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新版 七年级上英语 Unit 1 My name's Gina 练习题

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七年级上英语 双休日(节假日作业)

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Unit 1 A 一.根据括号中的汉语写单词。

1.What’你的) name? 2.(她的) sister is Kate. 3.(他的) brother is Ben. 4.我的) name is Tommy. ( )10.—How are you today?—thank you.And you?

A.Nice B.Fine C.Good


1.A:your name? B:name is Jane.

A:you,Jane.B:,too. 2.A:What’ B:. 5.He is 我们的) friend.6.It’s (他们的) room。 二.根据句意将括号中的字母组成正确的单词并填空。

1.(qutiones) What’2.(teme) 3.(sweran) 4.(ckocl) 5.(mane) is Gina 三.单项选择。

( )l.This is my father.name is David Smith

A.He B.He’s C.His

( )2.This is my mother..

A.She B.Her’s C.Her

( )3.—you! —Nice to meet you,too.

A.see B.meet C.look at

( )4.What’name?My name’s Jenny

A.you B.you’s C.your

( )5.. A.My B.I’m C.I ( )6.—Hello,Jim!—Li Ping!

A.Excuse me B.Good morning C.Hello

( )7.Lily is a girl.

A.fine B.well C.nice

( )8.It’s very to meet you.

A.nice B.fine C.well

( )9.—What’s your ? —It’s 278-79.

A.name B.age C.telephone number

A:What’s his name? B:name is Tony.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.六.同义句改写。

1.I’m Jenny 2.He is Tony.

3.May I know your name? 4.What’s your family (家庭 5.Glad (高兴) to meet you. 冠词专项训练。

( )1.There is big blackboard in the classroom.

A.an B./ C.the D.a

( )2.—What would you like for breakfast?

— egg and a glass of milk

A.a;a B./;the C.a;the D./;an

( )3.—Where’s ,Jim?—It’s in your bag.

A.a B.an C.the

( )4.—Look, it’s piano. A.a;a B./;the C.a;the


Unit 1 B


1.four+three= 2.eight-three=3.eight-=four 4.five=eight 5.ten-eight= 6.five+two= 7.three+six= 8.nine-=seven 9.zero+six 10.four=five 二.用am,is,are填空

1.What ________ your name? 2.My name ________ Tom. 3.I ________ John Brown. 4.Her name ________ Lucy. 5.________ his name Peter? 6.________ you Kate?

7.My phone number ______ 2836579. 8.It ______ my English book. 9.His family name ______ White. 10.I _______ in Grade One. 三.单项选择。

(1)— name is Jenny. am ten.

A.I;My B.I;I C.My;I (2) He is Harry Potter. His _______ name is Harry. A. first B. one C. last D. family (3) --What color is it? --_________ is red.

A. It B. it C. This D. That (4) --I _____ Mark. --______ you Jim?

A. am , are B. am, Are C. is ,is D. is, Are (5) --My name is Linda Green. --My last name is _________

A. Linda B. Green C. Linda Green D. Green Linda (6) —What's this in English? —It's _______ ID card. A. a B. an C. the D. in (7) He is a boy. What's ______ name?

A. he B. his C. she D. her

(8) My car number is 98765. It reads (读)__________

A. nine eight six, seven five B. nine eight seven, six five C. eight nine seven six five D. nine-eight-seven, four-five

(9) —Good morning! —____________

A. Thank you B. Hello C. Good morning D. Fine (10) ______ name is Mark and ______ name is Gina.

A. My, he B. His, her C. his, Her D. Her, his 四.根据汉语完成英语。(每个2分,共10分)

1. Brown 是他的姓氏 Brown is ______ ___________ __________. 2. 他的电话号码是什么啊?________________ his phone number?

3. 我是Tony,见到你很高兴 I'm Tony. __________________________. 4. 她的钢笔是黑色的 _________ pen is black.

5. in What's English this? (连词成句)_____________________________ ? 五.按要求改写下列句子,每空一词(8分)

1. I’m Jenny. (改为同义句) ____ ___ is Jenny. (对划线部分提问)____ ___ she? ___ his telephone number?

your name? 六.阅读理解。

My name is Gina Kim I’m 13 years old.I like red.My father’s name is David Kim.He is 40 years old.He likes black.My mother’s name is Ann Kim.She is 38 years old She likes white and blue.My telephone number is 281-9176.Ben is the name of my dog.I love my family.I love my dog.

1.What’s Gina’s family name?

2.Can you spell Gina’s father’s first name?

3.How old is Gina’s mother?

4.What’s Gina’s phone number?

5.What’s Gina’s dog’s name?


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