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1、All the performers are in the ___________(演播室).

2、After twenty minutes’ _____________(讨论), the students agreed with the teacher.

3、Our sports meeting will be held in the _________(come) week.

4、It’s ________(危险) to play football in the street.

5、Tomorrow’s football match will be covered ____________(现场). I must watch it.

6、I got up late yesterday, but ____________(luck) I got to school in time.

7、The students are having a ____________(一周的) test.

8、The boy’s grandfather died in a ____________(nature) disaster.

9、The key is one of the ___________(导演) over there.

10、We found this TV _____________(节目) very enjoyable.

11、It is he who makes our story so ______________(完美).

12、This is a ____________(surprise)________________(结尾).

13、Animal ______________(爱好者) must do something to protect animals.

14、Some of the animals are______________(消失) very fast.

15.、It is said that the old man has been ______________(死) for two years.

16.、You will realize how much ____________ (危险) they are facing.

17、I have many friends, ____________(include) Jim.

18、 How much time does it take you _____________(完成) your homework.

19、After___________(看) the programme, he felt it boring.

20、The film ________(导演)by Zhang Yimou is very famous.


( )1. ---“Which colour do you prefer, red or pink?”

--- “_________ . I really don’t mind.”

A. Both B. None C. Either D. Neither

( )2. The dogs were made __________ as fast as they could.

A. run B. ran C. running D. to run

( )3.My friend, Tom, _______me __________ for an hour yesterday.

A. keep; wait B. keeping; waited C. kept; waiting D. keeps; to wait

( )4.None of us knew what had happened __________we watched the news.

A. when B. until C. after D. if

( )5. He will come here _______5:00 _________6:00 this afternoon.

A. among; and B. between; and C. from; and D. among; or

( )6. There are many books in our school library, _____English, Chinese, math,

and history.

A. such as B. for example C. as D. liking

( )7. Changzhou lies ______the south of Jiangsu and ______the west of Wuxi.

A. in; in B. on; to C. in; on D. to; on

( )8. It’s very kind ________you to show me they way.

A. for B. of C. with D. from

( )9. They found _________very hard to work out the problem.

A. it B. its C. this D. that

( )10. There are many trees on____ side of the street, and____ of

the trees is still increasing.

A. both; the number B. either; the number

C. both; a number D. either; a number

( )11. ---“The Young Pioneers often help the old man do some cleaning.”


A. So they do B. So do they C. So we do D. We either

( )12. ---“Would you mind my opening the window?” ---“_________.”

A. Of course, open it B. Certainly, do please

C. No, don’t do it D. Not at all

( )13. “Where is Mr. Jiang?” “He_________ London.”

A. has been to B. has been C. has gone D. has gone to

( )14. “Is Jim at home by himself?”

“No, There is another boy___________ with him.”

A. playing B. play C. plays D. to play

( )15. Zhongshan Road is __________ road in our city.

A. the two widest B. a second widest

C. the second wider D. the second widest

( )16. I really don’t know what to_________ about such a thing.

A. say B. speak C. talk D. tell

( )17. The computer needs________. I think I need ________ to ask

Mr. Zhang for help.

A. fixing; going B. fixing; to go C. to fix; going D. to fix; to go

( )18. She was so angry at________ he was doing________ she walked out

without a word.

A. what; that B. that; what C. that; that D. what; what ( )19.Is Turkey Asian or European(欧洲) country ?

A. an; a B. an; an C. a :a D. a; a

( )20. have voted on the line for their favourite songs ,singers and so on .

A. Two thousand fans B. Two thousands fans

C. Two thousand of fans D. Two thousands fans


1. 虽然那些演员都是新人,但他们演的很好。


2. 这本书充满了神秘感,你会很感兴趣的。


3. 直到我看了这个节目才知道老虎处于危险之中。


4. 睡觉前你必须把作业都做完。


5. 他发现体育世界有点无聊。


6. 这里有一周体育新闻概要,并有许多最新消息。

Here’s _______________of what is happening in sport, _______________.

7. 印度是现在地球上仍有老虎生活的少数国家之一。

India is one of ______________________________where tigers still live.

8. 英雄是大导演张艺谋导演的一部影片。

Hero is a film______________________, a ______________.

9. 这部纪录片阐述了这些老虎被人杀死取它们的毛皮和骨头。

This _________________that these tigers are _______________________.

10. 我喜欢看连续剧,但我没有时间每晚在电视前一坐数小时。

I enjoy ________________, but I don’t _____________________every night.

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