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龙湖实验中学九年级英语教案:Unit 2 I used to be afraid of the dark3

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Ⅰ. Learning goals

1. Learn some new words as follows:

insect , candy , chew, gum, chat, daily , comic

2. Learn to say about things in the past and now, using the target language used to . Ⅱ. Teaching Key Points

1. Key Vocabulary

spider, insect, chew, gum

2. Target Language

I used to eat candy all the time. Did you?

Yes, I did. And I used to chew gum a lot.

Ⅲ. Teaching Difficult Point

Talk about what you used to be/do.

Ⅳ. Teaching Method

Practice method

Ⅴ. Teaching Aids

1. A tape recorder

2. A picture with spiders and a picture with insects.

3. A gum

Ⅵ. Teaching Procedures

Step Ⅰ Revision

Check homework. Invite different students to report what his/her grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, or old friends used to be afraid of when they were young.

Step Ⅱ 1a

This activity introduces new vocabulary words and provides practice with the target language. Using pictures, teach students to practice the words spider and insect. Teach the word gum by holding up a gum. And teach the verb chew by chewing the gum.

Step Ⅲ 1b

This activity provides practice with the target language.

As students work, move around the room offering language support and helping them with any words they want to use.

Get a student to write his/her sentences on the blackboard. Help correct any errors. Sample answers

1. I used to play football with my brother.

2. I used to eat hamburgers a lot.

3. I used to watch cartoons.

4. I used to run with my father in the morning.

Step Ⅳ 2a

This activity provides listening practice using the target language.

Set a time limit of one minute. Ask students to look through the sentences in the box.

Listen and check the sentences you hear.


Checked sentences: 1,2,3

Step Ⅴ 2b

This activity gives students practice in understanding and writing the target language.

Call students’ attention to the chart with the headlines In the past and Now.

Play the recording again. Students listen and fill in the blanks. Ask a student to read these sentences, filling in the blanks, the rest of the class check their answers.


In the past: tests, play, walk, gym

Now: tests, study, take the bus, love

Step Ⅵ 2c

This activity provides oral practice using the target language.

Ask a pair of students to read the sample conversation to the class.

Ask students to talk about good and bad habits. Then make sentences with “used to” to show which habits they have stopped and make sentences with “still” to show which ones they still have.

Step Ⅶ Summary and Homework

Say, In this class, we’ve learned the new vocabulary words spider, insect, gum and chew and the target language I used to do sth. 《随堂》单元试卷 完形 阅读理解 看图填词

Step Ⅷ

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