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龙湖实验中学九年级英语教案:Unit 1 How do you study for a test4

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Teaching contents: Section B 3a, 3b , 3c , 4 ,

Learning goals:

1. New vocabulary

Later on , realize , matter, it doesn’t matter ; afraid, be afraid to , laugh at , complete , secret , learner, take notes , term , impress , trouble , fast

2. To learn more ways of becoming a good language learner by reading and writing an article

Teaching procedures :

Step 1 Revision

1. Greetings .

2. Check the homework .

Step 2 Learning new vocabulary

Read the new words for the students and then give them some explanations on these new words.

later--later on ; matter- It doesn’t matter - Never mind it , be afraid to do sth.—be afraid of sth/ sb./ doing sth. , trouble sb. – have trouble (in ) doing sth.

Step 2 Reading

SB Page 6 , 3a .

1. Read the instructions and make sure students know what to do .

2. Give students several minutes to read the article and finish the task .

3. After students finished ,ask one student to write his/her answers on the blackboard.

4. Correct the answers . (Answers; F, F, T , T, F, T , T )

5. Ask one volunteer to read the article aloud to the class ,offer assistance if necessary .The other students underline the transitional words—first of all, to begin with , later on , then , now

Step 3 Writing SB Page 6 , 3b .

First ,have students finish the letter on their own ,while they are working ,walk around and give them some help .Then ask two students to read their letter aloud to the class .Finally answer some questions the students may have .

Step 4 Interview SB Page 6 ,Part 4 .

1. Read the instructions and explain how to finish this task .

2. Divide the class into groups of four .In each group ,each student takes turn interviewing the other students and take notes .

3. Ask some groups to tell the class about their answers .

Step 5 Exercises in class

Work for Section B on B4 of Students Times

Board design

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