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江苏省姜堰市蒋垛中学八年级英语上册《8A Unit 2 School life Period 7》教学案

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《8A Unit 2 School life Period 7》



重点难点: Write an article about your ideal school in about 80 words and in about 10




预习main task 部分,完成下面作业


B 根据句意和首字母提示写单词,完成下列各句。 1.True friends can share _______ with each other.

2.It was ________ of the rich man to give his money to the poor people.

3.I think skiing is not as ____________ as diving.

4.Students at Rocky Mountain High School do not wear ________ and do not have morning assembly.

5.In the ________lessons we can find many places of interest


Step1 Presentation

1. Say to Ss: We’ve learned a lot about students in diffreent countries. Now you

are going to listen to a conversation about another student, Laura. Please close your books and listen to the recording. Pay more attention to the intonation.. Introduce the task of this lesson.

2. Play the recording of PartA on p.34, then guide Ss to say out thr intonation

patterns. Ask Ss some questions. Did the voice rise or fall at the end of the sentence? Help Ss sum up the same point of some affirmative sentences: make the voice fall at the end of the sentence. Let Ss guess some sentences using rising voice what they express.

3. Ask Ss to open their books and play the recording again stopping after each

sentence. Ask Ss to repeat imitating the voice patterns.


4. Ask Ss to read the conversation in pairs and make sure Ss can use use correct

intonation while reading.

5. Do an activity in pairs. Read the conversation in pairs , correct each other

and improve together.

Step2 Practice

1. Play the recoding of PartB on p. 34, ask Ss to imitate carefully and pay

particular attention to the sentences using rising voice to show surprise.

2. Ask Ss to listen to the sentences again, put a rising arrow at the end of the

sentence if you think the speaker is surprised. Put a falling arrow if you think the he/she isn’t..

3. Divide the class in pairs and read these sentences to their partners, correct

each other and improve each other. While practising, the teacher walks around the class and correct Ss’wrong intination.

Use the questions and your answers to make dialogues

1. How many Grade 8 classes does our school have?

2.What time does your school day start?

3. Do you think this is too late or too early?

4. Why ?

5. Do you like to wear uniforms? Why?

6 Do you like to go on school trips? 7. How often do you go on school trips?

8. Where do you like to go?

9. Do you think your school is a good one? Why?

10. What subjects\ sports\ after-school activities do you like best? Subjects Sports After-school activities

□ Art □ Badminton □ Art Club

□ Chinese □ Baseball □ Chess Club

□ Computer Studies □ Basketball □ Cooking lessons


□ English □ Football □ Drama Club

□ Geography □ Softball □ Driving lessons

□ History □ Swimming □ Film Club

□ Home Economics □ Table tennis □ Reading Club

□ Maths □ Tennis □ Sewing Club

□ Science □ Volleyball □ Support Group


A..Listen to the tape then answer the question.

1. 1. Where can Daniel eat lunch?

2. Does Daniel do his homework at weekends?

B.After reading Daniel’s article, please fill in the blanks.

the length of his school day

the length of lunch time

his favourite subjects


how much homework every day

places of school trips

C.Daniel’s ideal school

D.Complete the passage

John’s ideal school


选择填空 ( )1 .I'm hungry. I'd like bread to eat.

A.any B.many C.a D.some ( )2. .These flowers are for . A.he and me B.you and her C.you and he D.you and I ( )3. .I can English, but I can't it in English.

A.speak, speak B.say, say C.say, speak D.speak, say ( )4. .Please pass me a pen .

A.to write on B.write with C.to write with D.writing ( ) 5.Lucy’s sports shoes are yours.

A. like B. alike C. the same D. different ( )6. Some people spend their lives _______about money.

A. to think B. think C. thinking D. on thinking

( )7.I was ________at the __________news.

A. surprised…surprised B. surprised…surprising

C. surprise…surprised D. surprise…surprise

( )8..—Could you pass me the salt, please? — .

A.Yes,I could. B.Here are you.

C.Here you are. D.Let me give you.

( )9.My friend, Andy lives on the third floor. I live on the fifth floor. I live two floors him.

A.below B.above C.over D.on


( )10..Sorry, my father isn't in. I'll ask him you back.

A.to call B.call C.calling D.calls

用所给动词的正确形式填空。 1. (take) a bus is much faster than walking, 2.Quiet! The students (have) an English class. 3.Could you tell me how (get) to the hospital? 4.My mother asks us (not watch) too much TV.

5.Usually,monkeys like______(eat) nuts.

6.May I _____(borrow) your bike?


1 The places of _______ in the World Park are very _________.

I’m very __________ (interest) in it.

2 Her bike and Sandy’s bike are not ________ (like).

3 There are at ________ (little) 50 students in my class.

4 Woodland School is a _______ (mix) school.

5 Driving a car to school is _______ (fast) than _______ (take) the bus.

6 Nancy’s brother had _____ lesson last year, and this year he ___ to school every

day. (drive)



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