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初三英语第五周家庭作业(8B Unit 6)


班级 ____________ 姓名___________ 得分____________

第一卷 (选择题 共50分)

一、单项选择 (本大题共20分)

( )1. ---Are you going to go shopping this afternoon? ---No,I'm _____ tired _____go.

A. so, to B. enough, to C. too, to D./,to

( )2. Dr. Ma will stay up all night to operate on his patient ___________.

A. if its necessary B. if it necessary C. if he is necessary D. if necessary

( )3. You_____ to the meeting this afternoon if you have something important to do.

A. needn't to come B. don't need come C. don't need coming D. needn't come ( )4. ----I'm sorry. I______ my notebook in my home.

----It doesn’t matter. But don’t _________ to bring it here tomorrow.

A. forgot, forget B. forget, forget C. left, forget D. leave, forgot ( )5. The money __________ by us will ___________ those people in need.

A. raising, be used to help B. raised, be used to help

C. raising, be used to helping D. raised, be used for help

( )6. The charity walk _____ in November every year.

A. is taken place B.takes place C. took place D. was taken place

( )7. The room facing to south is warm to ______.

A. live in B. live at C. live D. live with

( )8. Tom’s father seemed ______ with his good results.

A. happy B. happily C. angrily D. angry

( )9. —How many members are there on the team?

—Eight this term. But there will be ten_____ next term. I’m not quite sure.

A. at all B. at last C. at least D. at once

( )10. The disabled people shouldn’t ____________. We should help them.

A. look down on B. be looked low on


C. be looked down on D. be looking down on

( )11. Having a trip is really _______ than staying home.

A. much enjoyabler B. more much enjoyable

C. more enjoying D. much more enjoyable

( )12. I find ____ difficult ______ us to understand him.

A. it’s, of B. its, of C. it, for D. that, for

( )13. Lucy has decided to _________ us _______ a dancing competition.

A. join, with B. join in, in C. join, in D. join, on

( )14. Look! The little boy is standing ______ to his mother.

A. close B. closely C. closed D. closing

( )15. It’s easy ______ you to get ______ in a big city. If you ______ your way, try to find a

policeman. He will help you find your way.

A. of, lost, lose B. for, lost, lose C. for, lose, lost D. of, lose, lose

( )16. The words written in purple should be _________ by the students.

A. payed attention B. payed attention to C. paid an attention to D. paid attention to

( )17. ______ his way home, he saw some people were standing ______ the way and talking


A. on, on B. in, on C. on, in D. in, in

( )18. We think they _________ back in a few days.

A. were B. will be C. would be D. will

( )19. Simon lived in Beijing _________the years 2002-2004.

A. during B.between C.in D. at

( )20. If you want to join the charity walk, you have to ____________a team of four by your

teacher first.

A. group yourselves into B. group yourselves in to

C. be grouped yourselves into D. be grouped into

二、完形填空 (本大题共10分)

Mr. Johnson worked in a restaurant, but he wasn’t a good ___1___ and at last he was sent away. Once he went to see the doctor because something was wrong with his 2

ear. He ___2___ the doctor twenty dollars after the ___3___ treatment. It made him think it easy to get money as a doctor. So later he ___4___ a hospital in a small town. At first, people there knew ___5___ about him and they came to see him. But soon they found he couldn’t treat them at all and his medicine didn’t ___6___.

One evening he heard the door ___7__ at and found a traveler ___8___ in front of his hospital. He thought he had a bad cold and ___9___ him take some medicine. After that the man left.

On the second day a young man came in and said, ‘Thank you very much, doctor!’ It ___10___ Mr. Johnson as he hadn’t seen him before. The young man continued, ‘My uncle died from your wrong treatment yesterday and he left much money to me!’

( )1.A.teacher B.cook C.farmer

C.cost D.boss D.returned ( )2.A.paid B.spent

( )3.A.five minute B.five minutes C.five-minute D.five minute’s

( )4.A.closed B.found C.opened

D.broke D. nothing

D. eat ( )5.A.everything B. something C. anything C. do ( )6.A.work B. use

( )7.A.knock B. knocking C. been knocked D. being knocked

( )8.A.sleeping B. sleep C. lying D. lie

( )9A.made B. asked C. wished

D. wanted D. surprised ( )10.A.troubled B. worried

三、阅读理解 (本大题共20分) C. interested



( )1. __________ is from Canada.

A. Bill Gates B. Mark Twain C. Thomas Edison D. Celine Dion

( )2. The __________ was born in 1835.

A. inventor B. singer C. doctor D. writer ( )3. My Heart Will Go On is the name of a _________.

A. book B. song C. story D. film ( )4. Dr Bethune worked in China for about _________ years.

A. 2 B. 4 C. 6 D. 8 ( )5. Which of the following is True?

A. Mark Twain wrote Business @ the Speed of Thought. B. Bill Gates started working for Microsoft Company in 1955. C. Thomas Edison made more than 1,000 inventions. D. Celine Dion stopped singing in 1997.



