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江苏省姜堰市蒋垛中学九年级英语上册《9A Unit 1 Star signs》练习1

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《9A Unit 1 Star signs》练习1

选择填空 ( )1. This kind of milk costs so these days I buy some.

A. little, that B. cheap, so C. cheap, that D. high, that ( )2 When you feel to watch TV by then, your are all right.

A. good enough B. enough good

C. well enough D. enough well ( )3. Do you mind ?

A. I smoking B. me smoking

C. me smoking D. me to smoke

( )4. Don’t be , this is not a traffic.

A. surprise, surprising B. surprise, surprise

C. surprised, surprising D. surprising, surprised ( )5. You each a good sense of humour.

A. with B. has C. have D. are ( )6. The room is safe to .

A. live in B. living in C. live D. live with

( )9 “Do you mind if I sit here?” “ . It’s for Mr. Brown.

A. Not at all B. Never mind C. Better not D. Of course not

( )10. “Are these apples enough for you all?” “ .”

A. Much more B. Many more C. More many D. Too much

( )11. The person with the star sign Taurus is said to be _______and doesn’t like

to change.

A. clever B. stubborn C. selfish D. modest

( )12. It’s generous __ ___ them to donate money to UNICEF. They think it

important _____ them to help poor children go to school.

A. to; for B. for; of C. of; to D. of; for

( )13. I'd like to_______ David as the new chairperson of the students' Union .

A. recommend B. realizeC. Remind D. remember ( )14.There are in the reading room, but many of those books aren′t

to read.

A. enough books,enough easy B. enough books,easy enough

C. book enough,easy enough D. book enough,enough easy ( )15. “It’s too cold. Would you mind the window?”

“ . But don’t do it now.”

A. to close; Sure B. closing; Good idea

C. closing; Better not D. closing; Of course not

( )16. My mother has had the clothes ________.

A. is washed B. was washing C. to wash D. washed


( )17.He never ____learning English .

That was why he was successful at last.

A. gave in B. gave out C. gave up D.gave away

( )18. The underlined part in the sentence “I have many good books.” is

a/an________. A. attributive B. object C. predicate D. subject ( )7. She looks happy, but she isn’t a happy woman. A. attributive B. predicate

C. predicative D. adverbial

( )8. I don’t know when we will have sports meeting.

A.adverbial B. predicative C. object D. predicate

( )9. He isn’t ______to the middle school. A. young enough going B. enough old going

C. old enough to go D. enough old to go

( )10. He is happy because I have made_____ mistakes in the test this time than

last time.

A. much more B. more many

C. much fewer D. even less

( )11. Do you know______?

A. how to do it B. what to do it

C. why to do D. When to do

( )12. ____ is clever ____Tom to make Christmas cards.

A. That, of B. He, for C. This, for D. It, of ( )13. It’s important____the students____ more trees in spring every year

A. of, to plant B. for, to plant

C. of, planting D. for, planting ( )14. The boy often thinks of himself more than others. He is very____. A. clever B. selfish C. thoughtful D. helpful

( )15. He is afraid of_____front of the whole class.

A. speaking in B. speaking in the

C. to speak in D. to speak in the ( )16. He would not mind____the windows. ____you agree____me?

A .to close, do, to B. close, are, with

C, close, are, to D. closing, do, with

( )18. How much does the new bike____? I____300 yuan ____ it. A. cost, paid on B. spend, spent for

C, pay, spent on D. cost, paid for


In China, people talk about “Shuxiang”, which is very interesting. For example, 2006 is a “dog year”, and when a baby is born in this year, we say he or she is a little dog. Shuxiang usually brings people good luck. There are 12 animals


social, having rich feelings, friendly but complaining


hard, ordered, but keeping old

brave, confident, but careless

peaceful, having a good manner, a business head but cold emotion active, outgoing, popular but selfish

fascinating(迷人的), thoughtful, but doubtful

active, self-confident, wise but proud and angry

kind, helpful, elegant but sad

wide, clever, warm, unsatisfied but slick(圆滑的)

confident, helpful, happy, but dressy

realistic, loyal(忠诚的), practical

hard, honest, simple, lucky but careless ( ) 1. When a baby is born in 2008, we can say he or she is a little .

A. pig

B. rat C. tiger D. snake

( ) 2. Mr. Lu, our English teacher, was born in 1976, a dragon year. Can you choose

the right description of his characteristics?

A. He is a active, self-confident, resourceful but proud and angry

B. He is kind, helpful, artistic but sad

C. He is active, outgoing, popular but selfish

D. He is fascinating, thoughtful but dressy and doubtful


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