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一、选择填空。(每小题1分,共20分) ( ) 1. When do you the movies?

A. watch B. look C. go to D. look at ( ---About two weeks. A. How often B. How long C. How many D. How soon ( ) 3. I have the healthy habit, m not very healthy. A. Although, but B. Although, / C. Although, so D. But, / ( math, I am the best in my class.

A. in B. to C. for D. on ( that in China.

A. different B. different to C. different from ( ) 6.---How are you? .

A. feel well B. feel good C. feeling well ( ) 7. It’.

A. stay health B. stay healthy D. have healthy ( noise in the street, and it’s noisy. A. too much, much too B. too much, too many

C. too many , much too D.much too, too much

( ) 9. I’m stressed out. You should .

A. drink some water B. listen to music

C. go to have dinner D. talk

( )10. I can’t find the key to my car. It in your handbag. A. maybe B. may C. are maybe D. may be ( )11. Can you tell me when you home?

C. get back D. get to ( your car?

B. cleaning C. on cleaning D. to clean tomorrow?

B. go camp C. going camp D. going camping )14. The tourists in the hotel will have a meeting next week. A. on B. in C. / D. at ( ?

A. something different B. anything different

C. everything different D. different something

( very tired. A. we B. our C. us D. ours ( )17. The twins often go to school .

A. by foot B. on foot C. by feet D. on feet ( does it take? ---It usually takes about ten minutes. A. When B. How soon C. How long D. How much

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( )19. The number of the boys in that school about 3,000. A. am B. is C. are D. be ( )20. do you think of the transportation in your city. A. How B. What C. Why D. When 二、完型填空(10分)

I have a good friend. His name is John Brown. He is a school boy. His school is far from his home. Every day it him a lot of time to get there . The road not flat . so he can’t his bicycle to school . He often there by bus or on foot . That takes about an hour and twenty minutes by bus .He must up very something for breakfast on the way or on the bus . He doesn’t want to late for school , so sometimes he to school .

( ) 1. A. takes B. is taking C. to take D. take ( ) 2. A. has B. have C. is D. are ( ) 3. A. take B. takes C. ride D. rides ( ) 4. A. gets B. gets to C. is gettin ( ) 5. A. walking B. walks C. to walk ( ) 6. A. gets B. get C. getting ( ) 7. A. do B. does C. have D. has ( ) 8. A. eats B. eat C. does D. do ( ) 9. A. is B. am C. are D. be

( )10. A. goes B. walks C. runs D. wants

Kate and Peter like sports. In summer they swim and in winter they ski(滑雪). They are planning a ski trip for this weekend, but they don’t know about the weather. It’s 7:30 now, and they are listening to the weather report on the radio. The weather man is giving the weather for the weekend.

“Friday is going to be cold and cloudy, but it’s not going to rain. The temperature is going to be minus 4 degrees. It’s going to snow Friday night. Saturday and Sunday ”

( ( A. a class meeting B. a party C. a concert D. a ski trip ) 3. They want to know about .

A. the programme B. the food C. the weather D. the price ( ) 4. It on Saturday and Sunday.

A. will rain B. will be windy C. will be cloudy D. will be clear, cold and sunny

( A. the weather is going to be perfect for a ski trip. B. they are going to visit their friends. C. they are going to see their parents. D. they are going to have a good meal.


Fish and chips, and Chinese take-away food(熟食) are very popular in England.

early every morning .He no time for breakfast at home .He B. watching TV C. sports D. music



But they are less popular(不受欢迎) in the USA. In the USA, they eat take-away food,

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too, like fried(油炸的) chicken. But the most popular kind of take-away food is hamburger. It looks like bread with meat in it. Hamburgers are delicious. They are very popular in the world.

Chinese food has different tastes and is usually very delicious. It's also very popular in the world.

( )6.What's the favourite food in the USA?

A. Hamburger. B. Fish and chips. C. Fried chicken. D. Take-away food. ( )7.What does hamburger look like?

A. It looks like a mooncake. B. It looks like a sausages(香肠). C. It looks like bread with meat in it. D. It looks like a banana. ( )8.Which food has different tastes and is usually very delicious?

A. English food. B. American food. C. Chinese food. D. French food. ( )9.Are fish and chips and Chinese take-away food very popular in the USA? A. Yes, they are. B. No, they aren't. C. Yes, they were. D. weren't.

( )10.Who do you think likes hamburgers best?

A. The old people. B. Children. C. Most of the people.

you choose?” “Of course I’ll take the smaller one.” said Tom. “Yes,” Mike said, “If you take the smaller one, the bigger one will be mine. Don’t you think so?” “Oh.” Tom couldn’t answer.

根据短文内容, 判断下列各句正(T)误(F)。 ( ) 11. Tom and Mike were brothers. ( ) 12. They went out to sit in a restaurant.

( ( ( 1分,共10分)

I ask you(2) questions? ’s your(3) program? B: It’s Animal World.

A: (4) (5) do you watch it? B: Once a week.

2:选择恰当的选项填空,使对话完整。 A: Good morning, doctor.

B: Good morning. . A: I’m not feeling well, I have a headache. B: . A: About two days ago.

B: . Come here! Let me take your temperature. Oh, your temperature is OK. Did you sleep well last night? A: Oh, no.


One day they went out for a walk together. At noon they were very hungry and they went into a restaurant to have lunch. The waiter came up to them and asked, “What can I do for you?” “Please bring us two apples first.” said Tom. When the waiter put the two apples on the table, Mike took the bigger one at once. Tom got angry. “You are impolite (没礼貌). Why didn’t you take the smaller one?” Tom said.

“But I was right,” said Mike with a smile. “If I let you take first, which one will

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B: That’s the problem. Don’t worry. You’ve just got a cold. A: .

B: I am afraid you can’t. You should stay at home for a day or two to have a good rest. . A: Thank you . B: You are welcome.

(1) A. Drink more water, and you’ll feel better soon. (2) B. Can I go to school today?

(3) C. What are you doing for the weekend?

1 2 3 4 He has to stay at home and his mother. 5、英德以红茶而闻名。

Ying De black tea. 六、书面表达(30分)



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