let, my, me, father, a, pet, .




1.Two buildings _____________(build) two years ago.

2.If you listen carefully, you can answer this question _____________(corret).

3.She’s busy ________________(type) the words into the computer.

4.Do you mind ___________(show) me how to use the new computer?

5.The dress is ________________(design) by Kitty’s father.

6.The fire ________________(put) out by the firemen at last.

7.Silk clothes _______________(wash) easily.

8. This dress is very popular this year. Do you know who the ______(design) is?

10. Many people use computers in their ____________(day) lives.

11. Thousands of ______(tour) come to the Great Wall every year.


( )1.------How many cakes can I have, Mum?

------None,dear. They _______for your father.

A prepare B prepared

C have prepared D were prepared

( )2.It is reported that the Underground Lincome No.3 ____in our city in2010.

A will build B has built

C. will be built D has been built

( )3.His new book has ___________.

A come out B come on C come along D come up

( )4.-------Computer is very useful.

----Yes,with the help of computers, news can _____every corner of the world.

A get B return C arrive D reach

( )5.Last night I ________the home page for my class when my friendcalled me.

A designed B has designed

C was designing D would design

( )6.The elderly people ______good care of by the nurses in this special


A takes B take C is taken D are taken

( )7.These kinds of CD—ROMS ________in that shop over there. They _______well.

A are sold, are sold B sell, sell

C sell, are sold D are sold, sell

( )8. The old man must _______politely.

A be spoken B be spoken to C speak D speak to

st( )9.Some of the plastic bags can't after June 1.

A use B be use C be used D are used

( )10.If you want to get more information,you can the internet.

A.search for B.find C.1ook for D.search

( )11.一Do you like chatting with your friends on the telephone or mobile 3

phone? 一 .I enjoy using QQ.

A.Neither B.Either C.Both D.None


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