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江苏省姜堰市蒋垛中学八年级英语上册《8A Unit 3 A day out Period 1》教学案

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《8A Unit 3 A day out Period 1》

学习目 标:

To introduce well-known foreign cities and popular places of interest To guess meaning from pictures

重点难 点

To activate existing knowledge of the world and identify names of places and countries



1.预习unit3 welcome to the unit 部分单词




1------ Is there-----to eat in your bowl?

-----No, there is ------left.

A something anything B anything something

C nothing something D anything nothing

2 I can’t understand the story ------there are many new words in it.

A because B because of C but D so

3 --------the stars, the sun is ------to the earth.

A In ,the nearest B of , the nearest

C In , the most nearer D of , the nearer

4 I hope you ----me some advice.

A to give B give C will give D giving

5------Must I finish my homework now?

-------NO, you --------.

A must not B don’t C needn’t D can’t


6------Please tell me what Simon looks like?


A He is sad. B He is right.

C He is tall. D He is a student.

7___________________do you go to the reading club?

_______Twice a week.

A How often B How long C How far D How soon

8 He _____-three hours ______the World Cup yesterday.

A Took , watch B takes , see

C spends, looking D spent ,




1.名胜 7.keep fit

2.很多不同的地方 8.enjoy oneself

3.美国总统 9.take a boat trip

4.下车 10.home page

5.全世界 11.at the beginning

6.由钢制成 12.a lot of traffic



A: Create a situation for students first. Go through the postcards, and then listen for the specific information:

1). Which city does he want to visit? 2). Why does Simon want to go there? B: Get some pairs of students to read it out first, then act it out before the class.

C: Production: Enocurage the students to make up a conversation on a trip plan. For less able students, they can imitate Part B on page 39, replacing the underlined parts with the information in Part A. Then have some pairs of students act it out. Class work design:


A: Ask the students to write down the names of the places of interest at home and abroad, and learn them by heart;

B: Make up a conversation on a trip plan on their own, and be ready to share it with the class next period.


1. Warming-up:

Get the students to share their travelling experiences with the class, by presenting famous places of interesting they’ve ever visited, and ask them to tell what they think of these places.

2. Presentation: A: To introduce the ‘Comic striop’ by the question ‘If you are free, what are you going to do?’ Listen for the specific information ‘What do you think Eddie is going to do?’

B: Go through the pictures and the conversation between Eddie and Hobo. Ask: Is Eddie really going to climb the hill? What is he going to do?

C: Read the conversation aloud after the recorder.

D: Act it out: Get some pair of students to read it out first, then act it out in roles before the class.

3. Introduction:

A: Present a map of the world and encourage the students to share the names of the foreign countries in English, such as the USA, the UK, England, Australia; France ect.

B: Prensent some postcards or pictures with the drawing of the White House in the Washington D.C. the USA, the Eiffel Tower and the River Seine in Paris, France, the Opera House and the famouse Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia. And help the students to learn something about the these famous places of interest by asking:

1). Do you know the name of this famous building? 2). Do you know where it is (located)?

C: Help the students to correctly pronounce the names of the countries and their famous buildings.

D: Part A on page 39. Match the postcards with the correct pictures. Ask: Who sent the first / second



1. It’s important for us ______________(exercise) and keep healthy.

2. Can you teach me how _____________(make) a home page?

3. I like climbing and I decide _____________(be) a climber when I grow up.

4. Would you like _____________(watch) the sunset with me?

5. They will choose ______________(take) a boat trip this time.

6. He found it is a good place ____________(go) horse riding in Inner Mongolia.

7. We still have many places _____________(travel) next year.

8. Let me ____________(tell) you some interesting things about my trip.

9. What about ___________(change) the fish tank twice a day?

10. You’d better not ___________(travel) to the USA.


11. Mr. Wu wants to __________(邀请) some other teachers to join in their trip to

the World Park next time.

12. You can’t have so much cold drink. It’s not good for your ___________(胃)

13. What is the ____________(主要的) body of your plan?

14. We are busy today because we have to _________(准备) for the school trip.

15. The __________(win) received the cups and medals at the end of the final.

16. All the children enjoyed ___________(they) in Laoshe Tea House.

17. Let’s sing and dance at the _____________(begin) of our parade.


Linda agreed ____________ (keep) the secret for Simon on South Hill. 单项选择:

( )1.Why didn’t you ____ our trip to Zhou Zhuang ?

A. join B. join to C. join in D. go on

( )2._______ , it was very difficult, but about an hour later it became easier.

A. In the end B. At the end

C. At the beginning D. In the beginning

( )3._______to ride a bike from your school to the park?

A. How long did you spend B. How far did it take

C. How long did it take you D. How far did you spend

( )4.He _____and his friends took her to hospital just now.

A. felt excited B. felt sick

C. became happy D. became interested

( )5.Tina’s house is a beautiful building ______a big garden.

… postcard? Which city did he go? What did he see? etc.

A. has B. have C. having D. with

( )6.When the man walked ______ the library, he found a cat at the corner.

A. pass B. past C. passed D. by

( )7.All the classmates _____ in that match.

A.enjoy themselves B.enjoy ourselves

C.enjoyed themselves D.enjoyed yourselves

( )8.It _____ much but fast go there by air.

A. takes B. costs C. has D. will be

( )9.I _____a good idea.

A. think it’s not B. am afraid it’s not

C. don’t think that D. am afraid it’s ( )10.Did the children have a great time______ the party?

A. prepare B. prepared C. preparing D. to prepare

( )11.They _____ a day out for Lucy at the moment.


A. planned B. plan C. are planning D. will

( )12.He put his photos on the Internet for us _______.

A. to have a look B. to read

C. to have a look at D. to look

( )13._____your support, we finished the job very quickly.

A. Under B. At C. With D. For

( )14.______ a lot of traffic on the road at first. A. There are B. There is C. There were D. There was ( )15.He is very clever. At age 6, she _____to play the piano.

A. learned herself B. learned her

C. taught herself D. taught her

( )16 Which do you like _______________, white ____red, Tom?

A more, and B better, or C best, or D better, and

( )17 The price of the book is the ______________of the three.

A smallest B biggest C highest D tallest



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