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Unit 3
Is this your pencil?

Period IV

What’s this? 这是什么? It’s a computer. 是一台电脑。 How do you spell it? 请拼写出来。 C-O-M-P-U-T-E-R .

New Words
/In/ /’laIbr?rI/ /α: sk/ /faInd/ /fa?nd/ /s?m/ /’klα:sru:m/ /’i:meIl/ /?t/ /k?:l/ /l?st/ /lu:z/
in 在……里面 library 图书馆 ask 请求; 要求 ask …for… 请求;恳求(给予) find 找到;发现 found (find 的过去式、过去分词) some adj.一些;某些;pron.有些;有的 classroom 教室 e-mail 电子邮件(= email ) at (提供电话号码等时时有)按照;根据;

call lost lose

(给……)打电话 遗失;丢失( lose 的过去式)

New Words
in 在……里面 library 图书馆 ask 请求; 要求 ask …for… 请求;恳求(给予) find 找到;发现 found (find 的过去式、过去分词) some adj.一些;某些;pron.有些;有的 classroom 教室 e-mail 电子邮件(= email ) at (提供电话号码等时时有)按照;根据; call (给……)打电话 lost 遗失;丢失( lose 的过去式) lose 遗失;丢失

a pencil

a dictionary a pen

pencil boxes a pencil box erasers pencils an eraser pens dictionaries

2a Write the things you lose
—————————————————— —————————————————— ——————————————————

Read the notices on the board and circle the lost 2b things. 阅读公告栏启事,圈出丢失的物品。

Found: Some keys are in Classroom 7E. Are they yours? E-mail me at maryg2@gfimail.com.

Lost 寻物启事 你知道如何写寻物启事吗? 寻物启事共包括四部分: 1. 标题 2. 丢失的东西 3. 失者的姓名 Lost: My backpack. 4. 联系电话
My name is Helen. Please call 532-7138.

Found 失物招领
如果你拾到别人的东西,你该怎样归还给失主呢? 你需要写Found, 分五部分:

1. 标题
2. 拾到的东西

Found Watch. Is this your watch? Please call Mike. Phone# 648-5012.

3. 询问某物是不是失者的
4. 联系人

5. 联系电话

Read the notices again and write down the items. 2c Then check(√) Lost or Found. 再读一遍启事, 写出丢失的物品,并在下Lost 或 Found打勾。
Item Lost Found

computer game ____________

watch ____________
keys ____________

√ √ √

ID card ____________

人称 代词 我




I you he she it

me you him her it

主格一般放在句首,动词之前,作主语。 宾格一般放在动词或介词之后,作宾语。


1、一个游戏机 2、在学校图书馆

a computer game
in the school library


Ask the teacher for it. e-mail me at…
call me at…

4、请求;恳求(给予) ask …for…



用am, is 完成句子

is Is 1.This _____ my watch._____ that your watch?
is is 2.What ______ that?It_____ a nice book. is am 3.I _____ Sonia. This _____ my mum.

is 4.His name _____ John.


(C ) (B) ( A) (C )

1. It’s her a pen. A B C D 2. That’s a English dictionary. A B C D 3. What do you spell book? A B C D 4. What is you last name? A B C D 5. Is it your ruler? Yes, it’s. A B C D

an How your


it is

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


A: What’s your_______? name B: _____ name is Jim. My A: What’s your _____ name? last B: _____ Smith. It’s spell A: How do you ______ it? B: S-M-I-T-H. A: ____ this your ring? Is B: No, it ______. It’s Ben’s ring. Please isn’t phone number ______ him. His _______ ________ is call 7998480.



1.This is a pen. (变为一般疑问句) Is this a pen? 2.Is this your pen? (肯定回答) Yes, it is. 3.How do you spell “ruler”? (回答) R-U-L-E-R. 4.Can you spell “ruler”? (回答) Yes, R-U-L-E-R, ruler. 5.Is that her pen? (否定回答) No, it isn’t.



1.这是你的钢笔吗? 是的,它是。 pen it ___ ___ your ___? Yes ,___ is. Is this 2.那是他的尺子吗?不,不是。那是我的尺子。 Is ____ ___ruler? ___, it_____. ___ ___ ruler. that his isn’t It’s my No 3.这个东西用英语怎么说? 这是字典。 What’s a dictionary ______ this in _______? It’s __ _________. __ English
4.你怎么拼写棒球? How do spell ____ ____ you _____ ”baseball”?

假设你丢了一本字典,在学校看到 了一个相应的found notice,于是就 去认领。请利用本单元所学的句型 写个认领时的对话,并把这个 found notice 给设计出来。

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