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初 三 练 考 试 题

班级______________姓名____________ 得分_______________


( ) 1. — I can’t decide which film to watch? — __________ you read the film review?

A. Why don’t B What about C. Perhaps D Why not

( ) 3. The price of the book is ____________so I would rather not buy it.

A. low B. high C. cheap D. expensive

( ) 4. People remember Audrey __________ a great actress and a great humanitarian.

A. both B. for C. to D. as

( ) 5. ___________ the age of 12, Thomas Edison started writing his own newspaper.

A. On B. By C. At D. In

( ) 6. Mr.Green __________ be in the office. I saw him in the supermarket a moment ago.

A. mustn’t B shouldn’t C. can’t D. needn’t

( ) 7. He devoted all his lifetime ___________ children.

A. educate B. education C. to educating D. educating

( ) 8. Do you know what __________ before you __________?

A. has happened; came B. is happening; come

C. had happened; came D. happened; had come

( ) 9. How long ___________ you ____________the fine weather _______?

A. did; think; will last B. do; think; will last C. do; think; last D. are; thinking; will last

( ) 10. — Did you see him when you were in Shenyang?

— No, when I got to Shenyang, he __________ Hangzhou.

A. had been to B. has been to C. has gone to D. had gone to

( ) 11. — What did Jim think of the match?

— He said he ____ never _____such an exciting match before.

A. has; seen B. had; seen C. hasn’t; seen D. hadn’t; seen

( ) 12. Look at the sign! It says “ No smoking”! You _____________ smoke here. It’s dangerous.

A. shouldn’t B. ought not to C. don’t have to D. mustn’t

( ) 13. He made his final _____________ last winter and ____________ from then on.

A. appear; disappeared B. appearance; disappeared

C. disappearance; appeared D. appearance; appeared

( )14. We ________ about 1200 English words by the end of last term.

A. learn B. have learned C. had learned D. learned 1

( ) 15. ________I take the library book with me?

No, you mustn’t. You ___________ read it only here.

A. Must; can B. May; can C. Need; must D. Must; must

( ) 16. Could you tell me ____________?

A. what’s the matter with you B. what was the matter with you

C. what the matter with you is D. what the matter with you was

( ) 17. The documentary about nature ____________ for ten minutes when we got there.

A. began B. had begun C. has began D. had been on

( ) 18. Bob’s wife thought Bob____ the wallet, so she brought it over to him.

A. will need won’t need C. would need D. wouldn’t need

( ) 19. There is ___________ sheep eating grass at the foot of the hill.

A. little B. a few C a little D. few

( ) 20. What do you think __________ protect our environment?

A. should we do B we should do C. should we do to D. we should do to

( ) 21. We ___________ six units by the end of last week.

A. had learned B. learned C. have learned D. was learning

( ) 22. The scientists made ___________ possible to breathe under the water for a long time.

A. that B. that’s C. it D. it’s

( ) 23. She won an Oscar for Best Actress and ____________ Oscar nominations.

A. more four B. four more C. four others D. four another

( ) 24. __________ her acting years, she brought people many interesting characters.

A. Though B. Throughout C. Since D. Past

( ) 25. The World of Dinosaurs is an amazing film which bring dinosaurs ___________

on screen.

A. live B. lively C. alive D. living

( )26. ---Our holiday was ________. ---Yes, I’ve never had _________.

A. such great; the better one B. greatly; a good one

C. so great; a better one D. very good; the best one

( )27. Jim turned off the lights and then _______ the classroom.

A. was left B. had left C. has left D. left

( )28. I believe that those mountains ________ with trees in a few years.

A. are covered B. will be covered C. are covering D. will cover

( )29. When I got to his home, he _______ for three hours.

A. had left B. left C. had been away D. has been away

( )30. ---Did you catch the train yesterday?


--- No. It when I to the station.

A. left; got B. had left; got C. left; had got D. was left; was getting

( )31. The girl devoted all her time she had ___________ others.

A. to help B. helping C. helped D. to helping

( )32. My father is considering _________.

A. to give up smoking B. giving up to smoke

C. giving up smoking D. to give up to smoke

( )33. The film _________ is very funny.

A. it B. its C. it’s D. itself

( )34. When the teacher enter_____ the classroom, the students were talking noisily.

A. into B. in C.\ D. on

( )35. Ought you _________ hands before you have meals?

A. not wash B. wash C. washing D. to wash

( )36. We have ___a lot of wild animals, because of the ____ of their living areas.

A. lose; loss B. lost; lose C. lose; lost D. lost; loss

( )37. He told me that he ________the party for two years.

A. had been in B. has been in C. had joined D. has taken part in

( )38. He couldn’t buy the dictionary because he had ________ money with him.

A. a few B. few C. a little D. little

( )29.There’s____________“h”in the word“hour”.

A.a B.an C.the D./

( )30. She remembers Susan left _______ a very cold morning of January.

A. in B. on C. at D. from



1. The law came into _________ (作用)last month.

2. The knock on the door broke the ___________(寂静) of the night.

3. The students all stood up when the teacher _______ (进入)the classroom.

4. Mr Green put a lot of ______(努力)into arranging the concert.

5. The world ______(哀悼)the loss of a great humanitarian.

6. China is trying her best to develop its agriculture and ________(工业).

7. He worked very hard, and _______(赚到) a lot of money.

8. Gong Li is a famous Chinese _______ (演员).


9. The old man died of ________ (癌症).

10. Girls mostly like ________ (浪漫的) films.


11. How ___________ ( luck ) you are to get such a good job!

12. I believe Gong Li’s ______________ ( act ) skills will become even _________ ( good ) in the future.

13. ____________ ( act ) films with __________ ( fight ) have a bad ____________ ( affect ) on people, especially teenagers.

14. We like romantic films because they usually have happy____________( end ).

15. You have to keep ___________ ( quiet ) while you __________ ( watch ) the film.

16. Daniel arrived out of _________ ( breathe ) because he had gone wrong.

17. Audrey’s ____________( achieve ) went beyond the film industry.

18. Water sports, especially surfing _________( attract ) large numbers of ________ ( visit ) every year.

19. He often reminds me to pay attention to ___________ ( listen ) carefully.

20. She put all her effort into ballet ____________ ( train ) before she entered the film industry.

21.Tigers are in danger because of the ____________( lose ) of __________ ( live ) areas

22.He would rather ____________( study ) instead of___________( daydream)

23.Thanks to science, the world ____________( it ) is becoming a much smaller place.

24.At the age of 63, Audrey passed away ___________ ( peace ) in her sleep.

25. The girl is well known for her ___________( beautiful). 59. His _______(die) was a great loss to the whole world.

26.The meat has gone _____________( bad ) . It smells __________( terrible ).

27. Many film stars had been ______(sing) before they entered the film industry.

28. Audrey Hepburn’s great ________ (achieve) is to be a humanitarian.

29.To improve your English, you ought to watch more___________( west ) films.

30. She insisted on ___________(finish) the task by herself.


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