These days, most people in Britain and the USA do not wear very formal clothes. But sometimes it is important to wear the right thing.

Many British people don’t think about clothes very much. They just like to be comfortable. They can wear almost anything. At theaters, cinemas and concerts you can put on what you like — from elegant suits and dresses to jeans and sweaters. Anything goes, as long as you look clean and tidy.

But in Britain as well as in the USA, men in offices usually wear suits and ties, and women wear dresses or skirts (not trousers). Doctors, lawyers and business people wear quite formal clothes. And in some hotels and restaurants men have to wear ties and women wear smart dresses.

In many ways, Americans are more relaxed than British people, but they are more careful about their clothes. At home, or on holiday, most Americans wear informal or sporty clothes. But when they go out in the evening, they like to look elegant. In good hotels and restaurants, men have to wear jackets and ties, and women wear pretty clothes and smart hairstyles.

It is difficult to say exactly what people wear in Britain and the USA, because everyone is different. If you are not sure what to wear, watch what other people do and then do the same. You’ll feel more relaxed if you don’t look too different from everyone else.

( )6. Many British people wear freely when they ________.

A. attend meetings B. have parties C. spend their free time D. meet their friends ( )7. Who don’t usually wear suits and ties?

A. Lawyers. B. Doctors. C. Drivers. D. Businessmen.

( )8. If you visit an American friend at home in the evening, you may find that your friend

wears _________.

A. pretty clothes B. informal clothes C. formal clothes D. dirty clothes ( )9. If you are in a foreign country, the best way the writer suggests us is to wear ___.

A. strange clothes B. as the people there do C. your native clothes

( )10. What does the writer want to tell us?

D. pretty clothes A. Different people in different countries wear different clothes. 5

B. People can wear any clothes for relaxing. C. British people wear more formal clothes than Americans. D. People should wear suitable clothes in different situations.

第二卷 (非选择题 共50分)


(A) 根据句意,用括号内所给单词的正确形式填空。

1. The woman’s _____________(operate) was preformed by an ORBIS doctor on the plane.

2. From the window, I can hear the sound of children __________(play) in the park.

3. Oxfam Trailwalker is the hike ___________(organize) by Oxfam Hong Kong.

4. Please contact Mr Green on 86823762 for ____________(far) information about ORBIS.

5. We want to use the money to support ____________(develop) projects and to help poor children go back to school.

6. The old men do exercises every day to improve their_______(fit).

7. The government(政府) should do something to help those______(home) people.

8. We should try our best to help the _______(able) people.

(B) 根据句意和汉语注释,写出单词的正确形式。

9. UNESCO is one of the _____________(组织) of the United Nations.

10.I’m used to ___________(下载) some useful information from the Internet.

11. He is here in body, but not in __________(精神)

12. She went to Beijing with the _______(目的) of learning from the teachers there.

13. If you have a _________(机会) to go, take it.

14. Shall I _________(记录) what he says?

15. Please pay more ____________(注意) to the underlined sentences. They’re very important.


五、动词填空 用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空。(本大题共10分)

1. Each team have to walk together because only the team’s finishing________ time (record).

2. The police _____________ (search) this area for the thieves at this time yesterday.

3. It’s necessary for us teenagers ____________ (learn) team spirit.

4. It’s very thoughtful of him _____________(carry) everything we need when we go camping.

5. He isn’t used to __________(drink) wine before lunch.

6. If you_______________(not work) hard, you____________(not pass) the exam.

7. He got up late. So he didn’t have time________________(eat) anything.

8. Medicine must________________(keep) away from children.

9. The children________________(fly) kites happily when it began to rain heavily.

10. Listen! The piece of music______________(sound) great.


Can animals be made to work for people? Some scientists think that one day animals may be trained(训练) of people. They say that at a circus(杂技场),for e__2____, we may see elephants, monkeys, dogs and other animals doing skillful(熟练的)things. Perhaps you have seen them on the television or in a film. If you watch closely, you may find that the trainer(驯兽员) a piece of fruit as a reward(报酬)Of c__7___, as we know, dogs can be t__8___to look after a house, and soldiers have geese to give warning(警报) a lot of noise when an enemy comes near. And also it


七、书面表达 (本大题共15分)

假如你是Millie,请根据下面的提示,给你的朋友Mary写封信,向她介绍你们学校将于6月30日组织的‘Walk for Children’的慈善活动。


2. 为有困难的人捐款很重要,帮助贫困的孩子重回学校尤为必要;



Dear Mary,

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Do you want to join the event? Will you support me?




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